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Our Current Family members

Here you will meet our four legged kids--some of which happen to be greyhounds! (The other ones come from Colin's side of the family!!!)

 MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch --the "Italian Stallion!"

   OFA link for Ayden:


Ayden brings home 2009 Master M'Grath and Fullerton Cup honors 


No, his name is NOT Rocky!! 

 Actually, I wanted to name him that but Carolyn and Danielle Merenger who co-own him with us had already picked out the name "Ayden." It is a wonderful name  as he is much too sweet -natured to be a "Rocky."

Ayden made very short work of his AKC Championship.  His three GCA Specialty showings were brilliant. 

He was WD,BOW at the 2007 WSCS and at the 2007 GCA National he was Winners and won an AOM for another 5 pt major. 

Ayden was WD,BOW for 5 pts at the 2008 GCA NATIONAL SPECIALTY!!   With this third specialty triumph he was crowned a New AKC Champion!!!!

He has proven to be a worthy coursing dog and has attained both his AKC and ASFA lure coursing titles and has won multiple Best In Field wins and won the Gillette Stake at the ASFA II.

Ayden has proven a successful sire and we are pleased with the health and success of his kids.

But most importantly, Ayden is the best of companions and a perfect gentleman in the house.

Ayden has been fully health screened with not only CERF and OFA, but also OPTIGEN where he was found to be CLEAR of the new threat to show greyhounds, the dreaded Neuropathy.

No longer available at stud.


Ayden's Career Highlights


 Ayden made brief work of his AKC Championship title by winning three 5 pt major wins at Greyhound Club of America Specialties-two back-to -back Nationals 

Ayden is a powerhouse courser as evidenced by these noteworthy achievements~

BOB Grand National 2010

2010 ASFA II Gillette Stake Winner*

RMBC Best In Field 2010

Best Greyhound Dual Champion  at 2009 AKC National Lure Coursing Championships

Fullerton Cup Winner 2009

Master M'Grath Cup Winner 2009

Sire of multiple AKC and Canadian show Champions, AKC Champion and Dual Champions with several others closing in on Championship titles. Sire of Group winning, Specialty and Hound show major winning get.

Multiple Group Winning BIF GCH DC Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC, Fch--

MBIF DC Sobers Ippolitto SC Fch  x DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC   DOB 12/13/08

 Doobie is a solid blue greyhound, not a common color!  Not only is her coat attractive, the rest of her is nice too!  She is a stylish, elegant blue lady.

She is 10 months in these photos and we believe that she shows promise of maturing into a good greyhound bitch.  Strong and athletic, she covers ground easily with low, ground consuming strides.  At the National, Doobie was first in a large puppy class--sisters Lacey and Silly were second and third!

She is a sporty bitch and is very keen. 

**Flash!!** At her first AKC trials, Doobie earns her JC, wins the Open Stake for a 5pt Major and BOB!   2009 WSCS-another 5pt major in coursing and WB at Lompoc KC for a 4pt Major!    2011 BOS GCA Western Specialty and Best Dual Champion!                            

Doobie is  8 weeks or so in baby picture--look what a few months change can bring! 

     A Field Champion in the making . . . .A "smoking" Doobie!                  Doobie is one of five littermates from the "Wild Bunch" litter that are enjoying themselves and doing quite well on the coursing field.

She is ASFA pointed and has 3 major wins in conformation.

 Dual Champions honors earned on the GCA National weekend!**

**FLASH**! Doobie wins 30 ASFA points the Grand National weekend and two weeks later wins WB at BOTH GCA National Specialty supported shows for TWO 5 point major wins! 

                               NEW AKC CHAMPION


Here is Doobie at 2 1/2 years of age.  She has matured into a rare gem of a female greyhound.  She is pictured winning Reserve Winners at the 2010 GCA National Specialty.  Sister Silly was WB, BOW!  The next day at the National supported show (Lompoc KC) Doobie finishes her AKC Championship by winning WB, BOW for a 4 pt major.  Later that afternoon, at the GCA National Specialty Lure Course, Doobie wins a 5pt major and earns her second championship title of the day!

This is my favorite picture of Doobie

As breeders, we are glad to share our best. We entrusted our lovely blue lady to Francine B of France in December of 2014. Doobie had given us an exceptional litter and we felt it only proper to share her excellence with another dedicated breeder.

I am proud to have sent her to Europe where she lives the life of a queen, but I am a bit sad, for I miss her.

  Multiple Group winning Ch Windrock Wild Sensation SC 

MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC  Fch x DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC  DOB 12/13/2008   CERF/DNA

Meet our handsome boy Cole!  He is certainly his father's son.  He is just 12 months in photo on the right and looks to have bright promise of developing into a top contender.  Even as a sapling it is evident that he has "all the riggin" --so rare to find in a male, and an young one at that!

 Cole moves like a dream with great presence and has the most loving character. 

It is difficult to not become too excited about an exceptional puppy.  Maturity can bring many changes and not always the ones a breeder wants to see!  Cole has done nothing but improve with the passing of days and we are pleased to see that he has matured into an exceptional greyhound dog.  Check out his sister Silly below!

Such a soulful expression!

Cole at only 4 months of age.  Note this youngster's dark eye, wonderful front and substance.

Cole was undefeated in his puppy classes at the GCA National   

Cole is pictured below investigating the plastic bag at a USRCC trial.  He is very keen and has strong chase instincts.  He might be the first Dual Champion in his litter! 

  In his first show weekend of 2009 our Cole earns a Group One from the classes at Utah Valley KC!!  The next weekend he earns his Junior Courser title.   

 Cole is a keen courser and is well started on both his ASFA and AKC lure coursing championship titles. 

**FLASH** At the 2009 Greyhound Club of America Cole wins WD,BOW, and an Award of Merit under Michelle Billings for a 5 pt major!  He was also Best Bred By.  WINDROCK greyhounds have won either WD or WB at the last FIVE years at the GCA National.



 **Flash** Cole wins another Group One and a Group Four at the May 2010 Durango KC shows!

 Congrads to new owner Carolyn Schwartz!

 Cole's class career has been nothing short of sensational. He appears to have been a well~named dog! (Wild Sensation) 

 Shown in the Bred By Exhibitor class, he has two Group wins, a National BOW, AOM and another Group placement. 

He can run too, and at the prestigious ASFA II he earned points towards his ASFA Field Championship in that lofty competition.

Best of all, he is a sweet, well mannered boy who loves toys that squeak.  His favorite past time is shopping at Petsmart for new ones . . .

**Cole finishes his AKC Ch title in a big way by going over 3 specials at the Plum Creek KC show on 2/19/2011!


MBIF NFC FC Windrock Candle In The Wind SC LCX LCM Fch~ 2009 AKC National Lure Coursing Champion!!!


 Fast Girls Like Fast Cars.  Amber has gotten her paws on Colin's '75 Roadster!!!

Amber's Theme Song--Sung to the tune of "The Corvette Song" (The One I Loved Back Then) by country artist George Jones , , ,

     She is hotter than a two dollar pistol~

 She is the fastest thing around! 

Long and lean, every Courser's dream~

She turns every head in town.  

She is built and fun to handle, son!

I'm glad you brought her by. She reminds me of the Naughty one that I loved back then!"








  This  photo shows Amber in her usual form--out front--WAY OUT FRONT!


  Best In Field at the 2007 Grand National! 

Amber was the first greyhound in over 20 years to accomplish this amazing feat!

She was just 13 months old at the time.

In the Grand National's 30+ year history, only TWO greyhounds have EVER WON Best In Field! 


Amber's kids are following in their mother's footsteps.  Daughter Cheyenne was the #1 Greyhound in ASFA in 2012 and won BOB at the 2012 ASFA II. Sibling Maysie won BOB at the 2012 Grand National and was in ASFA's top 5 rankings.


Meet WINDROCK's little Red Corvette!!  Amber is a MONSTER Lure Courser and is the Captain of Windrock's " Dream Team"  lure coursers!


Amber has some impressive wins!

Finished AKC Field Championship with 3 -5 point major wins and 2 Best In Fields!

2007 Grand National Best In Field

2008 GCA National Specialty Lure Trial BOB

2008 Windwalker Memorial Best In Field                   

2008 Grand National BOB

2008 Fullerton Cup Winner

#1 AKC LC Greyhound For 2008

2009 BIF Inland Wilderness Hunt Club

2009 Grand National~Multiple BOB wins

2009 ASFA National Greyhound Specialty BOB

AKC National Lure Coursing Champion of 2009


2010 GCA National Specialty Lure Trial BOB

Amber currently has 15 BIF or Best In Event awards  

















Amber is a BOB winner at AKC shows and she is pursuing her bench championship.  She loves to strut her stuff at shows.  

She has been teaching her young daughters a few tricks and I foresee some exciting times in 2012!



           BIF Dual Ch Windrock Hocus Pocus SC FCH


          Windrock Viva Las Vegas JC x DC Windrock Mamma Mia LCX Fch   DOB 8/24/06    OFA/CERF/DNA                  

Meet Wicked, our Naughty Daughter!


Wicked is a daughter  out of our beloved Naughty, MBIF DC Windrock Mamma Mia SC LCX FCH. 

A keen and enthusiastic courser like her mother, this little red brindle finished her AKC Field Championship with some nice wins, including a Best In Field for a 5 point major. 

She finished her ASFA Field Championship at the 2008 ASFA Greyhound National and won the 2008 Master M'Grath Cup! 


 Look closely at this head shot of Wicked and you will see bits of plastic hanging off of her canines!  Our greyhounds love to shred those plastic bags after they chase them!  It is very much a game to them.

**As of 8/01/2008, Wicked was in ASFA Top 15 rankings and she was not an ASFA Fch at the time. **FLASH!!** Wicked is Top 5 ranked in AKC Lure Coursing for 2008!

At the WSCS in July of 2007 Wicked was BOSweeps and in just a few shows, she easily attained her AKC Championship  with 3 major wins and multiple BOB wins.

Wicked embodies many of the characteristics that WINDROCK values in a greyhound. She is a solid and hard muscled, sporty type of bitch with incredible athleticism. Even standing still, she looks FAST. She is lovely to go over and is quite sound. She is even the proper size!  In character she is highly reminiscent of coursing bitches of 50 years ago.

She is a delightful companion in the home, provided that she has ample exercise time to blow off some steam.

 A Good Puppy is a TIRED Puppy!


 Here are some fun shots of Wicked in action! Like her Mom Naughty, Wicked is a super keen and enthusiastic courser.

We prefer leather coursing collars as it reduces the likelihood of hand burns!

Taking Wicked to the line is like leading a Kangaroo on steroids!!




  An idea of Wicked's solid conformation may be gained here.


She has just completed running a furious duel with a worthy challenger over a 900 plus yard course, but she is ready to go AGAIN.


Wicked's motto is "you never can have too much fun!" 













These photos are from the 2008 ASFA National Greyhound Specialty weekend. Wicked had earned the honor of running off for Master M'Grath Cup honors. Both hounds put in an excellent performance and I am glad I didn't have to call that course. This was Wicked's day and she was declared the victor!

           Dual Champion Windrock I've Got A Secret SC

 Sire: BIS/SBIS Ch Greystone's Barcelona x Ch Sobers Aquatica SC   DOB 11/11/99

Whisper has been a favorite WINDROCK Greyhound of many knowledgeable fanciers!  She is lovely standing here and you can easily see the exquisite type, wonderful curves and balance that mark her as an exceptional Greyhound.

She finished her AKC Championship entirely from the Bred By class with some great wins. At the large GCA Eastern, Whisper was WB  for a big 5 pt major win.  She won WB,BOW,BOS for another 5 pt major at a GCNC Specialty.  Whisper was BOB multiple times from the classes over the #1 Greyhound in the country. 

 She earned her AKC Field Championship which made her a Dual Champion.  A creative courser, she often proved exasperating with her antics on the field!  Whisper earned the nickname of "Barbie Goes Shopping" for her maddening habit of leaving her competition eating her dust, then abruptly veering off of the course AND the coursing field to go check out something more interesting, like an in use BBQ grill, nearby Macy's, etc.

Bred twice to the impressive MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch, Whisper easily free whelped a strong litter of 12  in 2007 and a litter of 10 in 2009.  We were so impressed with the quality of this combination that we retained pups from both breedings.  These beautiful puppies are our future hopefuls and we are looking forward to them carrying WINDROCK'S colors into the Future.   Most of her beautiful puppies found their way into pet homes, but the few that were shown made dramatic impact--three of her kids won Best Of Winners at GCA National Specialties, 3 are Group winners, and many won specialty wins and supported entry wins. She is the dam of worthy champions and dual champions. Even as a 14 year old grandma, she stepped in the whelping box and began lactating to help raise Mamma CJ's litter when the latter was stricken with illness.  Whisper is the perfect grandmother and is still rules the roost here in our home.                             


Whisper had Memorial Day Puppies!     5/25/09

Like her sisters Naughty and Karmen, Whisper is a keen and talented courser.  In the below photo, she is pressing kennelmate Javelin for "who's gonna get the bag first" honors! Many of her pups show great interest in chasing white plastic bags, too!








  Whisper became a mother for the very first time at age 7. She whelped a beautiful litter of 12 and raised all of them with little assistance.  She was a perfect Mom and her kids reflect their good upraising!



 Like any good Mamma, Whisper didn't take any backtalk from her brood! She is telling little red brindle (Wild Thing) to shape up--or else!


 This photograph captures Whisper "singing" Pumpkin Carols!!  What a riot!

Greyhounds are attentive pupils and can be taught a varity of tricks!  WINDROCK has had High In Trial winning obedience greyhounds.


  Whisper's  puppies are very promising and we look forward to exciting times in the future with them!


  Whisper is OFA/CERF and DNA identified. 

     Click here for OFA:



Be Forewarned~ there is a Gremlin lurking at WINDROCK!!

Group Winning Ch Windrock American Victory  SC

MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC  Fch  x  DC I've Got A Secret SC   DOB 5/25/09

Look at the intensity of expression on this little baby's face!  Holy Cow, what is she going to be like when she grows up?!  Puppy "Gremlin" is 3 months old and her ambition clearly is to be a champion lure courser.  This photo was taken at a Puppy Fun Run at the 2009 USRCC Labor Day Trials.  This was Gremlin's first time to chase the plastic bag, although she has  had ample practice at home on butterflies, birds, lizards, etc.  .  .  .

Colin selected this puppy as his own as a neonate (term for a 10 day or less old puppy)

Watching Gremlin Grow Up


 Gremlin is shown winning Best In Sweepstakes at the 2010 GCA National Specialty. 

It was her very first show!

Gremlin has the makings of developing into a good greyhound bitch. She is just a long yearling now and will be shown some in 2011. 

She is cute and a charming companion  BUT--she still takes up too much of the bed and we push her out most nights.        She snores, too!



                          Gremlin Takes A Group One To Finish her AKC Championship!



Windrock American Jazz ~ 
  This little heart throb of a puppy is from Whisper's second and last litter--the "American" theme litter than came on Memorial Day! 

Baby "Kelly" was named after a friend of mine, fellow UPS driver Kelly Herland.  I worked with Kelly for more than 20 years.  He never called in sick, had an unrivaled work ethic, and was the kind of guy that would help you out if you were in a jam.

Kelly, his twin sister and her husband were killed on July 1, 2009 in a car accident  in Wyoming.

The day I learned about Kelly's untimely passing,  I picked up Whisper's yet unnamed daughter and whispered to her,  "I name you Kelly.  You are so named to honor the memory of a good  man. If you are half the dog that he was a man, you will be one heck of a greyhound!"

It was the best tribute I could think of to a person that we all loved and are going to miss  .  .  .

       MBIF DC  Sobers Ippolito SC Fch  x  DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC   DOB 5/25/2009

   MBIF Dual Champion Windrock Mamma Mia SC LCX FCH

            BIS/SBIS/HIT Ch Greystone's Barcelona x Ch Sobers Aquatica SC    DOB 11/11/00                                           

















 Naughty is in a league of her own. If someone were to ask me which of our WINDROCK Greyhounds that we have bred we consider our very best, it would not be an easy decision--we've been blessed with some exceptional greyhounds. And the answer might vary depending upon the circumstances and how the question was presented.  But point for point, keeping in mind that function is the very essence of the Greyhound, I believe that Naughty would be my selection as the one closest to my vision of an ideal Greyhound--equally at home in either the show ring or on the field.  I do know if I were stranded in the Wilderness somewhere with only Naughty I could manage to survive.  Her hunting skills are such that we both would be well fed!

Naughty is pictured below as a veteran catching cottontails--tough prey for any greyhound!  Small game may be taken in Colorado with greyhounds during the appropriate seasons with a small game license.   Be sure to check with local wildlife regulations in your state BEFORE going out hunting! 



From a conformation viewpoint, Naughty is a difficult bitch to fault and has great virtue.  A sporty and well-proportioned greyhound of strong athletic build and soundness, she moves with the light easy step of a coursing dog and is constantly "on the hunt."  Renown Sighthound judge Ed Gilbert judged her and proclaimed her "easily one of the best he had ever seen."

 Naughty finished her AKC championship with all majors at large shows, including a Specialty WB,BOW, BOS from the puppy class.


Some Highlights of her long and distinguished career!

Best Puppy 2001 WSCS

Multiple Best In Sweepstakes wins 

#1 AKC LC Greyhound in 2005

8 BIF Wins

Winner of Windwalker Memorial 2003

Winner of FCH Stake ASFA II 2004

Multiple BOB winner Grand National 2004 & 2005

Multiple Group and AOM wins

Dam of multiple Champion, Dual Champion, Group, SBIS, RBIS, BIF winners and #1 ranked get.


Naughty is OFA /CERF/DNA and Nuropathy clear     Click for OFA link:

     MBIF NFC DC Windrock DM The One and Only SC Fch

                        MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch  x  BIF DC DM Summer Squall of Scatpak SC Fch   BOB 5/18/09


 Here is little Nikki at the snack bar!

As she was a single pup, we originally gave her Mum a couple of Whisper's pups so that Niki would have siblings .

Mum Javelin was thrilled with the gift of more puppies and loved them as her own.



The photo at right is Nikki at about 12 weeks of age. It is difficult to photo puppies and Nikki is no exception-standing still for photographs is BORING!

 Nikki's development and progress is what we like to see in young greyhounds. She has all the desired characteristics--good volume and heft, well sprung ribs, broad loin, strong, straight limbs, and proper running feet. All wrapped up in a beautiful blue fawn  coat that glows like gold in sunlight!

 We are delighted that this golden youngster is fascinated by plastic bags and will be taking her on some short trips to lure coursing events.

Look At Little Nikki Now!                                                          July 2010


  Mamma Javelin may have presented us with only one puppy but what a puppy she is! 

 At 14 months, Little Nikki has matured beautifully.

We predict a bright career for  our blue fawn princess. 

In only a couple of weekends, our golden girl is well started in both AKC and ASFA lure coursing. 

 This is the type of greyhound Colin and I endeavor to breed. Beautiful, sound, and a real sweetheart to boot.





 Nikki gaiting for the first time in the show ring.  Note the proper reach and footfall.  Beautiful balanced movement made possible by well-nigh perfect structure.  Winner of BIS at the ASFA Greyhound Specialty Conformation Show in 2011.  Watch for her in 2012~she has matured to perfection.  **FLASH!!** The day after the 2012 GCA National, Nikki was WB, BOW at Lompoc KC for 5pt major and she also won a 5pt major AND Best Of Breed at the GCA National LC Trial to finish her AKC Field Championship!! She thrilled us by winning the title of National Field Trial Champion in 2013!!  

Multiple BIF DC Windrock Lookin' Better Every Beer SC, FCH

   Tipsey puts her heart and soul into every run.  She is a two time winner of the USRCC Windwalker Memorial and is a multiple Best In Field winner!  Robustly built with a broad chest and powerful quarters, she finished her AKC bench title with four majors and multiple wins over specials.









Tipsey wins the Open Stake and is Best Of Breed over kennel mate Naughty who was the Field Champion Stake winner!! 

WINDROCK won the Breeder Stake both days and the Kennel Stake one day. 

 Elaine Summerhill is pictured with Tipsey and Kim is holding Naughty on the right.     


     Best Of Breed at the 2006 ASFA II!


 Tipsey gave a sensational performance in the         ASFA II Best In Field run.

She suffered a "bad luck of the draw" and ran with two Basenjis. Which was most unfortunate for the Basenjis as both become unsighted very quickly.

Tipsey ran a  great course solo, with only her shadow to challenge her. Even at the conclusion of this long course, she hit and shredded the bag and hardly appeared winded.

When the final scoring was done,  Tipsey narrowly lost Best In Field honors to a very deserving IG by only ONE point! 

We were thrilled with of our tough little girl's inspiring performance and gameness.


Ch Windrock Angel In Disguise


 This beautiful greyhound is  Ch Windrock Angel In Disguise.  A tall, rangy bitch that shows her English heritage, Angel finished her AKC Championship in a flash with stellar achievements by virtue of her winning multiple 5 point majors on Specialty weekends!  She is a lovely reflection of her beautiful dam, our top producer, Sobers Aquatica SC.

Greyhounds we have entrusted with others~


  Now in France~~Group Winning Int Ch Windrock RED HOT Mamma!


        MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC FCH  x  MBIF DC Windrock Mamma Mia LCX Fch 

Chili is ASFA and AKC certified and her one conformation showing resulted in  Best Puppy In Match.   She has Naughty's fluid, wide~open side gait and a fiery brilliance that sets her apart from the rest.  To say that she is exciting to watch is a bit of an understatement. 



"Chili" is a sound, substantial deep red with an excellent frame to build on to.  She has that natural hard muscle which is so hard to find these days.  

The experienced eye is easily drawn to her beautiful front and powerful hindquarters, to say nothing of this girl's generous substance and flowing lines.  

 She is the last daughter of one of our all time favorites, "Naughty", MBIF DC Windrock Mamma Mia SC LCX Fch.  

 CONGRATULATIONS to Rachel Martin on being Chili's new owner!

We look forward to learning all about the adventures of an American Chili Dog in France!


Can Ch Windrock Wild Thing ~ she makes our hearts sing!














Lacey loves coursing--she surely can fly! She is the airborne one on the left!


"Lacey" as a pup was the tiniest one in the litter. I have learned not to dismiss those wee ones as sometimes they grow up to be something special.

Fortunately, Mom Whisper was exceptionally attentive to all the pups and made sure each was clean and well fed. As a mother, Whisper deserves 12 gold stars, one for each of her babies!

Early on, I dubbed this tiny puppy "Thing" as I was always looking for her buried underneath the others. "Now where is that little thing? Ah, here she is--being squished by this big one!"

Little Thing has left us to live in Canada!!  We will miss her crazy antics . . .Top Ten in Canada for 2008 from the Puppy Class!!

**Flash!** WB,BOS over specials for a 5 pt major at NW Hound Show! First AKC points!

SBIS Windrock Moonlit Journey JC



 Emma is the beautiful blue brindle lady, Danielle is young lady on the left and her Mum Carolyn is on the right. Emma has a wonderful life with the Merenger family and on the rare occasions when she makes it to a dog show, she does extremely well in tough California competition!  Carolyn is pictured with Dr Gerda Kennedy, winning a SBIS from the classes with Emma! Entirely own-handled by Carolyn, this lovely bitch proved this win was no fluke as Carolyn and Emma won a SECOND specialty major owner-handled.  Although Emma is very close to an AKC championship, she may never finish as Carolyn has a busy life with her family, horses and teenagers. We compliment Carolyn on having her priorities in order!

Ch Windrock Rev It Up And Go!


Cory is owned by good friend Jackie Vano. This beautiful moving red lady finished her AKC Championship with BOB wins over Specials and is a multiple Group placer.  She was TopTen Ranked in 2006 and now enjoys a special place of honor on the Vano family's couch.  She comes from a litter that featured multiple Champion, Field Champion and Dual Champion get.  Cory bosses the whippets around and makes sure the floor does not have any morsels of food left on it! A litter is planned for Cory in 2011.

Ch Windrock GoGo Gadget JC CC

Gizmo is featured here in the show ring with a big smile on his face.  Most of our WINDROCK Greyhounds really like to show and Giz here is no exception!  Poor Giz, because his father was a NGA racer, many of the AKC show Greyhound people snubbed him.  Ole Giz got the last laugh, not only did he gather a placement in Sweepstakes at the National -- under a very knowledgeable English Judge, Gizmo WON the huge open dog class at the supported entry--the day after the NATIONAL.  Some moments are priceless!   An old horseman's saying applies well--"A pedigree don't make a good horse, but it sure makes a good horse better."  Same with dogs. Something more people who breed dogs should consider. 

Ch Windrock Go Go Gadget JC, CC ~NOFA Coursing Champion!! 

Look closely at the far left and you will see Mr Jack Rabbit making his exit--Stage Left!!   Gizmo tried really hard, but Jack lived to run another day.  The sport of coursing live game rarely results in animals being taken--and in most cases, Mr. Long Ears wins!  Open Field competitions have firm rules designed to give the Jack the best opportunity to escape--as the quarry is allowed to run a good distance before the hounds are released.  This head start is referred to as "law."  This gives the rabbit a decided advantage and the dogs a chance to show some of their abilities before Mr. Jack tires of the game and gives them the slip!  Both benefit--the dogs enjoy the thrill of the chase and the rabbit gains experience in avoiding predators.  WINDROCK thanks  owner Phil Allen of the Northwest for giving Gizmo the opportunity to attain  a Coursing Championship!"  **Gizmo wins the 2008 Whitetail Cup!!**

    BIS Int Am Fin Est S CH FinW-02-04 NordW-03 BaltW-06 Windrock Fernando

Sire: BIS/SBIS Ch Greystone's Barcelona x Ch Sobers Aquatica SC   DOB 11/11/00

 Fernando is one pups from the sensational "ABBA" litter bred by WINDROCK. He is a littermate to our Naughty, Whisper, Karmen and Cassandra.  He was exported to Finland soon after finishing his AKC Championship and has enjoyed a great show career in Scandinavia.  We are often asked why we exported a dog of his quality, why didn't we keep him for ourselves??

Colin and I knew that Fernando was an exceptional male and we hoped that by making him available to other breeders --that it would be for the "Greater Good" of all Greyhounds.  Besides, we kept four of Fernando's lovely sisters for ourselves! and had the wisdom to store semen from him.   As an added footnote, years later, an equally exceptional Greyhound male was sent to us from Italy.  We promised this breeder that MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch would be offered at stud here in America as "Ayden" offers qualities that will be of great use to breeders here.  Those breeders truly interested in the welfare of future generations of Greyhounds willingly share their best.  And that is the way it should be!

Fernando's accomplishments
* Top sire with Champion offspring in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Russia, Switzerland, Japan & USA
* Top Show Dog (all breeds) #4 in Finland in 2004, and #10 in 2003 & #12 in 2005
* Top #1 Sighthound in Finland in 2004, and #2 in 2003 & 2005, and #4 in 2002
* Top #1 Greyhound in Finland in 2002, 2003, 2005 & 2006
* Top #1 Greyhound Stud dog in Finland 2007
* Top #1 Young Greyhound in Finland in 2002

                       Ch Windrock Bet It All On Red

BIS/SBIS Ch Shazam's The Journey Begins x Ch Sobers Dharia SC

"Roulette" or "Roo" was acquired as a promising sapling by Judy Price of Texas.  Expertly presented by Paige Mc Garver, the pair made very short work of Roo's championship quest--the pair won the points every time they stepped foot in the ring together, except for one time when she was RWB.  "Roo" enjoys straight racing and has many "Turtle Awards" to her credit.