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About Acquiring A WINDROCK LLC Greyhound

 First and foremost, WINDROCK  LLC greyhounds are placed with the understanding that they live in the home as a member of the family.

 We are passionate, responsible preservationist breeders recognized by the AKC as Platinum Level Breeders of Merit. We are the first and ONLY Greyhound breeders so recognized. We are dedicated to breeding beautiful, functional and healthy greyhounds of sweet character that enjoy long lifespans.  Our commitment to the dogs we have bred and the people we entrust them to is FOR LIFE. 

We rarely have puppies available, and chances are you might have to get on our waiting list to get one of our greyhounds. We evaluate puppies by extensive "puppy profiling" testing starting at 6 weeks of age and by the time people are ready to take them home between 10 to 12 weeks, we have a pretty good idea of what the little personalities are like and can help people select the best puppies according to needs and expectation. Most of our companion puppies are priced $3875 at 10-12 weeks and come with full health and quality guarantees. Puppies that leave here at that time are going well on lead, will stand for exam, ride well in an auto, are crate trained and house broken. They are highly socialized and totally ready for new homes. Unlike many, we will sell our best show and breeding stock to other experienced breeders. These prospects are individually evaluated and priced. Just realize what you are asking us to part with . . . 

Some of our WINDROCK LLC greyhounds are placed as show, performance or breeding stock but we place most of our Greyhounds as companions. No matter what the endeavor, we encourage participation in Puppy training and obedience classes. We do stipulate in our contract that if you acquire a greyhound from us, that the commitment be for life.  If it ever becomes impossible for a buyer to keep the dog, our contract clearly specifies the Greyhound MUST be returned to us. 

To parties interested in acquiring a Greyhound from us, be advised that we do have an approval process which requires references and possibly a home check.   

Dog Ownership entails great responsibility.  Make SURE you have the TIME and the resources to adequately provide for a dog.  A Greyhound puppy requires a fenced yard to run and play in to expend that youthful energy and to develop properly. It is EXPENSIVE to properly house and maintain even ONE dog. In the case of a puppy, it is not unlike welcoming a new baby and even with a fully trained mature adult, the impact is the same as in adding an additional family member.  To acquire a Greyhound is a commitment that will span a decade or more.  It is not a decision to be made lightly.

 If you are READY to meet the challenge of responsible dog ownership, please contact us at Kim's cell is 970 270 1300 and Colin's is 970 270 6173. No phone calls after 9 pm MST please.  


 We are planning for two litters in early 2023 and are currently accepting reservations on our 2023 litters.

Email us at to start the application process. Please feel free to phone or text Kim at 970 270 1300~~ Be sure to leave a message. 

 WINDROCK LLC puppies come with written health and quality guarantees and lifetime mentoring. Most of our puppies for companionship are priced $3875 and we do offer a spay/neuter rebate of $100 and a 7-year health guarantee against genetic defects/disorders.

 Please Consider an Adult Dog!

Occasionally people ask us, "How can you sell that retired champion?"  A good question that merits explanation.

The rules a Breeder must follow are different than those households who have only one or two family pets.  WINDROCK is constantly striving to produce the best quality Greyhounds for show and performance events. Competing with our dogs in AKC and ASFA events is the "proving ground" where WINDROCK can showcase our breeding and evaluate our dogs in comparison with Greyhounds from other breeders. As Breeders, we produce puppies, and Greyhounds have large litters.  Some puppies will not turn out to be quite up to our standards for the show ring. These puppies are placed in loving homes from 10 weeks on. The few we keep are the ones we hope will represent our breeding program the best in the show ring and on the field.  If we are fortunate, one or more of our picks may eventually be used to continue our bloodline. So, we keep, show, run and health test these few individuals.  The next generation of hopefuls will come from these select few, and so it continues on year after year. If we are lucky, we will have a few greyhounds worthy of carrying the WINDROCK banner on into future generations. As time goes by, the number of chosen greyhounds we keep increases (if we are doing the right thing in our  breeding program) and eventually we find that we are over the number of dogs we feel we can care for in a fair manner.

Every good Breeder knows what "number" of dogs they never want to exceed without having to sacrifice the attention and care each dog is given. In operations employing kennel help, larger numbers of dogs may be kept. In our situation, there is just Colin and I and the number of greyhounds MUST be limited out of fairness to the dogs--and the limits of our home as our dogs live with us. Each dog requires love, care and most importantly TIME SPENT with them--dogs should not be crated a majority of the time. If we kept every dog we loved--we would not sell any and keep them all! But love is not enough. It is not possible to divide the time of 2 caretakers amongst too many dogs. There are not enough hours in a day. Therefore, Breeders must care enough for the dogs that have worked hard to help us improve the breed--to know when it is time to retire them into family homes where they can have 100% of the attention they love and deserve. Colin and I love them enough to let them go.

The benefits of an adult dog are many! Puppies are wonderful, but they require a tremendous amount of time in training and it is a big commitment many homes can't meet. An adult dog is fully trained, so it is an excellent alternative for people who work. With an adult, you have the benefit of knowing all about the dog ahead of time--we have a complete portfolio and we carefully screen to match the right dog with the right people. An additional bonus is you will have the privilege of owning a dog who was kept by WINDROCK because he/she was "the best" which means you will very likely get a Champion and a very beautiful representative of the breed. With an adult dog, there is no gamble--what you see is what you get--a prized Champion lovingly raised and trained by professionals.  Adult dogs are often the best choice for homes with seniors who are not able to handle the rigors of raising a puppy, but could welcome a polite and well-trained adult dog into their homes easily.

Do I cry when one of our adults leaves?  Absolutely and often for many days. If you think Colin and I are not bothered by seeing a member of our family led away from our home for the last time by the new family, you are sadly mistaken. We love our greyhounds enough to know that it is necessary to let some them go. Even though we know it is the right thing for the dog, a huge part of me wishes it did not have to be this way, as they are very much our kids.

Do we place *EVERY* greyhound that we retire from the show ring?  No, we only place dogs that can easily make the transition to a new home.  Most of our greyhounds can, and do so quite easily, but some dogs do not adapt easily to change. Those stay here. We only place healthy dogs that can add happiness and many years of enjoyment to their new owners lives. A dog that would pine away for its former home is not a good candidate for a new home and such dogs will stay here with us for their entire lives. This means, at any given time, we will have three or more veterans living here along with the younger generation.

So, the next time you wonder why a Breeder is selling an adult dog--consider the reality of their situation.  It is not by any means an "unwanted dog", it is a very much loved dog that the Breeder has cared for and loved, but now wants this dog to have the love and devotion of a family where that lucky greyhound will be the "one and only"

Colin and I wish to thank all of the wonderful people who have extended their homes to our adult greyhounds.  We know it takes a special person or family to take in a greyhound that is older, but your letters, pictures and phone calls always serve to remind us that we have done the right thing.  Although I find it hard to swallow because of the lump in my throat, I am very happy for these greyhounds, and the special people that have them. 

 Pictured here is Silly who after a brilliant career as a show dog left us to go be the special companion of two wonderful people.


 Ch Windrock Toni The Tiger had the biggest, most beautiful dark brown luminous eyes that would melt even the most critical of judges.  She obtained her AKC Championship easily with some good wins.  One of the most memorable was at the GCA Western when she won a large open hound class over some of the best bitches in the country . What made her accomplishment even more memorable is that the judge that day was none other than noted Greyhound expert Patrica Gail Burnham of Suntiger Greyhound fame.  Toni was rarely defeated in the ring and made short work of her Championship by winning back to back 5 point majors. Bred once, she gave us a beautiful litter of 7 puppiesSoon after her puppies were weaned I noticed that Toni was a bit sad.  I knew in my heart she was asking to be special, to have a home and people of her very own.   Enter the Godlews who adopted not only Toni but her niece Sophie and both brindle girls now spend their days taking good care of their people, Scott and Barbara.  I miss Toni, but she is now one of two greyhounds in a wonderful home.           

Group placing Ch Windrock Wild Applause "Silly" is one of the loveliest greyhounds we ever raised.  She enjoyed a brilliant show career and was WB,BOW at the GCA National Specialty in 2010. Shown in a handful of shows, she attained her AKC Championship with all major wins mostly at specialties or supported entries.  In another words, she won the BIG ONES!  She now lives happily in a retirement home in California!

This handsome red dog is Ch Windrock Ring Of Fire!  "Cash" blew through his AKC Championship in 7 straight weekends of shows. He is a son of our highly regarded MBIF DC Windrock Mamma Mia SC LCX Fch and is from a noteworthy litter than already features #1 ranked winners, multiple Champion and Field Champion get. His next endeavor will be the most important and the most lasting - - that of a companion.   Now retired from the show ring , Cash has joined the Cirka family here in Grand Junction and is Heather's 4-H project!

 This is  Ch Greystone's All The Right Moves, call name "Tigger."  This is one of the many beautiful Champions that WINDROCK has placed over the years. She is a littermate to the puppy we ultimately kept and bred down from--he grew up to be the #1 ranked BIS/SBIS Ch Greystone's Barcelona!!  Tigger is a grey-muzzled veteran now and lives happily with a family and one other dog in Grand Junction.

 Here is another AKC champion that we did not retain for our breeding program. This lovely particolor is Ch Windrock Martigra Party.  She too, was retired and placed as a 2 yr old dog. A daughter of our top winning special, the famous BIS/SBIS Ch Shazam's The Journey Begins JC, she is simply not up to our breeding standards.  Parti has been the best of companions for her family!


 This breathtakingly beautiful bitch is Group Winning Ch Shazam's Journey In Starlight CGC!  She was retired to a home after a short, but successful career in the ring, and after two bouts at motherhood.  Zephyr did not get along with other dogs and required a special home situation.  We told Zephyr to be patient and we waited until just the right one came along.  Sure enough, the perfect match was found right here in our home town!  Zephyr gave her adoptive Mom the courage and determination to survive breast cancer and was a devoted companion until she passed away a few days shy of her 14th birthday.