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Wins and News   Be prepared for some shameless bragging!

WINDROCK LLC is proud to announce that we have been bestowed the distinction of Platinum Level Breeders Of Merit. We are the ONLY Greyhound breeders that can lay claim to this prestigious  recognition.

 Our dedication and passion for the Greyhound breed has been further recognized  by the AKC! We have been recently featured in a candid article that was published by the AKC and may be viewed by clicking this link.  AKC ARTICLE



Celebration time at WINDROCK LLC!  Our lovely Firefly has just won a BEST IN SHOW and she did it on her birthday! (May 19, 2019)  We are grateful to Heather Elrick who handled our beautiful red head to this marvelous accomplishment.

Firefly is officially known as BIS Can Ch/SBIS GCH/Int. Ch Windrock She's Tough Enough and she is owned by us her breeders and Rachel Martin of France.  She is currently the #1 Greyhound in Canada, but two other fine WINDROCK LLC bred Greyhounds are pressing hard for that honor and are currently in the Top 5 rankings.  Who will emerge top greyhound for 2019?  This is going to be exciting for us on the sidelines, but nerve-racking for the contenders.

We are planning a litter for Firefly early in 2020.


Group First win for Levi and Claudine!

Huge Congratulations to Claudine Paton Hamilton and "Levi" who is Can GCH Windrock Roadhouse Blues Fch on winning Group One! Levi is currently #2 Greyhound in Canada! We are so proud of Levi and grateful to Claudine for making it happen!  Levi was also top 10 ranked in both conformation and lure coursing in 2018.
Quoting Claudine~

"Fun fact!!! Levi - MSBIS BPIS Can GCh Windrock Roadhouse Blues FCh is the ONLY Greyhound in Canada to be consistently in the top 10 standings in both conformation AND lure coursing since he started his coursing career in 2016! He is also the only Field Champion in the top 5 conformation standings!!! Form and function baby!! Form and function!!!!"

Levi is proof positive that a winning show dog and also be functional and durable. Levi is hot on the heels of the current #1 Greyhound who also just happens to be a WINDROCK LLC greyhound!  SBIS GCH/Can Ch/Int Ch Windrock She's Tough Enough known as "Firefly" is with Heather Elrick and this duo currently is on top of the rankings. The year is just starting and it will be exciting to see how things pan out. One thing is for certain, we are very proud of these ladies and hounds and wish only the best in the shows  to both!


Greyhound Club Of America Central Specialty                                                                  Sept 2017

     SBIS GCh Windrock She's Tough Enough

      Int Ch Windrock Fernando  x  Windrock Miss Lathna Fey SC

"Firefly" at the tender age of 16 months not only won Best In Sweeps under judge Tracy Hite, at the Greyhound Club of America Central Specialty (pictured) but as a new special, went on to win Specialty Best In Show under judge Wm Shelton.  She was handled to these wins by WINDROCK' breeder, owner, handler and pro trainer, Kimberly Fritzler.

Professional handlers "Beep"  and Shari Lee-Rhodes, took Firefly to some shows and in a whirlwind start to what promises to be an illustrious show career, Firefly dominated breed competition and attained Grand Champion status with all major wins over specials, and has 9 group placements, including two Group Firsts!  Shown only in a few shows at the tail -end of the year, amazingly, Firefly is top 5 ranked in Breed competition and top 10 ranked in all breed (group and BIS wins)  We are thrilled with our brilliant youngster's early success and can only wonder what she will be capable of with maturity. She is very much a puppy and will only improve with time.   

                                                                                                 "Beep" Lee showing off Firefly's Group One win ~

                                Windrock Drive Me Wild

  DC Windrock Ultra Sonicus Ad Infinitum SC Fch x  Ch Windrock American Victory SC

Baby Piper went to the GCA Central Speciaty and behaved remarkably well for a baby puppy had never been to a dog show!  This was her first time in the ring. She has never been to a handling class or a match. But she handled all the excitement like a pro.  Not only did our budding blue brindle rose win Best Puppy,  but she was Winner's Bitch and Best of Winners over much more mature competition for a 5 pt major under judge Wm Shelton. (pictured)

Even as a tiny puppy, Piper hinted so much early promise that I picked her early on to be my own. Her pedigree boast the elusive combination of two of WINDROCK's  best female lines and I can only imagine what kind of beauty she will blossom into.  

The Greyhound Club Of America National Specialty                            July 2016

The 2016 Greyhound Club of America National Specialty held in Lompoc, California was a resounding success for WINDROCK bred greyhounds. We are so proud of the many exhibitors who represented our breeding at the National. BOB was a beautiful class bitch we had recently sold co-ownership to Riley Dwyer and she was handled to WB, BOW, BOB by the talented Charlotte Fielder. WINDROCK bred dogs were also awarded Select Bitch, 3 of the 5 AOMs, RWD, Best In Sweeps and Best Puppy. We are grateful to the judges who found our greyhounds worthy of these accolades and to the owners who proudly presented them. Pictures below!

SBIS Windrock Long May You Run

Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau  x  MBIF GCH DC Windrock Calamity Jane SC Fch

"Glitter" was WB, BOW and BOB from the classes. She was expertly handled by Charlotte Fielder to this win. This is an incredibly prestigious win for young Glitter  and new owner Riley Dwyer. At the supporting Lompoc KC show, Glitter proved that her win was no fluke by going WB,BOW, BOS for another 5 point major win to finish her AKC Championship title in style!

GCH Windrock Let Them Talk  SC

Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau  x  MBIF GCH DC Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC Fch 

"Willow" was Select Bitch at the National and also placed in Rally Obedience. Willow is owned by Scott and Annmarie Pack.

Windrock Something Wicked This Way Comes

MSBIS GCH DC Windrock Easy Money SC  x  BIF DC Windrock Misty

Baby "Phoenix" was Best In Sweeps at the National and Best Puppy. 

GCH Windrock Talking Heart To Heart JC

Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau  x  MBIF GCH DC Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC Fch

"Faith" has been entirely owner handled by Patricia Paterson her entire career. She won one of only 5 Awards of Merit at the National.

 DC Windrock Batottahellious SC

DK's Prime Time  x  MBIF NFC FC Windrock Candle In The Wind MC LCX LCM

"Sonic" won the Coursing Dog class and an Award of Merit at the GCA National. He also won the Fch Stake at the GCA National lure course.

SBIS GCH DC Windrock Easy Money SC

MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch  x  Windrock Miss Lathna Fey SC

"Rowan" came off of winning SBIS at the GCA Central Specialty to gather an Award Of Merit at the National,. Icing on the cake was his daughter  winning Best In Sweeps and Best Puppy! Rowan also won Select Dog at the supporting Lompoc KC show. 

MBIF Windrock Ultra-Sonicus Ad Infinitum SC

DK's Prime Time  x  MBIF NFC FC Windrock Candle In The Wind MC LCX LCM

"Wile" is just starting out and he had a good time at the National. He was awarded Reserve Winners Dog to a five point major. He also won a placement at the GCA National Lure Course.  These nice wins bring him very close to his Dual Championship.

Another Best In Show for Team Heather and Bekka!                         August 2016

MBIS/BISS GCH Madajors Highly Explosive At Windrock

Int Ch Denetorn Des Legendes Du Moyen Age x Int Ch Windrock Red Hot Mamma

 Imagine our surprise and delight when we received this note from Heather Elwick  who co-owns Bekka with us.

Quoting Heather~~

"A very sincere Thank You goes out to Judge Maida Puterman for this prestigious win...
This is Bekka's SECOND BIS acknowledgement and on paper she's now known as MBIS BISS GCH Mandajors Highly Explosive at Windrock!! Our appreciation goes out to Kim and Colin Fritzler, Windrock Kennels for entrusting us with this fabulous red girl - stay tuned because we're not done yet!"

I can tell you from personal experience that BIS wins don't come easy. To end the day as an owner-handler with the top dog in show  is an achievement that is nothing short of miraculous. Wins like this demand hours of conditioning and training and teamwork and to even FIND a breeder willing to part with an exceptional specimen worthy of such consideration, well good luck!  Plus, the owner-handler is pitted against all the professional handlers and their well-heeled cliental. The odds are astronomical.  We are grateful that breeder Rachel Martin of France sent Bekka back to Windrock and that we had the wisdom to place Bekka with Heather who also saw the tremendous potential that young Bekka possessed.

Under Heather's guidance, Bekka is currently the #1 Greyhound in all of Canada and all believe the best is yet to come!


Danica Did It!!  She's now a Dual Champion!

 Introducing our newest Dual Champion~~MBIF DC Windrock Born To Run SC Fch

 We are so proud of our little Danica!  She has achieved the goal of AKC Dual Champion  by winning Winner's Bitch  for a 5 pt major at the recent RFKC show.  There are rare few greyhounds who can lay claim to that distinction and most of them nowadays, carry WINDROCK bloodlines.

 An AKC Dual Champion is a dog that has achieved Championship status in both the show ring and on the field. Few greyhounds achieve such status, and we are proud that Danica attained this lofty goal. 

 She is now one of two Dual Champions produced by her top producing dam "Fey" (Windrock Miss Lathna Fey SC) and one of three produced by her sire, MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch.

The beauty pagent over with, Danica is more than happy to resuming coursing. Dog shows are fun, but not "FAST" enough for her!

What is next for Danica?  Right now, she is flat out on the bed, feet twitching and moaning.  I think she is dreaming about chasing plastic bunnies!

Danica catches the plastic bunny in her dreams and on the field!

Rowan Wins Another Specialty BEST IN SHOW !!!                                                                                   

            MSBIS GCH CH/MBIS UKC Ch Windrock Easy Money SC

MBIF DC  Sobers Ippolito SC Fch  x  Windrock Miss Lathna Fey SC


Faith Burnham and Rowan do it again!

Expertly guided by owner/handler Faith Burnham, GCH DC Windrock Easy Money SC wins Best in Specialty Show under judge Joan Lester at the Greyhound Club of America's inaugural Central Specialty, and goes Owner-Handled Hound Group 2 the same day!!

Another one for the record books as Rowan reigns as the ONLY Dual Champion to win a Greyhound Club of America (GCA) Specialty Best In Show, now he has added another GCA specialty win to his credit. 

Rowan is just now entering full maturity and his best age and is a superb greyhound and we are proud to be his breeders. The credit for his achievements go to Faith, as her hard work and dedication have made Rowan a rising star!

Great News From Ireland!


 WINDROCK  bred Greyhounds are on a roll not just in North America, but overseas as well. Our bloodlines can be found in some of the most prominent and successful kennels. This latest bit of happy news comes  all the way from Ireland. We are proud to share the success of this lovely red and white particolor beauty who was bred by Francine Belgherbi of France and sired by our top producing MBIS Int Ch Windrock Fernando!

Congrads to breeder Francine Belgherbi and to owner Felicity Thompson! We are so proud of the greyhounds worldwide that are rocking WINDROCK bloodlines~

smile emoticon

Quoting Felicity Thompson~

*DOUBLE WOW ** At Banbridge All Breed Ch Show our "Isla" BIS Int Ch/Ned Ch/Ir Ch ISLA AT BARNESMORE AD HONORES (JUN CH) NED WINNER 14, CW 16 - took 1st in Champion Bitch Class, Green Star (CAC) and BEST OF BREED under judge Ms N Karlsdotter, and then finished Group #4 under judge Mr Decupyer. Delighted that all our dogs were again awarded Excellents !!! Many thanks to all judges concerned for appreciating our dogs!



On Top In Canada In 2015!

                              BPIS Can Ch Windrock Roadhouse Blues   "Levi"

                               Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau  x  MBIF GCH DC Windrock Calamity Jane SC Fch


OMG little "Levi", (BPIS Can Ch Windrock Roadhouse Blues) a CJ kid was top ranked in Canada in 2015 racing! That's not all, he was also Top Five ranked in Conformation showing the same year. Levi is not even 2 yrs old and will get even better with maturity. We can hardly imagine what heights Claudine Paton Hamilton and Levi will attain in 2016!! Congratulations, "Team Levi", best wishes for your continued success in 2016!



BISS Can Ch Windrock Life Is A Highway

Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau  x  MBIF GCH DC Windrock Calamity Jane SC Fch


We love hearing from our extended WINDROCK family!  This great news is from Candace Cook from Alberta, Canada.

Quoting Candace~~

"It's Official!!  "Viola!" (BISS Can Ch Windrock Life Is A Highway) was the #2 Greyhound in Canada in 2015. Her certificate arrived from the CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) last week. I am extremely proud of this girl and her accomplishments especially as she achieved this award as a yearling. A big thank you to Kim and Colin Fritzler of WINDROCK greyhounds in Colorado for entrusting me with my first hound. Will be working on her American title 

 We are proud to have been the breeders of multiple top ranked greyhounds in both Canada and the US in 2015. The real credit goes to the people who love these exceptional greyhounds and participate in dog sports. Thank you all for promoting the Greyhound breed and our WINDROCK breeding in the best possible way! 

We Are Proud To Introduce Another New WINDROCK AKC Champion!   April 2016

  Ch Windrock Let Them Talk JC CAA

Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau x GCH DC Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC Fch

We are delighted to announce a NEW Champion!! Huge congratulations to owner/handler Annamarie Pack and "Willow" who is now Ch Windrock Let Them Talk JC CAA. Willow won WB, BOW at the Hound Show held this last weekend in California to put the finishing touches on her bench Championship. Way to go Girls!

Willow was owner-handled entirely by Annamarie to her title, and she was the top Owner-Handled Greyhound in 2015....
 Willow is a multiple O/H Best In Show winner and has her Junior Courser and Coursing Ability titles. This pair is just warming up to tackle other endeavors as Annamarie and Willow are training for tracking, rally and agility in addition to plans to return to the show ring to show at the Breed and Group level.

Willow is the fourth Champion daughter for our lovely BIF and multiple Group winning GCH DC Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC Fch, "Doobie" who is now loved by France Belgherbi in France.

We are very grateful to the dedicated owners who invest huge amounts of time and resources to proudly present our breeding to the dog fancy.
Thanks to them, the results have been spectacular.
Milla is crowned the Best Dog In France!                                         March 2016

BIS Ch Mandajors Heat Wave Red


Int Ch Denetorn Des Legendes Du Moyen Age  x  Int Ch Windrock Red Hot Mamma


 We have just learned from France that the lovely Ch Mandajors Heat Wave Red aka Milla, has just been awarded BEST IN SHOW at the salon de l agriculture held in Paris. This is an incredibly prestigious accomplishment as Milla has been selected by a distinguished panel of judges and veterinarians as the supreme Best In Show winner over all of the all the 2015 french champions and all of the champions of their respective national specialty. Happy and proud would be an understatement!!!! HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO her owner ~handler Francine Ballif and of course to Milla's breeder Rachel Martin who purchased Milla's mother, the fantastic Int Ch Windrock Red Hot Mamma "Chili" from WINDROCK and exported her to France.  Chili now has two Best In Show winners from her only litter. What a glorious legacy Chili gave us!

Milla on the occasion of being crowned the Best Dog In France!

WINDROCK Is Proud To Introduce A New GRAND CHAMPION~                       Nov 2015
                                          GCH Windrock Talking Heart To Heart JC

Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau  x  BIF GCH DC Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC Fch

 We have a very special announcement!  Pat Paterson and her lovely greyhound "Faith" attained "Grand Championship" status with a 5pt major "Select" win! This lofty achievement was accomplished entirely by Pat who owner-handled Faith first to her AKC Championship and then, ultimately to Grand Champion honors. This feat becomes even more remarkable when one considers that Pat had never shown a dog before acquiring Faith.
 Faith who is GCh Windrock Heart To Heart JC is Pat's very FIRST show dog and what an amazing journey these two have shared. Pat came to Colorado, selected Faith from three lovely little bitches (who all cried PICK ME) and pitted up against the toughest dog show competition in the country in California--succeeded with flying colors.
 Pat knew the odds where against her as a fledgling owner handler. She learned to lose gracefully, but also to win that way as well.  But, like the little engine that could, Pat took classes, learned to properly condition and train her dog, and was helped in no small way by fellow GCA members. We are very proud of Pat and the sportswoman she has become, a true credit to the fancy.  Buy that dog and yourself a big steak Pat!  You both have earned it!
  "Janie" wins a Best In Show!                                                                   November 2015    

  Ch BIS UKC Ch Windrock Look Who's Talking At Sheffield SC 

Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau  x  BIF GCH DC Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC Fch  


 A touching update from Carol Halliday, Janie's "Mom"~

“Janie” finished her championship at the age of 16 mos and 2 days in Philadelphia at the Greyhound Club of America Eastern Specialty-Supported show, 10.03.2014, after winning Best in Sweepstakes at the Specialty.  Janie has been enjoying lure coursing and has earned the AKC title “Senior Courser”.   In the only UKC show which she has been shown, Janie was awarded Best in Show.  Although Janie excels in everything she does, she is first and foremost, our beloved and cherished couch warmer and snuggle bunny!! Bill and I are truly blessed to have this beautiful girl in our lives!  Janie makes me laugh every single day!"

Janie is a Best Of Breed winner on the coursing field

But like most WINDROCK greyhounds, Janie is a beloved member of the family.

That is the most important thing of all!


Best In Field at the 41st Grand National!!                                                           Sept 2015

                                                    MBIF FC Windrock Rodeo Queen SC Fch

                          Forbes Seymor x  MBIF NFC FC Windrock Candle In The Wind MC LCX LCM


The Grand National is highly esteemed by the devout lure coursing enthusiast as it is rightly considered the toughest  coursing event in the country. It is the longest running lure coursing event in North America and predates the ASFA II by several years. Each year, this much anticipated event draws the best coursing dogs to the high plains of southern Colorado to compete in three days of long exciting courses held on native rangeland. A dog has to be of sound construction and well conditioned to endure the rigors of three days of running and ultimately, the mile long Best In Field run off. 

In the Grand National's 41 year history, there have been only three greyhounds to capture top honors, and we are proud to have been the breeders/owners of two of them. Our "Amazing Amber" won the event in 2006 and underdog "Danica" bested one of the largest fields in recent years to win it in 2014.

 This year, we are humbled that another greyhound joined that elite company. Our brilliant Amber daughter,  "Cheyenne" who is MBIF FC Windrock Rodeo Queen SC Fch was  selected by the three judge panel as the 2015 Best In Field winner!!  It was a one, two triumph for WINDROCK, as last year's winner, Danica who is MBIF Windrock Born To Run SC Fch, was runner up and just behind Cheyenne in scores.

WINDROCK considers the Grand National to be the ultimate test of our greyhounds athletic ability, soundness and endurance. It is exceedingly difficult to breed greyhounds who can compete against some of the best coursing sighthounds under such physically demanding conditions.  We believe that Amber is the only Grand National winner to produce a Grand National winner!

We are honored to have three of our greyhounds crowned with Grand National Best in Field honors. The first was Amber --MBIF NFC FC Windrock Candle In The Wind MC LCX LCM in 2006, followed by Danica, MBIF FC Windrock Born To Run SC in 2014 and now Cheyenne, MBIF FC Windrock Rodeo Queen SC Fch, in 2015.

We are always looking forward to the next generation. Perhaps someday Cheyenne's children will honor us with spectacular performances at a future Grand National. Grandma Amber will be so proud!

Multiple Best In Show Wins For Helen and Danika!!                                         Sept 2015

Ch MBIS UKC Ch Windrock Leave 'Em Talking

Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau  x  BIF GCH DC Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC Fch

Rocky Mountain Hound Shows~A Huge Success!                            August 13 thru 16, 2015

 WINDROCK LLC greyhounds had a very strong showing at the Rocky Mountain Hound Shows held last August in Greeley, Colorado. Three sensational Littermates from our "Traveling" themed litter dominated the classes and our male specials collected multiple BOS and Select wins in extremely tough competition.  

New Ch Windrock Walk On The Wild Side JC

Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau  x  MBIF GCH DC Windrock Calamity Jane SC Fch

CERF/DNA verified

 "Wild Thing" had a whirlwind career. Still in the puppy class, she started her quest for an AKC Championship in May at the Utah Riverton shows and dominated older bitches by winning back to back 5 pt majors. 

She wasn't shown again until the highly competitive Rocky Mountain Hound Association shows came around in August and this glamorous black brindle beauty proved her earlier wins were no fluke and she won three straight WB, BOW wins in a row to finish her Championship. I wish all championship endeavors were attained so quickly--Wild Thing made it look EASY.

She is a keen and enthusiastic courser like her mother CJ.  Look for her on the coursing field while she grows up a bit before stepping back in the show ring.

Wild Thing is one of many accomplished siblings from the "Traveling" litter  and the early success of this litter can only bode well for the future! We are so pleased with the lovely temperaments,  conformation and athletic ability of CJ's kids.

Wild Thing's litter sister "Glitter" sparkled at the Hound Shows!


 BISweeps Windrock Long May You Run

 Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau  x  MBIF GCH DC Windrock Calamity Jane SC Fch  

 "Glitter" is a well named girl! Her beautiful golden fawn gold coloring is iridescent in the sunshine which tends to personify her naturally bubbling, exuberant personality. Small wonder she captures the attention of the judges.

Glitter's very first outing in the show ring resulted in this nice Best In Sweeps win! I was tickled pink with Glitter's performance, even though she was a bit too wiggly during the hands on exam and she shamelessly tried to win favor by kissing the judge. 

Glitter also won WB,BOW for her first 2pts at these shows. We predict a nice show career for this lovely Beau and CJ daughter. She is a littermate to Wild Thing and Traveler and these three siblings won ALL of the points in bitches and both of the majors in dogs! 


Near Ch Windrock On The Road Again

 Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau  x  MBIF GCH DC Windrock Calamity Jane SC Fch 

"Traveler" and owner`handler Melody Combs trekked all the way from Arizona to compete in the Rocky Mountain Hound Shows. Traveler won the points three of the four days and is now within two points of his AKC Championship.

I hadn't seen Traveler since he was about 4 months old. I was very impressed with how he has matured and he has a wonderful, easy sidegait which is very balanced and very sound. Small wonder the judges favored him. I told Melody she better be thinking of her next area of endeavor with Traveler as he would make short work of his AKC Championship quest.

Not surprisingly,  my words proved prophetic as Traveler dominated the class dogs at these shows.



 SBIS GCH DC MBIS UKC CH Windrock Easy Money SC

MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch x Windrock Miss Lathna Fey SC

WINDROCK bred "Rowan" and French import "Denetorn" proudly carried the WINDROCK banner and came home with multiple BOS and Select dog wins. Rowan is closing in on his Bronze level Grand Championship and veteran Denetorn racked up more than half of the points needed for his Grand Championship at this run of shows. Additonally, aging Denetorn won BOS in Veteran sweeps. Well Done Boys!

Rowan is pictured here with owner/handler Faith Burnham. 

GCA Western Specialty                                                   July 24, 2015



 SBIS GCH DC/MBIS UKC Ch Windrock Easy Money SC

MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch  x  Windrock Miss Lathna Fey SC


 WINDROCK is proud to introduce our newest Specialty Best in Show winner!  Please meet "Rowan" who was owner-handled to this remarkable achievement by Faith Burnham. The 2015 Greyhound Club of America Western Specialty was held in July  in Lompoc, California and it is one of only three GCA Specialties held annually and it has in recent years, pulled in the largest entries. This year the event was judged by reknown sighthound authority and judge Ms. Linda Scalon who found Rowan worthy of not only SBIS, but also Best Dual Champion and Top Owner Handler honors.

It is most gratifying to have one's breeding recognized over a large and quality filled entry.  Greyhounds are infrequently  seen at all breed shows, and breeders /fanciers and exhibitors  make special effort to attend and compete in GCA Specialties which typically attract the best of the best and are a showcase for breeders to portray their stock. We believe that "Rowan" is the ONLY Dual Champion to ever win a GCA Specialty Best In Show and there is no question that he is the only Grand Champion Dual Champion to receive this prestigious distinction.

None of this would have been possible without Rowan's people, Faith Burnham and Casey Reid and to them we owe a  huge debt of gratitude and appreciation.



 Rowan also competed in the GCA Lure Coursing trial and earned a second in the hotly contested Field Champion Stake.  He is a classic example of our Windrock greyhounds--a dog that can stand proudly in the show ring and yet go out and do the job the breed was bred to do-RUN.


    Windrock Batouttahellius

aka "Sonic" also gathered some nice recognition!

 Sonic is pictured here winning a large 12-18 month class at the GCA supported Lompoc JC. 

Like his kennelmate, "Rowan", Sonic got to participate in the GCA lure course and turned in a credible performance his first time in competition, winning a placement in his very FIRST lure trial.

With extremely limited showing, this brilliant youngster is almost halfway to his AKC Championship title and there is no doubt that he and Faith are going to do great things together.

And like proud grandparents, we get to reveal in their accomplishments!

 Other WINDROCK greyhounds enjoyed successes of their own on the GCA Specialty weekend~


                                                  Ch Windrock Talking Heart To Heart JC

Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau  x  BIF GCH DC Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC Fch

 Pat Paterson and "Faith" are shown here with Judge Linda Scallon and everyone, including greyhound Faith, is all smiles.  Pat and Faith were recognized with an Award of Merit at the GCA Western. These few awards--only five in fact,  are bequeathed to greyhounds of exceptional quality and are highly coveted. 

What is so exceptional about Pat and Faith is that Faith is Pat's very first show dog of any kind and against all odds, the pair has done brilliantly in tough California competition. Pat tells us that Faith is just a few points away from Grand Champion status and that will make Faith the first GCH for her dam "Doobie" who was a big winner at these shows a few years ago.  Pat is living proof that dreams do come true, you just have to work hard to make them happen.


Lompoc KC~Supporting Specialty Show


 Windrock Let Them Talk JC

Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau  x  BIF Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC Fch

WINDROCK greyhounds enjoyed success at the big Lompoc KC shows following the GCA Western Specialty.  Specialty supported shows are highly competitive as most of the greyhounds that where entered for the Specialty are also entered for the following shows.  Pictured above is "Willow" who is Windrock Let Them Talk who scored a big 5 pt major win by winning WB, BOW. Congratulations to owner handlers Scott and Annemarie Pack!  Also taking home a big major win was the beautiful red brindle boy, Windrock On The Road Again, "Traveler",  owner handled by Melody Combs. 

We are grateful that our WINDROCK breeding was so well represented by these dedicated fanciers who work hard to have their charges prepared for this elite competition.  Congratulations guys, we are so proud of you!

Another new Canadian Champion!!!                            July 2015                

 BPIS Can Ch Windrock Roadhouse Blues

Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau  x  MBIF GCH DC Windrock Calamity Jane SC Fch


Mamma CJ is proud to announce yet another one of her children has claimed the distinguished title of show champion. This time, "Levi"  (Windrock Roadhouse Blues) rose to the occasion and finished his Canadian Championship in spectacular fashion!  He is CJ's second champion and has brilliantly blazed the path for his siblings to follow.

Even as a puppy, Levi 'wowed" them in the ring. Masterfully conditioned, trained and owner-handled by Claudine Hamilton, Levi amassed an enviable record of multiple puppy group firsts and a coveted Best Puppy In Show. Even as a puppy, he exerted his dominance over adult competition and won several adult group placements, including this lovely group 2 win on a hound specialty weekend. Just a young up and coming youngster, infrequently shown, he is one of the five top ranked greyhounds in CanadaHe is a popular dog at the shows and has many loyal followers who cheer him on to victory. We can only imagine the future that awaits this bbeautiful blue brindle boy.

Levi is rather non-plussed about all of the excitement and attention. He loves coursing and we are grateful that Claudine lets him run as only a greyhound can.  


WINDROCK Celebrates another DUAL CHAMPION!!                        July 2015

 BIF DC Windrock Misty SC Fch

Forbes Seymor  x  BIF DC Windrock Hocus Pocus SC Fch

 Mamma "Wicked" (BIF DC Windrock Hocus Pocus SC Fch) has just cause to be proud!  She can now lay claim to having another Dual Champion daughter! Misty put the finishing touches on her AKC bench championship at the Roaring Fork KC show on July 11, 2014 by winning Winners Bitch, Best of Winners (WB,BOW) for those final two points to complete her show title and also her dual championship. WINDROCK has 16 greyhound Dual Champions, an unrivaled  record that continues to grow with each generation.
We are appreciative of the judges that recognized Misty. She is  proper sized (62 lbs) well muscled, stands on correct feet and legs and is properly shaped with flowing curves and rise to the loin. She has a beautiful head and a loving sweet temperament. She is the type of greyhound that has made us well known in both the coursing field and in the showring. Most important of all, she is a beloved member of our household.

Misty was promised lure coursing if she won, and here she is, doing what she loves best.

Photo on left!~

Misty's Mamma "Wicked" was an awesome courser in her day.  Like mother, like daughter. She is truly "flying" here!


Another Champion for Windrock!!                           July 2015

Ch/BIS UKC Ch Windrock Leave 'Em Talking

Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau  x  BIF GCH DC Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC Fch


We are tickled to announce that the lovely "Danika"  (Ch/BIS UKC Ch Windrock Leave 'Em Talking owned by Helen and Gary Lambert has earned her AKC Championship title! 

This makes the third Champion from Mamma Doobie's "Talk" litter with two more closing in titles. 

Danika has been beautifully conditioned, trained and shown by Helen Lambert.

Under her guidance Danika chalked up big wins in tough East Coast competition. She finished her championship with ALL major wins and multiple wins over specials., earning 18 pts in the process.

Danika is a lovely credit to the beautiful dogs in her pedigree and we envision a bright specials career for her.

Danika is also a BIS winning UKC champion and we are certain that we will be sharing more of Helen and Danika's adventures as this pair is just getting started!

 Picture on the left is Dankia as a puppy. Even then her  budding promise was clearly evident. You have NO IDEA how hard it is to raise puppies like this only to send them away to new homes!



Three Best In Field wins for Cheyenne!                                        June 2015

     MBIF FC Windrock Rodeo Queen SC Fch

CERF, OFA Heart, Thyroid, Dentition, Neuropathy clear


 Our lovely fawn brindle "Cheyenne" started the 2015 coursing season with a bang! Out of just 3 weekends  she has captured Best In Field honors three times and is on her way to an LCX title (Lure Coursing Excellent). Cheyenne is well known in coursing circles and among her many accolades, she was the #1 Greyhound in ASFA lure coursing in 2013. She is as pretty as she is fast and has AKC bench Championship points. We anticipate her earning Dual Championship honors in the near future. But in the meantime, we are proud of the pretty red white and blue BIF ribbons she has collected, think the count is up to 11 now. She will have to go some to beat Momma Amber's achievement of almost 20 such wins!.

We are grateful to the clubs and membership that work hard to put on these events so coursing enthusiasts can thrill to watching sighthounds do what they were born to do--chase prey. Only in this case, the prey is a motor powered white plastic bag commonly referred to as a "bunny".  One can only marvel at the speed and agility of a good greyhound in full flight, attempting to run down quarry.  If you haven't seen lure coursing, and would like too, give me a call and I will direct you to the nearest coursing action in your area. 

To those of you who have expressed interest in a Cheyenne puppy, we are pleased to announce that she has passed all of her health screening with flying colors. You will have to wait just a bit yet, she is having too much fun coursing  and wants to put off motherhood for a while!



A New Canadian Champion!                                             May 24, 2014                                      

BISS Can Ch Windrock Life Is A Highway   "Voila!"

Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau  x  GCH DC Windrock Calamity Jane SC


WOW! This dynamic puppy is on a roll! Huge congrads to owner Candice Cook and new Canadian Champion "Voila!" Barely a year old "Voila" has a Hound Show BIS, and multiple group wins and placements. A spectacular start to a promising baby that has yet to achieve her full potential.

Beautiful Voila! is the first of the Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau x GCH DC Windrock Calamity Jane SC Fch kids to obtain a Championship, although brother "Levi" (Windrock Roadhouse Blues is not far behind needing only 3 pts for his title) Voila! celebrated finishing her Championship with this Group First win! WINDROCK  is  proud to announce new BISS Can Ch Windrock LIfe Is A Highway as our first Canadian Champion for 2015!


Voila! and Candice traveled to a show in North Dakota  and were rewarded with this nice Group 2 win in tough competition.

I would wager that this amazing duo will make short work of Voila's quest for an AKC Championship.

 Not just another pretty face, Voila! is starting her agility training and we are confident that we will be sharing more news of this remarkable team in the near future.

Best of luck team Candice and Voila!  We are so proud of you!

WINDROCK Greyhounds Are Rocking The Show Scene!                           May 2014


Photo Above~

Faith and Rowan enroute to wins in Owner Handled and the regular Hound Group at the Mt. Ogden KC shows.

 Photo on Right~

Pat Paterson and new Ch Windrock Heart To Heart "Faith", took on  tough California competition and won a huge BOB over many specials and Owner Handler Group 4  Pat and Faith are fast closing in on Grand Champion honors. Remarkable considering Faith is Pat's FIRST show dog and she is knocking heads with all the pros and coming out on top! WOW.



 Photo above~

        Multiple group placing and Best Puppy In Show

           Near Can Ch Windrock Roadhouse Blues

 Photo on right~

WINDROCK welcomes another new Dual Champion in "Maysie" (DC Windrock Queen Of Diamonds SC Fch) who was expertly handled by Howie Bailiff to BOB over special competition to achieve her AKC Championship making her a Dual Champion.

Maysie is WINDROCK's 15th Dual Champion titlist!



Last weekend's dog shows were  great fun for a number of WINDROCK greyhounds and their people!

 As much as I enjoyed showing myself some years ago, I can honestly say is far more gratifying to welcome new people into the fancy and watch them achieve their own successes. Congrads to all the Windrock kids and their people! You are our extended family and we are so proud of you!

 Photo on Left~

Faith Burnham and Rowan (GCH DC MBIS UKC Ch Windrock Easy Money SC) won Owner Handler Group 1 and Group 3 at the Logan shows--first AKC group wins for both!



 Photo on left~

Up North, in Canada, owner handler Claudine Paton Hamilton won yet another group placement with the puppy upstart Levi (BPIS Windrock Roadhouse Blues) This impressive blue brindle boy is closing in fast on his Canadian Championship and shows great lure coursing potential.
















We believe that WINDROCK has bred more Dual Champion greyhounds than any other breeder in AKC history!


VOILA!!  A Best In Show!                                                                                        May 10, 2015

BISS Windrock Life Is A Highway

Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau  x  MBIF GCH DC Windrock Calamity Jane SC Fch


Last year in July, Candice Cook journeyed to our homestead in Grand Junction, Colorado. She came all the way from Manitoba over several mountain passes (which terrified her) but she was firm in her resolve to acquire a WINDROCK greyhound puppy. And she wanted to meet us, Mamma CJ and the as many of the puppies as possible. We took to Candice right away and knew in her capable hands, she would do well with one of our precious pups.

Candice will tell you the selection of her future soulmate was not easy, for CJ's litter was deep in quality and each of the babies cried "Pick ME"!! Candice was torn between three lovely little girls and spent hours playing with and evaluating each. Upon my suggestion, she finally selected a gorgeous black brindle bitch that I honestly felt would be the best choice.

It is wonderful to see a dream realized. In a whirlwind career spanning only a few shows starting in April 2015, Candice piloted her stunning puppy she named Voila! to multiple Best Of Breed wins and group placements over adult competition and also won several Puppy Hound Groups. But, on May 10, 2015, one day after Voila!'s first birthday, Voila! and Candice achieved a rare distinction of a Hound Show Best In Show!!!  

What a incredible start to this lovely greyhound's career!!

Where is Mamma CJ?? I simply must tell her what her kids have been up to!

Levi Takes a Puppy Best In Show!                                                May 2015 

BPIS Windrock Roadhouse Blues

Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau  x  MBIF GCH DC Windrock Calamity Jane SC Fch

 CJ's kids have entered the show ring with a bang!  Little Levi had a sensational weekend up in Saskatoon, winning multiple puppy groups and a coveted Best Puppy In Show! He showed this achievement was no fluke by going BOB over specials competition and winning a Hound Group Four. Levi is currently reigning as the #1 Greyhound Puppy in Canada and #3 Greyhound.  This puppy is spectacular and in addtion to being handsome, he shows great coursing potential. Owner/handler Claudine Hamiton is going to have a lot of fun in the future with this one and we are so glad to be along for the ride on what promises to be a brilliant career.

 Dog shows arejust too much fun!!

 Levi and whippet friend taking a break from the day's activities to catch up on some shut eye.

Ex-pens like the one shown are important to allow the dog a place of his own to relax.

Photo on left~

 Claudine's daughter Cheyenne meeting baby Levi for the first time shortly after his arrival in Canada.


Best Puppy At The GCA Southern--and that's just for starters!                   May 2015

 Windrock Batoutahellius "Sonic"

DK's Prime Time x  MBIF NFC FC Windrock Candle In The Wind MC LCX LCM


Sonic is gonna be a rock star!!  In owner/handler Faith Burnham's capable hands, we expect nothing less than a brilliant career.  Since stepping into the show ring, he has proven that there is little doubt that he has what it takes.

Out in California, where the competition is  tough and second to none, baby Sonic's showring debut was winning a large baby puppy hound group.  That was only a hint of what was to follow. His next exhibition was at the GCA Southern Specialty, where he was not only judged Best Puppy, but was also Reserve Winners Dog! And the following day, he proved once again that huge big indoor venues did not faze him in the slightest by winning Winners Dog !

And most recently, at the Utah Riverton shows, little Sonic, went Best Of Winners over mature bitch competition for a 5 point major!!  Still in the puppy class, he is almost halfway to his AKC Championship.

Sonic is proof positive that a properly sized greyhound per the AKC Standard can succeed in the highly competitive AKC shows.

How does Faith feel about Sonic? A quote from Faith sums it up succinctly~ 

 " He is exactly the type of dog I hope to breed someday.  Kim Fritzler has such vision, and she raises healthy, happy dogs. So happy to share in the Windrock legacy".


Thank you Faith, we are honored to have people like you representing us!


Sonic gets to be a real dog on none show days (or after a show) and run and play on the shores of the Great Salt Lake. Such a lucky boy!

Danika Makes The News!                                                         May 2015

BIS UKC Ch Windrock Leave 'Em Talking  "Danika"

Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau  x  GCH DC Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC Fch


 Helen Lambert has every reason to celebrate! At the recent Westfield, Mass., UKC shows, her lovely Danika won multiple groups and a coveted Best In Show!  We are so proud of this team! Helen has owner handled Danika to all of her wins and Danika is very close to an AKC Championship as well.

It is not every day that a greyhound makes the press, so we are pleased to see Helen and Danika represent greyhounds and dog showing in such fine fashion. Danika doesn't know it yet, but she is soon to get a baby sister from Fey's litter. Let's not tell her just yet so she can bask in the limelight all by herself!



Back To Back Best In Show wins for Willow!                            April 2015

Willow is one of Doobie's kids from the "Talk" themed litter. We entrusted this lovely blue brindle to Scott and Annemarie Pack and from the looks of things, Willow's life has been anything but boring and she is off to a sensational start!

 We recently received this glowing report from Annemarie~

  "First show - Reserve to the major (Greyhound Club of Northern CA specialty)

Back to back BOB wins over the special; 3rd show - 4th in Group 
Multiple Owner Handled Group placements (placed in every Owner Handled group thus far)
Back to Back Owner Handler BIS - Kern County Kennel Club - also placed in regular group (Saturday - G4)
BOB/BOW, OHBOB & OHG4 - Lake Matthews Kennel Club

Currently working on getting her QC'd. (for lure coursing) Willow has been running in CATs and Singles. The judges have liked her thus far and can't wait to see her in Open once she is ready.
She is also working on her obedience, Rally, agility and tracking. Hopefully, she will be ready to start her Rally career at the Lompoc specialty".
Willow is currently the #1 Owner Handled Greyhound in AKC and # 7 overall in Top 10 rankings! (Group and BIS wins)

Multiple Group Placing Windrock Let Them Talk  "Willow"

Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau  x  GCH DC Windrock Wild Wood Weed

 Back to Back Best In Shows Owner Handled

Kerns County KC 



Melody And Traveler Are On The Road Again!                                                 Feb 2015

 Windrock On The Road Again  "Traveler"

Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau  x  GCH DC Windrock Calamity Jane SC Fch


Mamma CJ's kids aren't even a year old, but they are making their presence known and earning the nod of approval from judges in the show ring!  

This tiger brindle boy was a standout in CJ's litter, and I was inclined to keep him for myself. But someone else was also eying him, an experienced exhibitor who wanted the best greyhound she could find. After searching far and wide and talking to many breeders and looking at available greyhounds, Melody Combs contacted us to see if Traveler was available.  A bulldog fancier, Melody had been burned in the past by a not so reputable breeder. She was understandably cautious.  She contacted the AKC Parent Club  with questions  about WINDROCK and after receiving   glowing recommendations,  she contacted WINDROCK and managed to pry our beautiful Traveler away from us!

Those who know me, know that I only place greyhounds in home situations and if a persons shows, I much prefer owner handlers. I do not want the dogs I have so lovingly bred living out of the back of a dog handler's van and on the road for months at a time. I personally think that it is not a life for any dog, and it is NOT going to be the life of one of mine!

I need not have worried with Melody. Traveler is a much loved companion and enjoys a rich and full life. One of his very first excursions in the show ring resulted in this nice Group 4 win Owner Handled!  


I predict a very bright future for this team. You just watch!

  Easy, effortless movement and wide open sidegait.  Traveler moves very well!

WINDROCK Sires are #1 in 2014!                                                             Dec 2014

#1 Top Greyhound Sire in the US for 2014

Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau


Greyhounds bred by our sires rocked in 2014! The #1 Greyhounds in Germany, in Ireland and in Finland were sired by our sires Bubba (MBIS/MSBIS Ch Shazam's The Journey Begins JC) and Fernando!! (BIS Int Ch Windrock Fernando)  We ourselves owned the #1 Greyhound in Canada that being our lovely Bekka (BIS/BISS Ch Mandajors Highly Explosive At Windrock)  Woo Hoo!!!

  We are proud to announce that a WINDROCK sire is #1 right here in the US!  The Top AKC Champion Greyhound sire in 2014 was bred by dear departed friend Marti Bradford and co-owned and shown by WINDROCK. Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau has been gone a number of years and is a top producer, but I think this is the first year that he has led the sire list. Thanks to those breeders who bred to this influential sire and I know both Marti and Beau are surely smiling down on us from the Rainbow Bridge.

Here is a picture of Beau with his breeder, Marti Bradford.


Rowan had a Sensational 2014!


GCH DC MBIS UKC Ch Windrock Easy Money SC

DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch  x  Windrock Miss Lathna Fey SC


 Rowan kicked things off in 2014 by winning a UKC BIS and GCA Specialty BOS in the spring, and continued to pick up momentum as the year continued. He had an amazing weekend at the USRCC Memorial Day trials, earning a placement on Saturday and his second major and Best of Breed win on Sunday running against seasoned, nationally ranked  bitches.

 He went on to compete at the Rocky Mountain Hound Club’s inaugural field trials outside of Denver, CO and found himself pitted against some of the hottest running Greyhounds in the country. He collected two more tough placements and earned his Field Championship, becoming Ayden and Fey’s first Dual Champion!

Rowan also racked up several Breed wins in the conformation ring and just a few weeks after earning his Dual Championship he became the second Greyhound male in breed history to attain Grand Champion and Dual Champion status, all less than a month after his second birthday.

In late July Rowan attended the 2014 GCA National Specialty in Lompoc, CA, where he won the coveted Best Dual Champion award at the conformation show as well as the High Scoring Bench Champion and Dual Champion awards at the specialty lure course. Faith was dreaming of a ‘blue and green weekend’ and Rowan did not disappoint!

After a brief hiatus to welcome home little brother Sonic, Rowan was back out for the USRCC Labor Day trials, where he earned the Reserve award to the Karmie Cup, in honor of WiINDROCK’s own dearly departed Karmen, as the runner up to the high scoring hound over the four AKC lure trials held in 2014.

Two weeks later Rowan competed alongside over 100 of the finest coursing hounds in the country for top national honors at the AKC NLCC, where Rowan was awarded High Scoring Dual Champion Greyhound and one of the finalists for Best of the Best at the end of the two grueling trials.

After such a whirlwind summer, it was time to switch gears and enjoy the spotlight in an entirely different setting – Rowan was honored to join the cast of Ballet West in their fall production of Giselle!

He enjoyed the performances and was happy to spend time before and after his scenes mingling with the dancers and crew off-stage. Everyone was impressed with his athletic physique and happy, outgoing temperament won over many new fans.

 As the year wound to a close, Rowan attended one last weekend of local UKC shows and picked up several more group wins and his third Best in Show to finish the year as UKC’s #4 Greyhound. He was the also highest ranked Grand/Dual Champion in AKC conformation and lure coursing combined standings in 2014, entirely owner-handled.



Best In Sweeps At The National And A New Champion!!                               Oct 2014

New Ch Windrock Look Who's Talking At Sheffield

Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau  x  GCH DC Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC Fch


 We are proud to introduce Mamma Doobie's first AKC Champion!  The honor goes to the exquisite "Janie" and her doting Mom, Carol Halliday!!  This team made short work of their AKC Championship quest and finished in the best way possible, with a win on the highly competitive GCA National Specialty weekend!  In addition, Janie was Best In Sweepstakes over a large entry. 

It is gratifying for a breeder to have their dogs recognized in such lofty competition. We are grateful for the wonderful home that Carol has given Janie and that she has shown her so that other fanciers might see her. Janie was one of my favorites from Doobie's litter, and I really thought I was going to keep her until Carol came and stole her from me!  

ASFA Region 3 Best In Field~ Goes To Cheyenne!                                  Oct 2014


 MBIF FC Windrock Rodeo Queen SC Fch  "Cheyenne"

Forbes Seymor  x  MBIF NFC FC Windrock Candle In The Wind MC LCM LCM


 We are so proud of our little Cheyenne!  She recently was awarded Best In Field honors at the ASFA Region 3 Regional lure course and what makes this achievement special, was it was a duplicate win from the preceding year!  Back to back Regional BIF wins. That's not commonly done with so many good running dogs in competition.!

Cheyenne  is the Team Captain heading up our team of WINDROCK Coursers and she is sure doing a good job.  An own daughter of our own incredible "Amazing Amber" Cheyenne inherited much of her mother's speed and athletic prowess.  Cheyenne was the #1 ranked Greyhound in ASFA in 2012 attending just a handful of trials. But they were big events with top competitors. Infrequently coursed, she has been in the rankings since. We feel that the best coursing greyhounds are found out west, and the number of NLCC BIF winners and Grand National winning Greyhounds coming from our WINDROCK breeding would support that contention.

We are honored to have bred greyhounds that can run with the best of them, win in the show ring and be the best of companions in the home.

 Cheyenne is now on a quest for a Dual Championship and will be seen shortly in the show ring. She has some little half brothers and sisters growing up that she will help them learn the ropes. Mamma Amber is surely proud of the legacy she has left.    As are we!


A New Adventure Starts With A Bang!                                                           July 2014

  Windrock Talking Heart To Heart

Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau  x  GCH DC Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC Fch


In 2013 Patirica Paterson drove from her home in California to Colorado to pick her next soul mate. She selected from Doobie's litter a beautiful white and red brindle particolor puppy she named "Faith". Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine  the adventures that she and Faith would embark on. You see, Pat had never shown a dog in her life and when she acquired Faith, she was wanting a friend, a companion to love as her previous greyhound had passed on.  Pat became intrigued about dog shows after learning about the illustrious achievements of WINDROCK greyhounds and wondered if if was something she and Faith would enjoy.

I told her, go for it! Her puppy was quality enough, but advised her that she would have to train and condition her and there was much to learn. If she was dedicated, she would succeed and I would help her as much as I could.

Competition in California is tough, but Pat insisted on handling her own dog and she and Faith worked hard to become a team. Pat soon learned there is much more to showing a dog than trotting around in a ring. It is nowhere as easy as it looks!

That didn't deter Pat or Faith and they attended the Greyhound Club of America's National Specialty and supporting shows in Lompoc, Ca.

What follows is the report we received from Pat after her glorious weekend~

   " The 2014 Greyhound National Specialty Dog Show Weekend, combined with Lompoc Valley Kennel Club All-Breed Dog Show" in Lompoc, CA It was a great weekend, for Faith and I-- She acquired her very first points....a 5-Point major Win for her, with WB!

A huge thank you to Judge, Mrs. Houston (Toddie) Clark  for seeing the special attributes in my 13 1/2 month puppy. We are both still learning together about this newest highlight in our lives"!

 I don't know of too many folks that started their show careers with a win on a National Specialty weekend!  We are very proud of Pat and Faith which goes to show, that yes, dreams can come true if you try hard enough.

To celebrate their show ring victory, Pat and Faith attended the lure coursing trial held after the conformation judging.
  Faith, following in the footsteps of Mamma Doobie, ran hard and clean and acquired her first Junior Coursing qualification.

 Congratulations Pat!  We entrusted you with a promising puppy and you have done all the rest.


We are so proud of you!



#1 In Canada for 2014!

   BIS Mandajor's Highly Explosive At Windrock

BIS Int Ch Denetorn Des Legends Du Moyan Age  x  Int Ch Windrock Red Hot Mamma


This lovely greyhound was bred in France by our good friend Rachel Martin of Mandajors Greyhounds. "Bekka" is out of the lovely Int Ch Windrock Red Hot Mamma who Rachel imported from us a few years back. Chili's litter was sired by the magnificent black BIS winning Denetorn and we held our breath, hoping for the best of the blending of these two exceptional greyhounds

The puppies did not disappoint and have amassed noteworthy wins in all corners of the globe.  Rachel sent us Bekka, who we entrusted to co-owner/handler Heather Elrick . In a mere handful of shows , Heather and Bekka rocked the Canadian show scene by winning not only a Hound Show Best In Show, but also an all breed Best In Show!  We can only wonder what the future will bring. 

  We are proud to present WINDROCK's latest #1 ranked Greyhound and are grateful to Rachel and Heather for this remarkable achievement!


It has happened only three times in FORTY YEARS!!                                        Sept 2014

                                 A GREYHOUND has won Best In Field at the GRAND NATIONAL!!

                                  MBIF FC WINDROCK BORN TO RUN SC     "DANICA"
                                                     MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch  x  Windrock Miss Lathna Fey SC
Every Year the Grand National is held on native rangeland in Southern Colorado. It is the longest running coursing event in the US and easily the toughest and most physically taxing. Every year the competition brings together the finest lure coursing sighthounds from the continent and provides for them a challenging test of their relative abilities on a demanding and extended series of courses
  It is the ultimate test of a hound's ability, endurance and soundness to compete over the three day event and each Best of Breed winner runs approximately two miles to earn the right to compete in the final. The Best-in-Event run-off is approximately one mile, depending upon field conditions. In the event's 40 year history, only two greyhounds have ever won Best In Field honors. In 1985 MH Bubble Up was the first winner, and our own NFC FC Windrock Candle In The Wind LCX LCM MC won it in 2007

This year Windrock greyhounds claimed the top three spots with FC Windrock Born To Run "Danica" winning overall BIF honors and kennelmates Cheyenne and Misty tied for 2nd and 3rd. There were 14 hounds in five flights competing. Reported to be one of the largest fields in the event's history.

There were many spectacular runs by worthy competitors and I did not envy the judges in what had to be a very difficult task of selecting the final winner.

We are deeply grateful to the CLCA who every year hosts this historic event and honored that our Danica was selected from such elite company.



Danica was Born To Run!


Meet WINDROCK'S  newest Best In Show winner!                                          July 2014


                                       BIS/BISS Can Ch Mandajor's Highly Explosive At Windrock

Huge Congratulations to co-owner Heather Elrick and "Bekka" who is new Can Ch Mandajors Highly Explosive At Windrock. Heather went to five days of dog shows in Canada and this is the result-- a BEST IN SHOW and BEST IN SPECIALTY SHOW and  Group placements every day of 1,2,3, and 4!  Bekka was entirely owner handled by Heather and husband Shawn was there to help every step of the way. What an exciting start to young Bekka's show career!  I think it is safe to say that the journey has just begun and what a grand adventures lay ahead for all! 

Bekka's Mom, our Int Ch Windrock Red Hot Mamma "Chili", is soon to start her quest for an AKC Championship here. Chili is the dam of 7 champions worldwide, and a littermate to Bekka, Ch Mandajor's Hot Off The Press, "Shawn" was just BOS at the Greyhound Club Of America National Specialty! The fabulous "H" litter (all dogs are named with words starting with the letter "H" was bred by our good friend Rachel Martin from France and we acquired both Bekka and Shawn from her and placed them with people who we thought would realize the potential of these exceptional "Chili" kids.  I would say we were very successful in our choices!
We expect to be posting future updates about these brilliant youngsters and their people in the future.  Please stay tuned.



New UKC Ch Windrock Leave 'Em Talking!                                                        May 2014


        Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau   x   BIF Gch DC Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC Fch


 Helen Lambert took her "Danika" to a UKC show weekend and the pair had a lot of fun and success.  Danika easily finished her Championship title with a Group One and two Group Third wins. This spectacular daughter of our Doobie is surely destined for more glory as she has the makings of maturing into an exceptional greyhound bitch.  Watch for more good things from Helen and her lovely sidekick.  ****FLASH*****At a Houndshow Danica leaves them all talking about her first AKC showing--she wins BISweeps and a 4pt major victory by winning WB, BOW AND BOS over two bitch specials!!  Woo Hoo, what a way to start!  You go, Girls!!

Riverton, Utah "Behive" Cluster AKC shows~                     May 2014                         

The WINDROCK crew had a clean sweep of major wins at the recent AKC Beehive Cluster shows in Riverton, Utah! Over the course of the 4 day run, our greyhounds dominated the competition by winning all the majors and we even finished a new AKC Champion! "Crusier"  won back to back 4 pt majors and became another Champion for Whisper (DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC) and Daddy Ayden (MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch) Icing on the cake were BOB and BOS wins by Ch/UKC Ch Windrock Easy Money SC and  NFC DC Windrock DM The One and Only SC Fch.

4 pt Major wins were earned by Windrock Misty SC, FC Windrock Rodeo Queen SC Fch, and Windrock Bertha Better Than You SC Fch. "BS"  who is pictured here with friend Sharon Johnson, had a superb showing in that she won TWO majors, one of them a big 5 pt victory by winning Best Of Breed from the classes over two specials!
Equally gratifying were the comments from the judges praising us not only on the superior conformation and character of our charges, but also on their hard running condition.
It is no secret that we prefer to field title our greyhounds and then show them in conformationMost of our greyhounds love the chance to get all prettied up and go to town. Dog shows are FUN!


 GCA Southern Specialty                                                            March 21-23, 2014

 BOS Ch/ MBIS UKC Ch Windrock Easy Money SC

OFA CHIC, thryroid, cardiac, dentition, CERF, neuropathy clear 

 Faith Burnham and handsome "Rowan" are rocking and rolling and have been racking up the wins so quickly that is is almost impossible to keep up with them!  This picture is from the Greyhound Club of America Southern Specialty where Rowan won Best Of Opposite Sex, and was second only to the Breed winner.  This was Faith and Rowan's FIRST Specialty showing!  The specialty win was no fluke as team Rowan and Faith repeated BOS honors in the following  two days supported entry shows.  Rowan's performances  and correct conformation landed him impressive wins towards his Grand Championship title.

 Rowan is not just another pretty face.  He is a very functional greyhound that caught his first jack rabbit at 7 months of age.  At the GCA Specialty Lure Course held in co-juction with the Specialty, running in the company of good open field dogs. he earned a hard won placement in tough competition to earn points towards his Field Championship.There are a mere handful of Grand Champion Dual Champion greyhounds in the country and we are proud to be the breeders of two of them. Rowan surely is destined to join the ranks of that elite company. Most greyhounds excel at one or the other but lack the versatility and ability to be accomplished in both the show ring and on the field. Rowan is a sterling example of our breeding in that he can participate in both venues and stand proudly as one of the best.

Rowan is not yet 2 years of age and has not yet achieved his best age. We predict many more future successes!

 ** Shortly after his Southern Specialty  triumph, Rowan travels from Texas to California and wins points both days in AKC lure coursing. He is now half way to his Field Championship.!***

A Dynamic Duo~~Heather and  Bekka!                           Feb 2014
 Watch for some sizzling action in the Hound Group way up North in Canada! The new team of Heather Elrick and Mandajors Highly Explosive At Windrock "Bekka" recently entered the show scene and did they ever make an introduction!
 Kudos to co-owner Heather on handling Bekka to this big Group three win in a very competitive Group!  Quite a nice way to start a show career and to garner notice of this lovely French import.

Bekka is the daughter of our Int Ch Windrock Red Hot Mamma who was exported to France a few years ago.
Congratulations to Heather and breeder Rachel Martin.  We expect to be sharing more news about this exciting team in the future!
  Currently the #1 Greyhound in Canada!
                          Mandajors Highly Explosive At Windrock
 ***Newsflash*** The next weekend in the US, Heather and Bekka continued their winning streak by taking back to back major wins in the US!!  Bekka now has 7 pts, both majors towards her AKC Championship title
The latest TRUSSARDI supermodel is a WINDROCK greyhound!


 Imagine our delight to learn that handsome Ch Windrock Wild Sensation SC, "Cole" had been hand selected out of literally thousands of greyhounds as one of the elite few to represent the famed TRUSSARDI.  Greyhounds have been the logo for this high fashion line of clothing from Italy for years. 

 "Cole" sez, Kate Upton who?

Greyhounds have replaced models for a new fashion campaign for Italian label Trussardi.

The label dressed up the dogs (the brand's mascot) in the latest spring 2014 men's fashions including a brown snakeskin coat, a blue leather jacket, a brown backpack and printed button-ups.

The campaign, which was shot by famous photographer William Wegman, who is known for his famous photos of Weimaraners, said of the project:

"I dedicate this project to the greyhounds of Trussardi, mysteriously calm, wonderfully photogenic, and, most of all, incredibly elegant."

We couldn't agree more!

 Take a look at the company's web page here.   Trussardi web page


 The photos you see are the artistic rendering of none other than  William Wegman!  Congrads to "Cole's" owner Carolyn Schwartz for playing a role in making him famous!  I would LOVE to have that bag that Cole is modeling, it is gorgeous!  Doesn't Cole look dashing in this blue jacket?

The AKC National Field Trial Champion for 2013 is A WINDROCK Greyhound!   

MBIF NFC DC Windrock DM The One And Only SC Fch

 MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch  x  BIF DC DM Summer Squall of Scatpack SC Fch


The AKC National Lure Coursing Championships were held in Edmond, Oklahoma on November 9 and 10th, 2013.  The AKC holds this competition annually and it is rightly considered one of the most competitive venues for lure coursing in North America.  The best of the very best in each breed is represented and vie for top honors. A four judge panel selects the overall Best In Event winner who earns the title of National Field Champion.  The title of National Field Champion is rightly considered the Holy Grail of AKC lure coursing.

We are humbled and very proud that the four judges unanimously selected our little golden girl as the overall winner . Nikki has a new title, she is now NFC DC Windrock DM The One And Only SC Fch!


 The moment of glory, the crowning of 2013's National Field Champion. Nikki has earned the distinction of having "NFC" as a prefix to her other titles. I know of no higher honor in lure coursing . . . 

The official certificate from AKC proclaiming Nikki a National Field Champion! 



BOB At the AKC National 

 FC UKC Ch Windrock Queen Of Diamonds SC Fch 

Nikki had a great time at the National, but so did "Maysie"  Windrock Queen of Diamonds SC

 Maysie was BOB from the open stake for a 5 pt major on Saturday. She defeated some very good running greyhounds for this hard fought honor, including a former NFC champion and ASFA II BOB winner.  On Sunday, Maysie repeated her open stake victory which made her a new AKC Field Champion!!  Maysie is a daughter of 2009's NFC, our Amber.

Lady Luck surely cast her golden traces of good fortune on the WINDROCK Crew at the NLCC this year, we came home with several winners and with tired and happy hounds. Highest praise to the membership of the Tulsa Lure Coursing Association who hosted this event and made it the overwhelming success that it was. Without the passion and dedication of working club members, these kind of events would not be possible. To the TLA folks, a heartfelt THANK YOU for the memories of a lifetime!

We are looking forward to next year and hoping that we can attend!

 Greyhound leaving a vapor trail

Our Veteran MBIF NFC FC Windrock Candle In The Wind LCX LCM "Amber" had some incredible runs at the NLCC but conceeded victory to her younger rivals. It was daughter Maysie that carried on for her on Saturday by virtue of her Best Of Breed win, and on the following day, kennel-mate Nikki emerged the overall winner. Amber won the Veteran Stake both days and was a serious contender in the BOB runoffs.

2013 ASFA National Greyhound Specialty                                               Nov 2013


Forbes Seymor  x  MBIF NFC FC Windrock Candle In The Wind LCX LCM "Amber"

Our little Amber has just cause to boast about her kids! Recently at the ASFA Greyhound National which is largely a regional affair held annually in Georgia. Dublin was not only Best Of Breed over a nice entry, but he proved his prowess was no fluke by winning BOB and Fullerton Cup honors the following dayHeavily campaigned, Dublin was #2 over all in ASFA for 2013. Sister Cheyenne was #1 in ASFA in 2012 and Maysie is #3 ranked in AKC lure coursing for 2013. Maysie was also BOB at the AKC National Lure Coursing Championships. WINDROCK LLC is proud to be the breeders of these fine coursing greyhounds who got to chase the plastic bunny!

What A Glorious Beginning For This Glorious Baby!                                          Nov 2013

Windrock Look Who's Talking At Sheffield


Group Winning Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau (OFA) x Multiple Grp Winning GCh DC Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC Fch (OFA/CERF)


Little "Janie" was a starlet her first weekend of shows! Up against much more mature competition, this dazzling baby of just barely 6 months won Winner's Bitch the first day and even WB, Best Of Winners on the second.  Carol Halliday is Janie's new Mom and she owner ~handled this exquisite youngster to victory.

Janie is from our lovely Doobie's "Talk" litter and we believe we have found a perfect niche in the blending of the long deceased top producer Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau.  If Janie is any indication of what is yet to come, we have just cause to celebrate.! Check out Janie's beautiful black sister below!

We Export Our Very Best~  (often with tears!)                                       Oct 2013

Windrock Keep 'Em Talking

Group Winning Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau (OFA) x Multiple Grp Winning GCh DC Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC Fch (OFA/CERF)


Never let it be said that we will not part with our very best.  This gorgeous black beauty caught our attention from the very beginning and as she grew and developed, it became obvious that she was blossoming into a thing of rare beauty, not unlike a precious black pearl, and so that became her call name.~ "Black Pearl".   She was sent to Sweden in October and we look forward to learning all about her adventures in Scandinavia.  Best of luck to Pearl in her new life with Iris Carlsson!


Meanwhile, Way Up North . . .                                                  Sept 2013
Windrock Glory Days
MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch  x  Grp placing Windrock Miss Lathna Fey SC
Last year, a delightful couple, Brad and Dot Magnus, drove all the way down from Saskatchewan, Canada to pick up their special baby.  Well here she is, a year later and looking very much the young lady.  She was recognized by judge Dr. Robert Smith with a Group 2 placement which is one fine way for this youngster to start her show career.  Yes, young "Maiden" is littermate to dashing "Caleb" who finished his AKC Championship with a bang by winning three 5 point major wins. Maiden doesn't want her brother to have all the fun . . . 


USRCC Labor Day Trials                                                 Aug 31 -Sept 2, 2013

The good folks of Utah put on two fantastic runs of lure coursing trials every year. One three day run on Memorial weekend, and another in the fall on the long Labor Day weekend.  This year the club hosted the ASFA 3 Regional and the competition was keen.

We are proud of our Cheyenne, she put on a very good performance and was awarded Best In Field over some great running hounds.  Cheyenne is a daughter of our  MBIF NFC FC Windrock Candle In The Wind LCX LCM  "Amber" and she looks to be developing into a runner that her mother would  be proud of!


MBIF FC Windrock Rodeo Queen SC Fch 

Forbes Seymor  x  MBIS NFC FC Windrock Candle In The Wind LCX LCM

                                    ASFA Region 3 Regional Best In Field



 "Greyhound is my name and coursing's my game!"


Standing none to patiently awaitng their turn are greyhounds Windrock Bertha Better Than you SC Fch "BS" --she's the black brindle in the foreground, and her dualing partner, MBIF GCH DC Windrock Calamity Jane SC Fch. CJ and BS.  Both girls are ready to go!

 The USRCC hosted three days of trials and the greyhound entry was the largest and it is no secret that some of the country's best coursers are found in our area (and dare I say, in our back yard)

 The greyhound coursers were fast and furious and no matter how many runs I watch, the speed and agility of these greyhounds,  justly billed the world's fastest canines, never fails to amaze.




Kennel mates CJ in yellow and BS in pink have just finished running a fast course. Note the smiles on both of their faces.

 This is one of the many reasons why we encourage people to participate in coursing with their greyhounds. The dogs LIVE to run and chasing that plastic bag is great fun--not to mention a super way to condition that hound and quickly burn off excess energy.

These two girls are happy and out of breath--yet within a few minutes,  both were  rarin' to go and ready to run AGAIN.

Both received placements and awards for their efforts.


                Multiple BIF winning Dual Champion Windrock DM The One And Only SC Fch 

 Nikki is an enthusiastic and keen courser.  She  is pictured here winning Reserve Best In Event honors in the Windwalker Memorial event that is hosted annually by the USRCC.  Pictured in the photo, left to right, Judge Ann Chamberlin, Nikki's DAD, Colin Fritzler, Judge CJ Foxx and USRCC Field Trial Commitee Chairperson Liz Campbell. That big ribbon will look mighty fine on the wall.  Nikki is more interested in the prize of dog treats!


A Famous French Champion Is Coming To WINDROCK!                          Aug 23, 2013


WINDROCK LLC Is Proud To Welcome the fabulous Denetorn!

What a golden opportunity for US Greyhound breeders!! The well known and highly acclaimed BIS Multi Ch. Denetorn Des Legendes du Moyen-Age is coming to America!  He is owned by Rachel Martin of France and co-owned by WINDROCK LLC. This magnificent black will be soon in pursuit of his AKC Championship. "Denetorn" is a Best In Show winner and a proven sire of outstanding Greyhounds in Europe.  He is offered at stud to approved, health tested females.

Rocky Mountain Hound Shows                                   August 2013                     

New Ch. Windrock Thunder Road

MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch x multiple Group placing Windrock Miss Lathna Fey JC   DOB 6/01/12

When Caleb was growing up I knew I had to find a special situation for him. As much as we prefer to place our greyhounds as companions, at times an individual  is born that is so exceptional  that we as breeders feel it is important that greyhound be seen and appreciated by the fancy. Such a dog is the stunning white and black parti-color whelped last year to our lovely Fey.  I really wanted this striking boy to be seen by other greyhound enthusiasts.

We are forever grateful that Brenda Wendt spied Caleb on our web page and it came to pass that we entrusted her with this rare gem of a greyhound.  She has beautifully conditioned, trained and presented Caleb and the results have been stellar. The first time she showed him as a green puppy, he was BOB over a special--we knew that was only a hint of what was yet to come.

This August, Brenda drove from Iowa to compete in the highly competitive Rocky Mountain Hound Shows and Caleb rocked the scene by handily winning three five point majors to finish his AKC Championship!

As Caleb is young, only 14 months, lure coursing is promised and while he is maturing, select ring appearances. I can hardly wait for the changes time will bring. As a breeder,  producing dogs of this caliber makes my heart sing for it confirms we are on the right track. Caleb is a lovely on the inside as out and is a much cherished companion.

Greyhound Club Of America Western Speciality                                     July 2013

Mandajors Hot Off The Press At Windrock

 BIS Multi Ch. Denetorn Des Legendes du Moyen-Age  x  Group Winning Windrock Red Hot Mamma

Bred by Rachel Martin, France

We are proud to introduce Denetorn and Chili's flame red son "Shawn" who was imported to America by WINDROCK LLC and sold to sighthound fancier Kay Henderson of California.  Kay had a wonderful showing at the 2013 Greyhound Club of America Western Specialty and showed her lovely boy to Winners Dog and Best Of Winners for a 5 pt major!  Shawn repeated this great win the following day at Lompoc KC for another 5 pt major and even got to try his hand at lure coursing.

Shawn's achievement at the GCA Specialty is a repeat of Ch Windrock American Victory (Gremlin) who was WB, BOW last year.  Thanks to Kay and Shawn for keeping the win in the family!


GVKC AKC Matches                                                                         July 6,7  2013

GVKC Match Saturday~What do our greyhounds have to look forward to after show careers? Well, some leave us to become companions and some answer the call to become involved in 4-H!

 Meet Heather Cirka, a first year 4-H member and her 4-H project dog, "Cash".  (Ch Windrock Ring Of Fire)

This handsome boy is a veteran and many years ago as a youngster quickly finished his AKC championship literally undefeated.  He retired from the shows and went to live with the Cirka family here in Grand Junction.  For many years , Cash has been a beloved family pet.

Now that Heather has enrolled in 4-H, Cash has a new calling of being her project dog.  Heather has had to work very hard with Cash, as he had forgotten his early show training.

  To further complicate things, he is a big boy and working with a dog of this size has been a challenge for Heather.  Additionally, Cash has joint issues and Heather has had to modify her approach to training  and conditioning.

 Heather's radiant smile reflects a hard won victory on Saturday-- a first place win in her Jr. Showmanship class! Note the happy grin on Cash, don't tell me he doesn't know that he's done something special!



 GVKC AKC Match  Sunday


  Practice makes perfect!! 


  Heather and Cash learned from the previous day's experience and working as a team the duo not only repeated the previous day's win of winning their class, but bested all competitors to  win overall Best Jr Showmanship honors!


 Heather will be competing at the Mesa County Fair in a couple of weeks in obedience, rally and jr showmanship with Cash.  We wish them both the best of luck and will be there to cheer them on!


 WINDROCK  LLC has been a long time supporter of  4-H and FFA.  We are proud to donate to these youth organizations.



We Have Been Blessed!                                   Happy Birthday June 01, 2013

               Grp winning Ch Martigra's Cupid's Beau  x  BIF MGrp winning GCH DC Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC Fch                            Both parents CERF/OFA and Neuropathy clear

We are delighted to announce the arrival of nine beautiful little greyhound puppies who made their grand entrance on June 01, 2013 (exactly ONE year to the date the Bruce Springsteen litter was born!) and proud Mother Doobie  (BIF MGrp winning GCH DC Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC Fch) and her kids are doing great.  We have such a wonderful variety--2 boys--1 blue and 1 blue brindle and 7 girls--2 blacks, 1 black brindle, 1 white and black brindle, 2 white and blue and 1 blue brindle.  A rainbow of colors.  Sorry, we MIGHT have one puppy available later on, but we won't know until August.  No more reservations are being taken on Doobie's litter.


USRCC Memorial Day Lure Coursing                                              May 25-27, 2013

BIF FC Windrock Rodeo Queen SC Fch

 "Cheyenne" was ASFA's #1 Greyhound in 2012 and enjoyed a long vacation while I was getting my back operated on.  Just starting again in 2013, she came on strong and finished her AKC Fch in a flash with a Best In Field win.  


MBIF DC Windrock DM The One And Only SC Fch 

Nikki got to go to the USRCC Memorial Day lure coursing trials and came home with another BIF win, this one is her third to date and second one this year.  Nikki is a keen runner that loves to shred those plastic bags.  It is exciting to watch her run as she enjoys it so.  


RMBC AKC Trials                                                                                May 11, 2013

Best In Field

DC Windrock DM The One And Only SC Fch


Every Mother's Day weekend, the Rocky Mtn Borzoi Club (RMBC)  hosts an exciting weekend of AKC lure coursing courtesy Tom Golcher and Kc Thompson of Zoiboyz Ranch in Peyton, Co.   These trials are well organized and run and feature some of the best coursing sighthounds in the country! Our home state of Colorado is highly regarded and well known for producing  some phenomenal performance hounds.

Thanks to the efforts of the RBMC membership and hosts Tom and KC, these are some of the biggest and well attended trials in the state.  The entire affair is a class act, right down to the catered BBQ ribs and chicken which was absolutely some of the best in our experience!

Of course, it is all about the dogs, and our WINDROCK crew did not disappoint us in their first outing of the year.  The Big winner of the day was our little Nikki who was BOB over a impressive entry and went on to Best In Field honors.  She won a big beautiful ribbon to present to Mom (Kim) for Mother's Day.

It was a nice trip home after a weekend of visiting with wonderful people and seeing one great run after another We are so looking forward to next year and thank  the RMBC  workers for making possible a great weekend of coursing!


Riverton Utah AKC shows                                                                       May  3-5, 2013

 WINDROCK LLC Greyhounds attended their first shows this year at the Utah Valley and Intermountain KC shows in Riverton, UT.  The results were nothing short of spectacular!


 Doobie went to the shows to update some health testing.  I entered her as an afterthought and was delighted that reknown judge Michelle Billings found our blue lady worthy of this Group One win in a very strong hound group and was BOB all three days. In addition to a successful show weekend, we are pleased to report that we health tested for CERF 6 greyhounds and Cardiac tested two others--All PASSED with flying colors!! WooHoo!!


  New Dual Champion Windrock DM The One And Only SC Fch

Nikki won back to back 4 pt majors at this run of shows to put the finishing touch on her Dual Championship title! She is a wonderful dog to show and appreciates her time in the ring as it usually means some tasty items are to be found in Mom's pocket


 BIS UKC Ch Windrock Easy Money


"Rowan" pictured here with owner-handler Faith Burnham had a brilliant showing.  Faith handled this up and coming youngster to three straight major wins.  In just three shows, Rowan has 11pts and three major wins towards his AKC Championship!


UKC Ch Windrock Queen Of Diamonds Fch

 A multi-talented girl, Maysie won her first  AKC major win at these shows. We predict a sterling career for this young starlet, she has AKC bench and field points, and it is only a matter of time before she joins the ranks of other Windrock Dual Champions. 


 WINDROCK is Rocking in Europe!
Sired by our Windrock Fernando---- semen available from WINDROCK LLC.

 This exceptional young male is "Karkati's Cesare" bred by Robert Posa.  He is just 12 months old in photo and has been on a stellar winning streak~

 Swiss Jun. Ch. Lux. Jun. Ch. BOB & Group Winner, Euro Sighthound Jun. Winner Jun. BIS2 Karkati's Cesare



 Two handsome red littermates out of Windrock Red Hot Mamma  who was exported to Rachel Martin, Mandaors Kennel, of France

Mandajors Hot Chili Pepper "Lewis" &  Mandajors Heat Wave Red "Milla" (foreground), pictured at just 13 months old, BEST IN SHOW Brace at French CLub Greyhound National Specialty

Amber's Son "Dublin" Wins A Best In Field                                        March 2013               
Many of you remember our MBIF NFC FC Windrock Candle In The Wind LCX LCM, "Amber".  She enjoyed an illustrious career and in her heyday, was rarely, if ever, outrun. Among many prestigious accolades she won AKC's National Field Trial Champion title before retiring to give us a nice litter of eight. While most of her puppies live in pet homes where they are the pride and joy of their families, three siblings have embarked on show/coursing careers. These youngsters have done little Mother Amber proud! Pictured here is Dublin, the only male in the litter, winning Best In Field honors. Growing up with seven sisters was a terrible ordeal for poor Dublin--he learned to run fast at an early age to get FAR away from them!
Dublin  also won the Open Stake on Sunday's running of the ASFA II on April 14, 2013 in Muncie, Indiana.  He is currently ranked #1 in ASFA  (thru April 2013 rankings)
WINDROCK LLC is planning a late summer -early fall breeding of Amber.  This will be her second and final litter.
The #1 Greyhound For 2012!!

Windrock Rodeo Queen Fch

Forbes Seymour  x  MBIF NFC FC Windrock Candle In The Wind LCX LCM

#1 Greyhound in ASFA 2012


 We received a pleasant surprise when the year end totals for ASFA were totaled--our little Cheyenne was ASFA's #1 Greyhound for 2012!  WooHoo!  Cheyenne is a daughter of our "Amazing Amber" who is well known and highly regarded for her exploits on the coursing field.  Even with few trials attended WINDROCK greyhounds are typically found in the top rankings annually. Competition in our area is keen and victories are hard won.  In past years we had #1 ranked lure coursers in MBIF DC Windrock Mamma Mia LCX Fch and more recently in Cheyenne's illustrious Mom, Amber (MBIF NFC Windrock Candle In The Wind LCM LCX)  Our greyhounds reign supreme in the show ring too; a few years  ago we had several #1 ranked show dogs  including the record setting MBIS/MSBIS Ch Shazam's The Journey Begins JC CGC .


WINDROCK is proud of several Greyhounds that made  ASFA's top rankings for 2012.  Pictured to the right is Windrock Queen Of Diamonds Fch who is co-owned with Shelly Aberton. Only a few points separated the top contenders and Maysie was #5 overall.

"Maysie"  participated in and won some big ones, including BOB at the Grand National. Strong showing was made by  youngster Windrock Bertha Better Than You Fch, "BS" who was top 10 ranked, as was the BIF winning FC Windrock DM The One And Only SC Fch.  


  "BS" is the beautiful black brindle pictured here on the left. She and half-sister Cheyenne shared dual honors of winning both BOB wins at the 2012 ASFA II. 

She was #7 in the rankings and her sister Windrock Misty was BIF at the Region One Regional and  MBIF winning GCH DC Windrock Calamity Jane added another BIF to her collection. 

WINDROCK extends congratulations to all of the hounds who enjoyed the thrill of the chase in 2012.  Safe runs to all in 2013!


ASFA Region 1 Regional                                        Oct 21, 2012




Forbes Seymor  x  BIF DC Windrock Hocus Pocus SC Fch

 This year the good folks up in Idaho hosted the ASFA 1 Regional on a beautiful field outside of Emmett, Idaho.  There was a strong entry of greyhounds and final scores were often just a point apart.  We are very proud of little Misty who got the nod for BIF honors. Her sister, Windrock Bertha Better Than You Fch, won BOB at the ASFA II earlier this year.  We waited a bit for maturity to come to Misty before bringing her out.  I think it was worth the wait!


GVKC~~Day 2 was even BETTER!!                                   Sept 2012

NEW Champion Windrock American Victory SC

 Put a talented young lady on a phenomenal greyhound and there is no telling what might happen!  Jaycee proved to all naysayers that the previous day's victory wasn't a fluke.  After winning the Breed over a nice special, this exciting pair stepped into the Group ring and judge Jacqueline Stacy put the Greyhound out Front and left her there.  The pressure had to be intense for young Jaycee, but she kept her cool and composure and Gremlin looked fantastic. This exciting win finished Gremlin's AKC Championship.

Gremlin has had a brilliant career.  She was BISweeps at the GCA National Specialty as a puppy and earlier this year won WB, BOW and Best Bred By at the National. and retired some beautiful perpetual trophies.  She won four majors from the Bred By class to earn her title. She is also Top 20 ranked in ASFA Lure Coursing.


GVKC ~~ Day One                                                                    Sept 2012


The Grand Valley Kennel Club shows are the only dog shows held in Grand Junction Colorado, and we try to attend.  This year we were blessed to meet a very capable Jr. Handler by the name of Jaycee Carmell and this young lady has all the makings of a top notch dog handler.  She had never shown a Greyhound and did not know Gremlin who can be a prankster and a challenge to present.  But Jaycee listened to my instructions and followed them to a T.  She did a fantastic job and was rewarded with this Group 2 placement.

USRCC Lure Coursing Trials                                            Sept 1st thru 3rd, 2012

The USRCC Labor Day trials were held this year in Morgan, Utah and you just couldn't have asked for a better site, people or weather!  We anticipate this event all year long and haul the entire WINDROCK crew for three fun filled days of lure coursing.

As expected, competition in Greyhounds was very keen, as some of the top lure coursing greyhounds in the country reside right here at WINDROCK.  You get the likes of National Field Trial Champion Amber, and THREE ASFA II BOB winners, CJ, Cheyenne, BS, AND GCA National LC Champion Nikki in a course, that is as strong a line up as can be found anywhere!! As expected, we were treated to some incredible runs from these talented athletes. 

This time, Cheyenne and CJ each won hard-earned BOB wins, and  CJ is pictured above winning another Best In Field!  


In the Fall each year, the USRCC hosts the Windwalker Memorial each year and each breeds t high point earners in the ASFA trials are in contention for the top honors.  This year, pupstar "Cheyenne" won the right by winning BOB over some very talented and accomplished Greyhounds.  She is pictured her with Janie Hale, the owner of the late, great "Windwalker" who was a record-setting Pharaoh Hound and it is in his honor that the event is held.


 Littermates "Rowan"and  "Caleb" practiced for the day that they too, will be allowed to "run with the BIG Dogs"!  These young sons of MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch x  Multiple Group placing Windrock Miss Lantha Fey JC are already showing some exciting promise.  Little Rowan, the red pictured on the right, already knows how to chase the plastic bag and CATCH it!  Rowan is Windrock Easy Money and Caleb is Windrock Thunder Road.



WSCS 2012~  The Greyhound Club Of America National                         July 27 2012



 WINDROCK LLC Greyhounds ROCKED at the National!!  We are awaiting photos, but had to sneak in one spoiler!  Hint--A "Gremlin" made off with these beautiful trophies . . . 

A "Gremlin" was spotted at the National~and she got away with the win!


Best Bred By

Winners Bitch and Best Of Winners

Windrock American Victory

 MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch  x  DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC

 Judge's Comments by Dr Eric Liebes;

"She combined great hard running condition, a pretty head and typey shape . . . if we are going hunting today, I'm taking her".


Thank you Dr Liebes for recognizing and rewarding a functional, yet beautiful greyhound!


Doobie returns and takes honors in the ring AND on the coursing field~

Coursing Bitch Winner

Award Of Merit


 Group Winning, BIF GCH Dual Champion Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC Fch

 MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch  x  DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC
At the GCA National Lure Trial Doobie wins
Best Dual Champion and Best Champion honors!


Grandma Whisper and her kids at the National~

Winner Veteran Bitches 11 years and older

Sweepstakes and Regular Classes

 Brood Bitch Class Winner


 DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC

 BIS/SBIS/HIT Ch Greystone's Barcelona x Ch Sobers Aquatica SC


Greyhounds from left to right, DC Windrock I've Got a Secret, Windrock American Victory (WB,BOW), GCh DC Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC Fch, (AOM) Can Ch Windrock Wild Thing (Class winner)


Grandma Whisper has been an outstanding producer.  She has had three different offspring win Winners, Best of Winners at the National--Ch Windrock Wild Sensation, Ch Windrock Wild Applause and Windrock American Victory.  She is the dam to many distinguished champions and a Dual Champion. She has been the best of mothers and this year as a 12 year old, decided to take on the task of assisting dams Fey and Toni with their litters.  She began lactating  and nursed BOTH litters and gave the real Moms a much welcomed break from the rigors of puppy raising.  To this day, Whisper watches over the youngsters.


ASFA II                                                                                        May 26, 27 2012
The American Sighthound Field Association holds one of the most esteemed coursing events in the country annually, The ASFA International Invitational or as devote fanciers more simply refer to it, "The II".  This event is held annually and rotates around the country.  This year, we were fortunate that the ASFA II was hosted by the Colorado Lure Coursing Association (CLCA) in  Falcon, CO.  
Our coursers where not to be denied at these trials and took home top honors both days.  Windrock coursers not only won Best Of Breed both days, but both the Open and Field Champion Stakes.  We also took home Breeder and Kennel Stake honors.  While Cheyenne and BS may have taken BOB honors, we are very proud of Nikki  (Windrock DM The One and Only SC Fch) who won the Fch Stake BOTH days and also of Gillette qualifier CJ (DC Windrock Calamity Jane SC Fch) and hard won placements earned by Windrock Queen of Diamonds "Maysie" . Maysie was second to Cheyenne in the Open Stake by only ONE point on Saturday and earned placements both days in this elite competition.  We were very proud of Cheyenne's efforts in the Best In Field competition--she turned in one of the top four highest scoring performances of the day and earned her ASFA Fch.  We think the Future is so bright for this rising star, we just may have to buy her some designer shades!
 Windrock Rodeo Queen
Forbes Seymor  x  MBIF NFC FC Windrock Candle In The Wind LCX LCM Fch
BOB on Saturday and Mike Lorenzo Trophy Winner

Windrock Bertha Better Than You 

Forbes Seymor  x  BIF DC Windrock Hocus Pocus SC Fch
  BOB on Sunday and the Fantasy Trophy Winner
 WINDROCK LLC Greyhounds are a force to be reckoned with at lure coursing events.  The last ASFA II we attended in 2010, WINDROCK Coursers won Best Of Breed on Saturday and Sunday and had the winner of the Gillette Stake. We feel this is affirmation that we are heading in the right direction of breeding beautiful and functional greyhounds.
A nice Start for Gunner!                                                                May 2012


Windrock American Patriot 

 MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito  x  DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC

 It is no secret that we sell most of the Greyhounds we raise to pet homes.  Occasionally some of the owners go to a show to see what it is like and how their dogs measure up.  "Gunner" got to strut his stuff at the recent Durango KC shows and won WD, BOS both days.  Congratulations to owner Tyler Valdez!   

Meet Our NEWEST Dual Champion!

BIF DC Windrock Calamity Jane SC Fch!!

MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch  x  MBIF DC Windrock Mamma Mia SC LCX FCH


CJ is one of three Champion girls in her litter and is one of two Dual Champions for her mom, "Naughty".  There were only four puppies in the "Outlaw litter" and the little boy, "Pistol Pete" lives happily as a companion in Chicago.

CJ is a statuesque blue brindle that is highly reminiscent of her Grandaddy, MBIS Ch Greystone's Barcelona.   Like many of our WINDROCK Inc Champions, "CJ" proved her worth in coursing and attained field championship titles before competing in the show ring.  We like to present our greyhounds fully mature and well conditioned.  CJ easily gained her bench (show) championship with four major wins and as a new Champion in her first out, defeated a top ranked special.

What is next for our beautiful blue brindle lady?  More coursing, she really loves that first and foremost, but do not be surprised to find her in the show ring if only to appease us . . . . 

News From France~ Windrock Red Hot Mamma Has Puppies               April 26, 2012



MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC FCH  x  #1 ranked MBIF DC Windrock Mamma Mia LCX FCH



Windrock Red Hot Mamma "Chili" is pictured above in the garden just a day or so before she was blessed with her litter.  Doesn't it look like she is singing baby lullabies?

Chilli was acquired from us by Rachel Martin of France and we are more than happy with the wonderful home she has given Chili.  

We look forward to welcoming one or more of Chili's kids here to the US in the near future.

Pictured on the left is the handsome black Dad to the puppies.

Dénétorn des Légendes du Moyen Age

This stunning male is an International Champion and has multiple Best In Show wins.



 The litter came on April 26, 2012

 Chili free whelped a strong litter of eight!

 3 little boys and 5 girls

What beautiful colors! There are three red boys and 2 red girls, one blue girl, one blue fawn girl and one little black girl.

This litter is in France and I believe all of the puppies have long since been spoken for. Inquires may be address to owner Rachel Martin at

We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of two puppies from this breeding to come to WINDROCK!



Who Says Greyhounds Can't Win In Obedience?                            April 2012


Multiple High Score Winning Can Ch Windrock Calico Sue


BIG Congrads to Heather Elrick McGuire and Can Ch Windrock Calico Sue, "Taylor". The pair recently had an astonishing sweep of Rally wins

According to proud Mom Heather, the weekend stats went like this…

the dynamic duo of Heather and "Taylor" did four separate Rally trials (3 Novice B’s and 1 Advanced A) and all scores were high qualifying above all dogs entered. In fact, Saturday they also took High Aggregate.

Taylor is not just talented, she is pretty too-she has been owner~handled by Heather to not only her Canadian Championship, but also to multiple group placings!

Congrads To Windrock Along Came Jones, aka "Jonas"!                          01/2012

Jonas Lambert - January 2012

Our Dog of the Month leading us into January 2012 is Jonas Lambert! Jonas is enrolled in 4 Paws Academy’s ‘We Train, You Maintain’ program and spends three days per week at day school.

Jonas is a nine-month-old male Greyhound puppy with a fantastic personality. It is no surprise that Jonas’ favorite thing to do is run, and you should see him at top speed! The fastest dog on earth, Greyhounds have the capability of reaching speeds up to 45 MPH due their long legs and lanky frames. While many Greyhounds today are rescues from dog racing tracks, Jonas was united with his family with a clean canvas at a very young age.

The dedication and work of his owners have brought him above and beyond our expectations. They plan to show Jonas in Confirmation shows starting next year. His obedience will surely help him in the ring!

Congratulations Jonas and Helen on your title of ‘Dog of the Month’ for January 2012!

-The 4 Paws Crew & Community



Master M'Grath Trophy Winner                            Oct 23, 2011


MBIF NFC FC Windrock Candle In The Wind LCX LCM Fch


Can you believe that Amber whelped a litter of eight puppies in March of this year?

This is a beautiful photo of Amber pictured here winning the Master M'Grath trophy awarded on the ASFA Greyhound Specialty weekend. This distinguished accolade has been won three times previously by WINDROCK coursers, BIF DC Windrock Outlaw Josey Wells MC, BIF DC Windrock Hocus Pocus SC Fch and WINDROCK imported and owned-MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch.

We are honored that  our MBIF NFC Windrock Candle In The Wind LCX LCM Fch will have her name  proudly displayed on this trophy in fine company with other Greyhounds honoring one of the all time greats, the legendary Irish courser, Master M'Grath



ASFA Greyhound National-- Nikki wins BEST IN SHOW                       Oct 2011                 

 We are honored that Greyhound expert and trainer Peppi Greco selected our "Nikki"  (Windrock DM The One And Only SC) from a large entry at the Conformation Competition that was held with the ASFA Greyhound National Specialty on Oct 22, 2011.  Nikki won the Open Bitch class of 11 strong and Ms. Greco gave her the nod for overall Best In Show honors.  Kennel mate Gremlin was 4th place.  All of the classes were very deep in quality and I did not envy our judge in her task of determining the winners.

Nikki is sired by our Italian import, "Ayden" who is MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch out of our  "Javelin" better known as BIF DC DM Summer Squall of Scatpak SC Fch.  A point of interest is that Ayden daughter "CJ" was last year's BIS winner and Ayden himself won Best In Show honors at this Specialty some years ago.

In addition to winning BIS, Nikki is the first winner of the ASFA Greyhound National Form and Function Trophy offered to the Greyhound with the highest combined score in both the lure coursing and the conformation. 

Holding off stiff competition in the Open Stake, Nikki finished her ASFA Fch Championship at the National with a 3rd place win. 

Our beautiful golden princess is shy only a couple of points of her AKC Fch.  Watch for her in AKC bench shows in 2012.  She has matured to perfection and with the blessing of someone of Ms. Greco's credentials, we think she is READY to show her stuff! 


USRCC Labor Day Trials                                             Sept 2~5, 2011


We are proud to present the 2011 winner of the Windwalker Memorial Trophy~~BIF GCH DC Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC.  "Doobie" joins other WINDROCK Inc bred Greyhounds who have been so honored.  Our Naughty (MBIF DC Windrock Mamma Mia LCX Fch) was the first winner of this award in 2003, and was followed by several others, Beauty, Tipsey and Amber.  Doobie has really come into her own on the coursing field this year and has impressed me with her courage and grit.  She defeated some very tough running Greyhounds this weekend.  


 BEST In Field On Sunday--A First For Both!


 My husband Colin loves the dogs for what they are--cherished members of our family. Neither of us love one anymore than the other, each is unique in their own way.

Colin has a very special little girl in Calamity Jane, and this photo captures "CJ's" affection for her most important person in her life, her DAD.

This was a first for both of them.  Colin had never slipped a BIF winner, and CJ, who had never won a Best In Field.  Until today.  Both seem quite pleased with themselves and I wager we will be seeing more of this team out on the coursing field.

"CJ" is BIF FC Windrock Calamity Jane SC and she is one of two BIF winning daughters of our late Naughty.  I think Mamma Naughty would be proud.



 Rocky Mountain Hound Association Hound Shows                                 Aug 18 & 19, 2011


Back to Back Major Wins for FC Windrock Calamity Jane SC!!

MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch  x  MBIF DC Windrock Mamma Mia SC LCX FCH

 One thing Colin and I have learned over the years is patience.  "CJ" pictured above, will be three years old in October.  Earlier this year we felt that she had matured enough to be presented in the ring.  This win picture shows some of her budding promise now. She has the makings of becoming an exceptional Greyhound.  I believe the next couple of years she will refine and finish out even more.  I firmly believe in exhibiting Greyhounds, timing is everything. Too many pups are shown far too young and earn titles before their full potential can be properly assessed. Some look great as babies then as they mature, the early promise wanes and disappears.  For that reason, we don't as a rule, exhibit puppies. We let them be youngsters and course them as they mature while waiting for the time to show them be right.
This theory seems to have rung true as CJ handily defeated her competition to earn back to back major wins at the Rocky Mountain Hound Shows.  She has three straight major wins and is also very close to her ASFA Field Championship title.  Well Done, CJ!


 CJ gaits with the light, easy step of a coursing hound. and has a beautiful shape on the move. Just starting, she now has 3 major wins in a row!  Don't know why I am making such a face in the photo--other than my "new Knee" was a bit sore . . .


WSCS GCA Lure Course                                                               July 30, 2011

Best Of Breed and Best Dual Champion

Wicked and CJ had fun over the WSCS weekend!  Wicked won the Coursing Bitch class AND an AOM at the GCA Specialty and CJ won WB, BOW for a major at the Lompoc KC show on Sunday!

Our happy girls are pictured here with Judge Laura D. Young after enjoying the GCA lure coursing.  Wicked, BIF DC Windrock Hocus Pocus SC Fch, held here by Colin won the Field Champion Stake at the trial and was highest scoring Dual Champion.  

CJ, Windrock Calamity Jane SC, finished her AKC Field Championship title in fine fashion by winning the Open Stake and Best Of Breed! 

 Both girls are daughters of our much loved "Naughty", MBIF DC Windrock Mamma Mia LCX, Fch.    


WSCS Greyhound Club of America Western Specialty                                  July 29, 2011



 Group Winning Dual Champion Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC

 MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch  x  DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC




Award Of Merit
Coursing Bitch Winner
handled by Colin Fritzler and Bunny Kelley
 BIF Windrock Hocus Pocus SC Fch
Windrock Viva Las Vegas JC  x  MBIF DC Windrock Mamma Mia LCX Fch


Award Of Merit

expertly presented by Don Rogers

 Multiple Group Winning Ch Windrock Wild Sensation SC

MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC  x  DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC 






Reserve Winners Bitch and Best Bred-By Exhibitor

Retired GCA Bred By Trophy!

 Windrock American Victory

MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch  x  DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC



 WSCS GCA Western Specialty                                            July 29, 2011               

  Best In Veteran Sweepstakes 

Ch Windrock Cassandra SC  

BIS/SBIS Ch Greystone's Barcelona  x  Ch Sobers Aquatica SC

 This photo captures a moment that will long linger in my mind.  Our beloved Cassie awarded with Veteran Best In Sweepstakes honors by breeder Dani Edgerton at the Greyhound Club of America Western Specialty held in Lompoc, CA.  This event featured one of the largest entry of veteran greyhounds I personally can remember.

When the time for her class came, I gently adjusted the lead and Cassie and I walked to the show ring. In my mind, the years ebbed as I remembered her as a powerfully muscled youngster, a solid dark blue brindle, one of our best moving greyhounds ever.  Now, she is only a shadowy reflection of her former glory, with lanky frame and graying muzzle. As we strode in unison, this aging Queen raised her head when she saw the ring and other dogs. The lightning I had once held at the end of her lead was reborn. Scorning the burden of old age, she proudly stepped into the familiar arena with grace and power of a decade ago.  I had to fight the tears and the lump in my throat as gallant Cassandra put on a performance the like that I have rarely seen.  Just a few months shy of 11 years, she flew around the ring with a fluid and open side-gait that defied her advanced age.  

Cassie clearly reveled in knowing that all eyes were upon her and with an aristocratic air, she held her head high and her eyes though cloudy, glinted brightly.  She seemed to know that this-- her first time in the ring in a long, long time--might also be the last time.   For all of those who watched in awe, she made the very most of it and of herself.

Colin who loves her more than any other was witness to her stirring performance.  I have rarely seen my husband of 30 years cry.  This was one of those times. 

Country Artist Tom T. Hall sang~"There's just three things in this old world worth a solitary dime-- Old dogs and children and watermelon wine." 

He's right.


    Many fanciers remarked that Veteran Cassie was the best moving Greyhound on the day . . .


Another AKC Champion For WINDROCK!                   June 12, 2011                                               

CH Windrock Wild Applause

 DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch  x  DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC    DOB   12/13/2007

 WINDROCK is proud to announce that our resident "Silly" girl has earned the title of AKC Champion.  

She won another 5 pt major by winning WB, BOW and BOS over specials competition at the So. Colorado KC show.  Brother "Cole" was BOB over a strong specials entry.

Silly was shown only a handful of times and attained her title with some noteworthy wins.

She defeated the specials (champions) numerous times and even won a group placement from the classes in a strong hound group.

A high point of her brief career was being awarded WB, BOW at the 2010 Greyhound Club Of America National Specialty.  This win was especially meaningful as it was awarded to her by Dr Goran Bodegard.

The majority of Silly's wins came at GCA Specialty shows or supported shows.  Her greatest nemesis was her sister, Group winning DC Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC!  Silly and Doobie often competed directly against one another with each trading off the wins.

















 Silly has lots of fans here in the States but she will soon be leaving us for new adventures in Canada!


The Adventures Of A Chili Dog In France                                               June 11, 2010














 VIVA LA FRANCE!!  That is what Windrock Red Hot Mamma seems to be saying as she frolics with two handsome French gentlemen.  "Chili" left us in May for foreign adventures.   I don't think she thinks of the life she left in Colorado. We sure miss her but we are so happy with the exciting times Chili now has with new owner Rachel Martin.  This photo typifies the sinewy grace of a well-conditioned greyhound.  


 FIRST SHOW~A Red Hot Success!!  Barely 3 weeks after Chili's arrival in Europe she was shown against some of the region's best greyhounds in the French Greyhound Specialty. Owner handled by Rachel, youngster Chili won her highly competitive class and was second overall only to the very mature and beautiful Sobers Kendra. What a spectacular showing for the American Princess. We are very proud of Rachel and Chili and look forward to sharing more about the adventures of a "Chili Dog in France"!

**Flash**  Just two weeks later Chili wins 1st EXC CACL Intermedia Class at the Luxembourg Sighthound Specialty!

WOO HOO, I'm BACK!!                                                   June 2011

 Finally!  I have recuperated to the point where sitting at my computer is possible.   Time to pound out those WAY overdue updates on our web page.   I recently had a total knee replacement, and let me tell you folks, mark THAT little procedure off of your list.  Not only does it hurt like hell, but the rehab goes on for MONTHS.  On the plus side, my particular case is going extremely well and I think I can chalk it up to not only the surgical skills of my orthopedic specialist, but also to the awesome healing power of PUPPIES!

 Ok, I admit it, I am vain.  I don't want you seeing me using a walker.  So I have cropped the photo.  But look at my cheering section here--GO MOM GO!! 

We have some beautiful puppies still available

AMBER HAS PUPPIES!!                                            March 19,  2011


Look at the smile on Amber's face, she is so proud of her little blue brindle daughter!  I wonder if she would have still been as elated knowing that SEVEN more darlings would soon follow.  Read more about Amber's litter on our Planned Litters link.

3/20/2011.  Here is Amber with her new family.  She has 8 beautiful puppies, 7 girls and 1 boy.  I don't know about you, but I think little brother is in a heap of trouble with all of those soon-to-be rowdy sisters!   

Little Mother In Waiting~


After more than a year's lapse of not hearing the patter of little paws on the floor, we look to 2011 for some welcomed changes! 

WINDROCK's own Scarlet Speeder aka "Amazing Amber"   will soon present us with a long anticipated litter! 

The proud Dad is the accomplished "Forbes Seymor" and we are eagerly counting down the days.  

A NEW AKC Champion For WINDROCK                          Feb 19, 2011                         


 Mamma Whisper has just cause to be proud!  Yet another one of her children can now lay claim to the distinguished title of AKC Champion.  Only a handful of her get have been shown, but she and Ayden can boast of six champions with more to follow.

Their gleaming black son, "Cole" better know as Windrock Wild Sensation SC lived up to his name  the few times he set foot in the ring. This handsome lad won multiple groups from the classes and won the points at the GCA National under the esteemed judge, Michelle Billings.

So it is no surprise to anyone that Cole would finish his title in a big way--and he did just that by going over 3 specials for a major at the giant Plum Creek show in Denver.  Cole achieved his Championship shown exclusively from the Bred By class.

This outstanding son of MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito x DC Windrock I've Got A Secret is also pointed in both ASFA and AKC coursing events.  If he doesn't leave us to embark on foreign adventures, he will be coursing with some new WINDROCK coursers, as both Amber and Wicked are out on maternity leave.

(Note, the above photo is from Cole's 2010 WSCS win--waiting for a new one!)


New AKC Champion!                                                         Nov  20, 2010


 We are proud to introduce the newest member to join the ranks of AKC Champions bred by WINDROCK!

This handsome white and black young man is from the "Wild Bunch" litter sired by MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch out of the lovely DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC.

New Ch Windrock Wild Card JC aka "Oreo" finished his title with a impressive win.  He was WD,BOW and BEST OF BREED over special competition for a major win at the Chicago Land Hound Association Hound Show in Barlett, IL.  He is owned by Jackie Vano and Carol Halliday.

Hound show wins are held in especially high regard as the breed entries are larger and the quality of the competition is  higher than is usually seen at all breed shows. Additionally, many of the breeds host specialties and that further elevates the desirability of wins and recognition at such events.

Oreo is one of five Champions for  his sire and dam!  He is in fine company with Group winning DC Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC, Multiple Group placing Can Ch Windrock Wild Thing, Ch Windrock Wild Party, and RBIS UKC Ch Windrock Wild Temptation.




                Ch Windrock Wild Card  JC


   Oreo relaxes with his prizes from the shows                                                                    
ASFA National Greyhound Specialty                                                            Nov 13, 2010


The ASFA National Greyhound Specialty Trial was held on a beautiful 25 acre hay field that provided optimum space and footing that resulted in exciting courses.

A new club, The Border Of Louisiana Sighthound Troupe (BLSHT)  hosted the ASFA National and the membership did a super job--the venue, organization and prizes were  fantastic! 

Youngsters Nikki and CJ held their own against good competition and won second and third in the Open Stake. .  

  The 5th annual ASFA National Greyhound Specialty was held on Nov 13, 2010 at the Texas Rose Horse Park in Tyler, Texas. 

As is traditional, an old time Greyhound show was held with the Lure Coursing competition.  A noted Irish Greyhound expect of both coursing and racing Greyhounds, Mr. John Dalton, judged the event.  The conformation competition enjoyed the largest entries of the event this year.

We are delighted that Mr. Dalton selected our  "CJ", Windrock Calamity Jane SC as his overall Best In Show winner.  Kennelmate Windrock DM The One And Only "Nikki" won the Jr. Bitch class.


Wicked squares off against a worthy opponent in the Field Champion Stake.


WINDROCK  Recognized By AKC As A Breeder Of Merit                    Oct  18, 2010   

From The AKC website 

"The Breeder of Merit program allows the American Kennel Club to celebrate our dedicated, passionate breeders who truly are the backbone of the sport and the foundation of our organization," said AKC’s Chief Operating Officer John Lyons. "Our Breeders of Merit are committed to both improving their breed through health testing and selective breeding programs, and proving their breed through achievements in the show ring. They are special and will be emulated by new breeders entering the sport. Being a successful breeder in the Fancy does not come easy. Years of hard work, vision, and a willingness to do the right thing are required to be successful. Our Breeders of Merit have these qualities and deserve to be recognized."


WINDROCK applauds the AKC for recognizing Breeders Of Merit and we are proud to be be one of them.


Announcing Another WINDROCK Dual Champion~

Group Winning Dual Champion Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC

MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch  x  DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC

We are proud to introduce our newest Dual Champion  Lovely blue girl "Doobie" attained her titles with some very impressive wins. Shown only at GCA Specialties and supported entries, Doobie finished her AKC bench championship with all major wins and, on more than one occasion, won the lure coursing held the same day!

Since returning from the National in Lompoc, as a new special Doobie is undefeated in Breed competition and was awarded a GROUP FIRST and a Group third at the GVKC shows!

She is very close to a Grand Champion title, too!

Amber Begins Her AKC Championship Quest~

  Amber is well known in coursing circles.  She has enjoyed the status and fame of multiple National wins and #1 rankings.

 She and Toni (new Ch Windrock Toni the Tiger) are full siblings.

 When Amber learned of sister Toni's new AKC Championship status, well you KNOW that would not sit well with our fiery little redhead!

Now Amber is bound and determined to become a AKC Champion too.

With this nice win, she has a good start on that endeavor.


                                                          MBIF NFC FC Windrock Candle In The Wind  SC LCX LCM Fch

WINDROCK Is Pleased To Present A New AKC Champion!                 Oct 2010

  Drum Roll Please . . . We are proud to announce a Star In Stripes, that being our resident Tiger, "Toni"!

Please welcome the newest AKC Champion at WINDROCK,

               CH Windrock Toni The Tiger!!


 Celebrating her new title, Toni enjoys snacking on a favorite treat-- a smoked pig ear!











               Ch Windrock Go Go Gadget JC  CC x SBIS Sobers Corinne SC  

 After taking two impressive back to back 5 point major wins in February of this year, Toni was content to hang out and watch the rest of the WINDROCK crew go to lure coursing events while she stayed at home and guarded the refrigerator.

 While Toni likes dog shows and going places, she just doesn't get the "chasing the white bag" thing.  To be perfectly honest, she thinks the whole idea is rather silly.  But she likes getting pretty and showing off.

Toni is a lovely little girl with a lot of virtue.  She now has a title of her very own that she is richly deserving of!


USRCC ASFA Region 3 Regional                                  Sept 4 and 5, 2010


WINDROCK is proud to present ASFA's Region 3 Regional Greyhound Breed winners!  The good folks of the USRCC club hosted the Region 3 Regional for the first time and the membership pulled it off magnificently.  The field reflected hours of work by people who toiled many weekends moving rocks and mowing acres of native vegatation. 

The Regional was a two day event this year.  Amber pictured with Kim on the left was Saturday's winner.  On the right, Colin had Sunday's winner with Wicked.  Judges Pete Lowe and Ping Pirrung are shown with Colin and Wicked.

WINDROCK greyhounds won the Breeder and Kennel stakes both days. An added bonus was Amber earning her LCM title. (Lure Courser Of Merit).  So Amber is now MBIF NFC FC Windrock Candle In The Wind LCX LCM Fch.  That's  a mouthful!

The club hosted an AKC trial on Monday, Sept 6th.  Amber was BOB and little "Nikki"  aka Windrock DM The One and Only won the major at her very first coursing event. 

GCA National Specialty Lure Trial                       July 31,2010                   

 The Greyhound Club Of America National Specialty Lure Coursing Trial was held the day after the National. We attended the Lompoc KC show in the morning and were thrilled with Doobie's WB, BOW victory which finished her AKC Championship.

We packed up our stuff and drove to the coursing grounds. So did a lot of other people!  We were pleasantly surprised by the large entry of Greyhounds--enough open dogs for two stakes. WOW!


 Colin is pictured with the National Specialty Lure Trial Stakes winners, L to R ~ Field Champion Stake and BOB- NFC FC Windrock Candle In The Wind LCX LCM Fch, Open Stake B winner new Dual Champion Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC, and Open Stake A winner, Windrock Calamity Jane SC.

 WINDROCK greyhounds swept both stakes with Doobie and CJ earning 5 point majors. "Amazing Amber" proved she is just that, amazing,  and was awarded Best Of Breed by Judge Robert Place of New Mexico.

This occasion marks the second time that Amber has won a Greyhound Club of America National Specialty Lure Course. She did it previously in 2008.

The GCA Lure Trial was a huge success thanks to the efforts of the Field Trial Chairman, Sebastian Franzen, Field Trial Secretary Sheryl Bartel and their efficient crew.


May we proudly announce the overall winner~


  Greyhound Club Of America National Specialty Lure Trial


NFC FC Windrock Candle In The Wind SC LCX LCM Fch

  ASFA II BOB winning "CJ" scored her third straight major win in AKC lure coursing by winning one of the Open Stakes.

Windrock Calamity Jane aka "CJ" also earned her Senior Courser title at the Trial.  



Coming straight from the shows as a New AKC Champion, Ch Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC,   smoked 'em in Open Stake B to earn a 5 point major  and her second Championship title of the day.  She    is now DC Windrock Wild Wood Wild SC!  A bit of history, her performance was a repeat from 2009  when she also won the points from the show and the open stake at the GCA lure trial.

GCA National Supported Show, Lompoc KC                     July 31, 2010

Winners Bitch, Best Of Winners

Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC

This win finished her so "Doobie" is now Ch Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC!

BUT WAIT . . .  there's more!


 The Greyhound Club Of America National Specialty Lure Trial

 The Greyhound Club of America National Speciality LureTrial was held later that same day. Colin and I exchanged our our show clothes for some comfortable attire and loaded the kids up and drove to the coursing grounds.

 The greyhounds literally jumped for joy at the sight of the leather slip leads and cousing jackets.  They KNOW what that means--time to RUN!

As the winner of one of the Open Stakes, Doobie proved that not only is she beautiful, she is fast and talented, too. This win finished Doobie's AKC Field Championship title.  She was also the High Scoring Dual Champion at the trial.

 What a wonderful day for our Doobie!  To achieve TWO Championship titles in one day--and on the National Specialty weekend at that!!

2010 Greyhound Club Of America National                  July 30, 2010

We attended the Greyhound Club ofAmerica National Specialty which was held this year with the Western Sighthounds Combined Specialties (WSCS) in sunny Lompoc, California.  The WSCS is justly considered the premium Sighthound event in the the US and draws exhibitors and fanciers from all over the globe. 

This year's Greyhound Club of America National Specialty was judged by none other than Dr. Goran Bodegard  himself! 


Winners Bitch, Best Of Winners

Greyhound Club Of America National Specialty

 Judge's Comments ~Dr Goran Bodegard

"WINDROCK WILD APPLAUSE is a very attractive white and black bitch with a lot of quality in proportions and general picture.  Correct and very pleasing construction in front and rear and the top quality mark in her set of neck and lines and shape of brisket.  Gives a very sound impression in all aspects and is shown in great condition. Very pleasing in action.  Winners bitch."



Reserve Winners Bitch

Greyhound Club Of America National Specialty

Judge's Comments ~Dr Goran Bodegard

"WINDROCK WILD WOOD WEED is a great blue feminine bitch who is able to combine a lot of generous strength (in substance and bone) with great flow of elegant lines.  Excellently constructed in front and rear and moving with breed type and soundness. Same idea of one plane through withers and hipbones as some others beneficially showed. She is beautiful and has nice expression and character. She was awarded Reserve winners bitch."



Reserve Winners Dog

Greyhound Club Of America National Specialty

Judge's Comments ~Dr Goran Bodegard

"WINDROCK WILD SENSATION   Very handsome black dog with excellent flow of lines with generosity and the right curvations. Withers and hipbone on the same plane which gives a great balance.  Front and hindquarter with great construction and harmonious balance between degree of angulation. Beautiful head, neck and topline--particularly lovely underline due to his perfect brisket.  Move and presented himself very well and pressed winner hard.  This is another high quality dog and a "nice guy".  Reserve winners dog



Best Veteran and Best Dual Champion

Greyhound Club Of America National Speciality

Judge's Comments ~Dr Goran Bodegard

DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC   "Indeed keeping very well --a beautiful blue brindle lady with a lovely head expression and attitude. Excellent construction in front and rear moving very very well and showing her excellent lines greatly."


 Greyhound Club Of America National Specialty

Best Brood Bitch

DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC

Best Stud Dog

DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch

Left to right, Dr Bodegard with the winning Brood Bitch, DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC, winning Stud Dog,  DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch, followed by get, Windrock Wild Sensation SC (RWD), Windrock American Victory (Best In Sweeps), Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC, (RWB) and Windrock Wild Applause (WB,BOW) 





Best In Sweeps

Greyhound Club Of America National Specialty     

Sweepstakes Judge's Critique ~ Maureen Lucas   

Windrock American Victory --  "A very sensible kind of girl, rather than one full of glamor.  Never made a mistake with her legs, coming, going or on the go around.  In absolutely perfect condition from her perfect muscle tone to her glistening coat.  Showed with confidence and grace."

Regular classes Judge's Comments ~Dr Goran Bodegard

"Windrock American Victory  is a very attractive and yet strong feminine bitch which is hard to criticize and a lot to like.  Sound in all aspects, great bone and substance for age-- attractive solutions of lines.  A little low on legs but covering just the right amount of ground standing and in action telling that fore and aft are in balance both to view and in function-- particularly nice set of hindquarters.  Shining black coat and great condition-- moved very well.  Very nice character."  



Best In Sweeps Veteran

Greyhound Club Of America National Specialty

 Judge's Critique ~Maureen Lucas  

DC Windrock I've Got A Secret --  "A strong, capable looking girl who used herself well on the move.  In the most wonderful condition for any age, let alone an advanced veteran.  Good muscle and good transitions throughout, and good on the go.  Nice expression and head." 

New Can. Champion Windrock Calico Sue

MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch  x  MBIF DC Windrock Mamma Mia SC LCX Fch

DOB 10/15/2008

This lovely "Naughty" daughter is just now coming into her own.  She has multiple group placements and will soon be seen gracing the obedience rings.  Heather has done a lovely job with her and we will gladly share news of this exciting team's future accomplishments.

AMBER has been Caught CHEATING!!!


We have an inside scoop on the late breaking story that has Sighthounds buzzing coast to coast!

Coursing Superstar Amber Greyhound has had a sensational career with a mile long string of impressive victories--big wins and numerous #1 rankings. An enviable career.  But now her dirty little secret is out! 

Thanks to these amazing photographs  we now know the real secret to Amber's amazing success on the lure coursing field--SHE CHEATS!!  While her competitors were muscling their way around the coursing field on their own four legs running honestly and true: unbeknown to us AMBER has been CHEATING!!   She has been desecrating all comers from behind the wheel of our 1975 Corvette Roadster!  (And we wondered about the mystery paw prints on the dash board and Canine Crunchies snacks scattered on the floorboard . . !)

This 1975 Corvette Roadster is Colin's pride and joy. He loves to show it off at car shows.  He doesn't even let ME drive it!  Our little girl Amber has been using it to win lure coursing events!  Horrors!!  The shame!

A sneaky photographer from the Canine National Enquirer took these photos of Amber right before she "ran in" and WON the AKC National Lure Coursing Championships.  Yep, he caught her red handed, wearing her racing jacket, goggles and driving scarf.  Amber, you should be ashamed! That aint no way to treat a classic!  Needless to say, Colin has taken the keys away.   But just yesterday I overhead Amber saying something about using the Cobra next year . . .


2010 ASFA II

The WINDROCK  "Dream Team" lure coursers had a fantastic showing at the 2010 ASFA II which was held in Lawrence, KS.  The results are listed below. 

          ASFA II Saturday Best Of Breed  and Mike Lorenzo Trophy winner

MBIF NFC FC Windrock Candle In The Wind SC LCX Fch      


 2010 Gillette Stake Winner*

MBIF DC Sobers Ippolito SC Fch 



Sunday Best Of Breed and Fantasy Trophy winner~

Windrock Calamity Jane    

Kennel Stakes And Breeder Stakes Winners for Saturday AND Sunday

 NFC FC Windrock Candle In The Wind SC LCX LCM  Fch and DC Windrock Hocus Pocus SC Fch

A "Wild Card" Trumps All In Kalamazoo!                                        May 28,29,30,31, 2010



Windrock Wild Card JC 

Owners Jackie Vano and Carol Halliday know how to play a winning hand.  Their trump card in this instance was a "wild card" in the form of Windrock Wild Card JC better known as "Oreo".  These savay gals showed this stunning black and white boy at the 4 day Kalamzoo KC cluster and scored a clean sweep of 4 straights.  That being 4 straight WD, BOW wins for 13 points and both majors!   Oreo now needs just two singles to finish his AKC Champion title!  Oreo is a full brother to multiple Group winning Windrock Wild Sensation SC, pictured below.

 In 2009, Jackie also had a winner in Ch Windrock Platinum Edition JC who won won all four days at these same shows and completed his AKC Championship!  This year he returned to win 10 points towards his Grand Championship title.

Oreo is pictured here in this photo celebrating his success with  Carol Halliday who owns him with Jackie. Carol is Oreo's #1 Fan and biggest supporter!

Durango KC~                                                              May 22 & 23, 2010


Our Brags are coming in about twice as fast as the photos are! 

Our up and coming youngster, Windrock Wild Sensation SC,  had a sensational weekend! 

At the Durango KC shows, "Cole" won a Group 1st on Saturday and a Group 4th on Sunday!!  This remarkable achievement came from the CLASSES . . .

Cole has been to only a handful of shows while we patiently have been waiting for him to mature .

This photo is from the GCA National last year. Our boy has grown up quite a bit since then.

 Cole's quest for his AKC Championship is nearly complete.  His wins thus far:


 Utah Valley KC~ Group 1  (4 pt Major) 

Greyhound Club of America National ~ Winners Dog, Best Of Winners, 1st Award of Merit  (5 pt Major)


Cortez KC~  Group 1 (4 pt Major)

Cortez KC ~ Group 4

Cole has had a brilliant class career, one that very few show greyhounds can rival.   He has done Papa Ayden and Mamma Whisper proud!

RMBC AKC Trials~                                                    May 8 & 9, 2010


As the WINDROCK Greyhounds have been especially good, (and rather bored with life on the farm lately), we hauled the gang over the mountain for some lure coursing action .

 Each year the Rocky Mountain Borzoi Club hosts a fabulous weekend of AKC lure coursing trials on Mothers Day. Gracious hosts Tom and KC Thompson welcome all and wonderful prizes are offered.

The WINDROCK crew got to have two fun filled days and made Mom Kim proud too!

 AYDEN  scores a huge BIF win over 70+ of the best running dogs in the Rocky Mtn area! 

CALAMITY JANE  didn't waste any time getting started on her AKC Field Championship.  After obtaining her Qualified Courser certificate, this blue brindle daughter of our highly regarded MBIF DC Windrock Mamma Mia SC LCX Fch, won BACK to BACK majors!!

AMBER  won a BOB and is currently TOP Ten ranked in ASFA! She completed her LCX title with this win.

COLE  won points each day towards his AKC FCh, and this Group winning son of Ayden and Whisper is also on ASFA's Top 15 list!

CLCA ASFA Trials                                                          4/10~11/2010


                                             BIF Dual Champion Sobers Ippolito SC, FCh

The Italian Stallion, aka "Ayden"  scored a decisive victory at the CLCA ASFA trials by earning his ASFA Championship!  While being shown in conformation, this brilliant black dog obtained both of his field titles with notable wins.

What is the next endeavor for our handsome black gentleman?  With his calm intelligence and kind and biddable nature, obedience competition seems only natural.   

Ayden was bred by the famed SOBERS kennel of Italy and imported by WINDROCK.  

 Career Highlights

 Ayden made brief work of his AKC Championship title by winning three 5 pt major wins at Greyhound Club of America Specialties-two back-to -back Nationals 

Ayden is a powerhouse courser as evidenced by these noteworthy achievements~

Master M'Grath Cup Winner 2009

Fullerton Cup Winner 2009

Best Greyhound Dual Champion  at AKC National Lure Coursing Championships

Sire of multiple AKC show Champions with several closing in on Field Championships. Sire of Group winning, Specialty and Hound show major winning get.

 More News!


 Pictured on the left is the handsome  Ch Windrock Blue Bayou and Marie Hamilton"Gator" wins a Hound Group 4 at the Silver Stake KC show held in Las Vegas, NV!  Currently, Gator is top ranked in Group and BIS competition.

"Gator" is owned by Tom and Marie Hamilton and Marie has owner handled several greyhounds to championship titles in stiff California competition.  No mean feat as Marie is in her late 70's and can run with her greyhounds as well as handlers half her age.  I kid Marie, saying that I want to be just like her when I grow up.!

 Way up North in Canada, Ryan, RBIS Can Ch Windrock Blue Sky Morning wins yet ANOTHER Specialty!  The lovely Windrock Calico Sue is BOB from the classes and closing fast on her Can Ch.  "Taylor" is a littermate to the new AKC Ch Windrock Annie Oakly!

Annie Oakley Shoots 'Em Up In  Texas!             3/12~14/2010
Windrock Annie Oakley, aka "Annie"  out shot the competition and won THREE straight majors  on the San Antonio KC show circuit! 
She now leads AKC's "Most Wanted" list as she is close to AKC Championship.
When interviewed about her marvelous achievement that has the townsfolk buzzing, "Annie" in  her South Texas drawl, remarked "Weren't nuthing."  Adjusting her wide brimmed 10 gallon hat, and the six shooter on her hip, Annie added that she came all slicked up and ready for the showdown with compadre Rick (Brown) at her side and when the dust settled the whole shoot'em up was over, she and sidekick Rick rode out of town with all the booty. 
Annie is one of the four pups from the notorious Outlaw Gang that is headed up by their Ma Naughty.  Pa Ayden hasn't been seen since running off with some of the loot from the AKC National Field Championship, also in Texas. 
Word is that Annie is secretly holed up somewhere in Texas with owner Judith Price planning her next caper . . .


  Here is Annie as a small fry.  She was knee high to a grasshopper back then!



 Annie planned her next job well!
She planned and made off with BOSweeps and Reserve Winners Bitch honors at the GCA Southern Specialty on 3/26/2010 !
 At the Sunday Ft Worth KC  GCA supported entry she stole away with her fourth major to complete her AKC Ch title! 
Watch for  this  stunning blue outlaw to show up on the coursing field.  Don't be too surprised to see her ride off into the sunset with the wins!


AKC judges yield to "Wild Temptation"!

UKC Ch Windrock Wild Temptation JC

 "Lilly" has been spotted at Midwestern AKC shows and rumor has it that judges are falling under the spell this dazzling blue fawn starlet has cast.

Toni The Tiger is GREAAAAAAT!!                           2/13~14/2010

 Our lovely Windrock Toni The Tiger  "Toni " gave us an especially wonderful Valentine's gift this last weekend! 

 This fire red brindle full sister of "Awesome Amber" (MBIF NFC Windrock Candle In The Wind SC Fch) roared into town and proved that she is isn't bowing down to her famous sister's reputation.

 Toni didn't cat around and made good on her intentions to garner some glory of her own by winning back to back 5 point major wins at the giant CKC/Plum Creek KC shows.

She clearly dominated the competition this weekend by winning Winners Bitch, Best Of Winners, and Best of Opposite both days for 10 points!

The Colorado Kennel Club also sponsored health testing and Toni was heart cleared by the OFC cardic specialist. Toni has passed with flying colors one more of those all important health exams!

Youngster "CJ" (Windrock Calamity Jane) had a nice start at these shows. She was Best Bred By and Reserve Winner's Bitch to Toni on Saturday.

The New Year Brings New Success                          Jan 8 & 10th, 2010

Meet Windrock Calico Sue! "Taylor" is one of the best show bitches that WINDROCK has raised to date, and people still can't believe we let this one go!

Colin and I often entrust our very best to aspiring fanciers and breeders who have the passion and vision to be future guardians of the greyhound

"Taylor" recently won WB two days at the Palm Springs Hound Show in California.

 "Taylor"  is owned and handled by Heather and Shawn Elrick. 

2009~~A Year To Remember~THREE National wins!

WINDROCK has cause to celebrate!  2009 will go down as one of the most memorable years EVER!  Once again, keeping with proud tradition WINDROCK greyhounds are in the Top 10 rankings in both the show ring AND on the coursing field.  We are very proud of the many noteworthy Champions and the high accolades they earned this year. Permit us the pleasure of recapping some of the highlights from 2009!                                         

Winner of 2 National Titles in 2009!   


The one and only MBIF NFC Windrock Candle In The Wind SC Fch!! 


 Amber's first National win was Best Of Breed at the ASFA National Greyhound Specialty.

 Her second National triumph was being judged by a four judge panel as  the AKC's National Field Champion for 2009. 

 The AKC National Lure Coursing Championship was over all sighthound breeds and  was the largest to date in AKC history!                                                                                     

 On Top In Canada~For The Third Straight Year!         Can Ch Windrock Blue Sky Morning won  Reserve Best In Show honors and multiple group wins in 2009. 

 "Ryan" is again Canada's #2 Greyhound and started his quest for his AKC Championship in grand fashion by winning  back to back majors on the WSCS weekend in Lompoc, CA.

This beautiful blue brindle has been  exclusively owner~handled by Sheila  Ehmann to all of his wins. Ryan is fully mature and ready to make his mark in 2010.



Another GCA National Specialty Win For WINDROCK!


 DC Sobers Ippolito's  lookalike son, Windrock Wild Sensation SC is awarded WD,BOW and an AOM by the incomparable Michelle Billings at the 2009 Greyhound Club of America National Specialty.

 "Cole" also won a Group One from the classes and earned his SC title.

WINDROCK bred or owned greyhounds have won specialty majors at the last 3 consecutive GCA Nationals.

Another year's maturity should look especially good on this commanding youngster!

Watch for this rising star in 2010!

2009 Brings 3 New Dual Champions For WINDROCK

  DC Windrock Hocus Pocus SC Fch, DC Sobers Ippolito SC and DC Windrock Luck Be A Lady Eldomar SC all joined the elite ranks of a select few by earning AKC Dual Championship titles  in 2009. 

DC Windrock Hocus Pocus "Wicked" (pictured right) was Runner-up to overall Grand National BIF honors in 2009!

WINDROCK Announces 6 New Show Champions!

Greyhounds DC Windrock Luck Be A Lady Eldomar SC, DC Windrock Hocus Pocus, Ch Windrock Platinum Edition JC, Ch Windrock Wild Party, Grp. placing Can Ch Windrock Wild Thing, and UKC Ch Windrock Wild Temptation JC all became show Champions in 2009.

Pictured on the left, Can. Ch Windrock Wild Thing "Lacey" won multiple group placements enroute to her Championship.  She is one of three littermates to finish show championships in 2009 . Lacey won a 5pt Hound Show major win in 2009 and has a great start for her AKC Championship.





 The lovely blue fawn UKC Ch Windrock Wild Temptation JC, "Lilli" became a UKC Champion and won Res. Best In Show while doing so.

She was one of five WINDROCK greyhounds to earn coursing titles in 2009 and is the charming companion of Sharon Couzin.

 The speed and agility demonstrated by DC Sobers Ippolito SC,  "Ayden" (pictured below) laid to rest the myth that "big dogs can't run". 

 Not only did this handsome Italian attain his Dual Championship in fine fashion, he further distinguished himself by winning both the Master M'Grath and Fullerton Cups the day after the ASFA Greyhound National.  He was a strong contender in ASFA events last year and needs only ONE point to finish his ASFA Fch.



Ayden also sparkled in the showring, he won an AOM at the WSCS and was undefeated in Stud Dog Classes. 

He is the sire of multiple group, specialty, champion and field titled get in 2009. 

Other WINDROCK greyhounds did exceptionally well in GCA Specialties~DC Windrock Luck Be A Lady Eldomar, Windrock's Fat Tuesday SC both won Award of Merits as did WINDROCK owned DC DM Summer Squall Of Scatpack SC Fch.

 We thank all those talented greyhounds and their owners for helping to make 2009 one of the best years ever!


Merry Christmas from the WINDROCK outfit to Yours~

 This was the President Ford's official Christmas Card in 1975!

It has been a long favorite with Colin and I as it reminds us of the old homestead.

It's Christmas Eve. Feeding's done, cattle are content. Big white snowflakes are dancing, adding to the foot of snow already blanketing the ground.  I made a batch of popcorn for the hounds and hot "Tom and Jerrys" for us.  Colin and I are going to enjoy a quiet Christmas Eve at home while the kids happily crunch popcorn. 

We wish to all a Merry Christmas !


AMBER Lightning Strikes at the AKC National Lure Coursing Championship 2009

 The AKC National Lure Coursing Championships were held on Dec 5th and 6th in Florence, Texas on the beautiful Double-H Ranch.  The 2009 National was the largest in AKC history and was a huge success thanks to the combined efforts of the working memberships of The Afghan Hound Club of Austin and the Tulsa Sighthound Association. The best sighthounds of all breeds attended the two day event held on the picturesque Double~H Ranch property.


 The duels between the greyhounds were fast and furious! The 800 yard courses provided an excellent test of endurance and conditioning.

  Stride for stride, our "Doobie" in yellow runs with the excellent running greyhound "Santa Anna" which is from the famed Windyglen Kennel of Don and Sally Papin.

Santa Anna was BOB on Saturday!




 They're OFF and Running~

 The final runoff for Best Greyhound was held between Saturday's BOB winner~ Santa Anna in blue, Sunday's    BOB winner Amber in pink~, and Ayden in yellow who was the high scoring dog (non BOB winner of the two days)    All three greyhounds ran a beautiful course. Amber was the overall "Best Greyhound " winner of the National and Ayden tied for second with Santa Anna and was the High Scoring Dual Champion!  As an added bonus, WINDROCK greyhounds took home the Breeder Stake awards for both days!

As Best Greyhound, Amber earned the right to advance into the Finals and by doing so, squared off against the other Sighthounds who had also advanced; the Best Whippet,  Best Afghan, Best Borzoi, etc.  In the end, there would only be one hound left undefeated, and that hound would be crowned~


The 2009 AKC National Lure Coursing Champion 

MBIF NFC 2009 Windrock Candle In The Wind SC FCH!!

Pictured in the photo from left to right is one of the AKC National lure operators, Gary Runyan, AKC Lure Coursing Rep, Bob Mason and Judge Laurie Soutar. WINDROCK's Kim Fritzler is kneeling holding the newly crowned National Champion, MBIF NFC Windrock Candle In The Wind SC Fch.  "Awesome Amber" lives up to her nickname!

 Amber's National Championship ribbon is almost as big as she is!

  Our amazing runner can now lay claim  to a new title!  She is now MBIF NFC FC Windrock Candle In The Wind SC FCh!  "NFC" stands for National Field Trial Champion!  Only ONE hound can lay claim to that title each year and this year it is our girl Amber!

Owing to Kim's back surgery, Amber only ran in a mere handful of field trials this year.  Yet, she was  #2 ranked in 2009 for AKC and #3 in ASFA rankings which is a brilliant achievement considering the most of the top contenders have competed in many more events.

Even with very limited participation, our Amber is very close to both her LCX and LCM.

We are hoping to pursue Amber's AKC bench championship in 2010 and are planning a litter for her in 2011.

2009 AKC National Lure Coursing Championship

December 5-6, 2009 - Florence, Texas

The AKC National Lure Coursing Championship was held on December 5-6 at Florence, Texas.

We would like to thank James Hicks and his wife Lynda Hicks, the owners of the Double-H Ranch where this event took place for allowing the use of this fabulous facility and for all of their hard work getting the event fields ready.

The event was co-hosted by the Afghan Hound Club of Austin and the Tulsa Sighthound Association. They did a wonderful job coordinating the event.

Only about 20 acres of this 300 + acre ranch was used to set up the three separate coursing fields.

No dogs ran on the same field for more than one event.

Eleven of the sighthound breeds were represented at this largest ever event.

Of the 160 dogs that ran each day, included were 13 AKC conformation Champions, 41 Duel Champions ( Conformation and Field ), 47 Field Champions and 2 recent National Lure Coursing Champions entered. This was truly the Best of the Best.

The two separate lighting systems ( about 2 million watts each ) had the inspection areas as light as day for the early morning ( 6 am ) roll call.

The weather was cool to cold, and the dogs really enjoyed the temperature and the large coursing fields.

The events went off great and the B-B-Q on Saturday evening that was held on site was attended by over 100 persons.

Here is an action photo and the trophy presentation of the AKC National Lure Coursing Champion of 2009. This is FC Windrock Candle In The Wind. Amber is owned by Kim and Colin Fritzler of Clifton, CO.

Photo L-R Gary Runyan, (Field Chairman), Bob Mason (AKC Field Rep), Kim Fritzler (owner and handler)
and judge Laurie Soutar.

Click on image for larger view.


ASFA National Greyhound  Specialty                                        Oct 24, 2009






This year's competition was the fourth running of the ASFA National Greyhound Specialty. The event is hosted by the Southeastern Greyhound Club and was held on the beautiful Bear Creek Farm which is located near Moreland, Georgia.

 The ASFA National  trophy table was a work of art in itself. There were many costly and beautiful items. The lucky winners win the right to honor the trophy in their homes for one year and then it is returned for the next year's winner. Trophy donations by generous donors made possible lovely keepsake trophies which the winners keep!                 


Competition by the hounds was fast and furious!  Our Ayden digs in and throws turf to make the turn and to keep up with pink dog. In lure coursing dogs are identified and scored by the colors they wear.  Our greyhounds get very excited just by the SIGHT of their coursing jackets.

The Runoff for Best Of Breed ~

The keen competition for the ASFA National Champion Best Of Breed winner narrowed down to these three!

The Veteran Stake winner is the black on the left. "Echo" has had a sterling career. 

The Open Stake winner is the greyhound in pink--Kelly Fidler's "Cleopatra". She is #1 in NOFA and a winner of the Grand Course.

Amber and I are on the far right.  Amber has some nice wins and was the #1 greyhound in AKC coursing for 2008,  but she would have to run well today and make no mistakes to have a chance of winning The BEST OF THE BEST . . .



 2009 ASFA Greyhound National Best Of Breed~


 MBIF FC Windrock Candle In The Wind SC Fch 

 "When I saw Amber at the National Specialty she was the very image of my picture
of the ideal wasp waisted lure coursing/open field Greyhound bitch with that
look in her eye that no one has ever put into words.. She made everybody else
look bad."

Bob Jahn, owner of many #1 hounds

THE FULLERTON CUP                                   Oct  25, 2009                 


The National Lure Coursing Club hosted the Master M'Grath and Fullerton Cups the day after the ASFA Greyhound National.

2009 marks the 14th running of the Fullerton Cup.

The event was also held at the Bear Creek Farm, thanks to generous hosts Hal and Linda Barry.

 This was my first time attending a NLLC event. 

Not familiar with the format ,  I was a bit confused at first.  My greyhounds weren't the least  bit fazed, they got to RUN again, so it was a GREAT day by their way of thinking!


The 2009 Fullerton Cup was judged by Arron Atmore!

 Arron  Atmore has been a coursing enthusiast since he was a boy.

He became a licensed slipper as a teenager, and ultimately rose to the pinnacle when he was appointed slipper of the 2001 Waterloo Cup at the age of 31.

 He and his wife Frances breed and own coursing and racing Greyhounds, and are the proud owners of Suncrest Tina, winner of the 2000 Waterloo Cup.

Off the field, Arron is an architect and Frances is a veterinarian.


  At the NLCC-sanctioned all-breed Fullerton Cup meeting on Sunday, October 25, Arron judged all breeds ~ from the back of the Parker's 17 hand Thoroughbred!

Arron is very experienced in the brace elimination running format and point tally scoring system, and brought a unique perspective to the lure coursing field. 

 I was excited by the experience and could visualize many exciting possibilities.

 Astride his mount, Arron had advantages of improved vision from a higher vantage point, and the ability to quickly change position on the field. 



  Here is our Wicked and Javelin running after the drag lure.

Note that neither wear coursing jackets, neck collars are worn instead and I liked this~ colors could be slipped on and off in a flash!

The hounds are slipped in braces.  Wicked is identified by a white collar, Javelin by red. 


 Judge Aaron Atmore signals the winner of each brace by displaying a flag of that hound's neck color. The winning hound then earns the right to advance to the next flight and is matched against another hound which was also successful in winning its brace runoff.

This brace elimination format is much like what is seen in team sports, like basketball playoffs.

The difference is not only is a hounds speed and agility important, but also endurance and how cleanly the hound follows the lure.

Points are awarded for "run up"`~the hound that reaches the first turn the first. Penalties result by hounds "cheating" or cutting the course which results in no points being awarded. 


 Fullerton Cup Winner~2009

 Dual Champion Sobers Ippolito SC

The 2009 Fullerton and Master M'Grath winner was our DC Sobers Ippolito SC!  The Master M'Grath is awarded to the high scoring greyhound of the day.  Many knowledgeable fanciers have commented that for a "big dog"  Ayden sure runs well and has great agility. That he does. We fondly call him "the flying boxcar"

Previous WINDROCK Winners~


In 2008, Ayden was the Best In Show winner in the "old time" Greyhound show that was held in conjunction with the ASFA National Greyhound Specialty.

DC Windrock Hocus Pocus Fch won the Master M'Grath Cup and finished her ASFA Championship the same day!

 The Fullerton Cup Winner In 2008 was our "Awesome Amber"!


As Ayden was the 2008 Best In Show winner of the conformation show held with the ASFA National Greyhound Specialty and now has the Master M'Grath   and Fullerton Cups victories~does that make him"Triple Crown" winner of sorts?

No other hound has previously gone on to win all of these awards.

WINDROCK bred or owned greyhounds have won the last three consecutive Master M'Garth Cups:

DC Windrock's Outlaw Josie Wales MC--2007               DCWindrock Hocus Pocus SC Fch--2008                      DCSobers Ippolito SC--2009

 Greyhound Club Of America National~The Wild Bunch Strikes Again!!


The Wild Bunch Ran WILD At The National!  The GCA National was held on Wednesday, Sept 30, 2009.  The two supporting Hatboro Shows were held on Oct 1st and 2nd.  The National weekend boasted the largest greyhound entries in North America for 2009! This year the GCA National was judged by the esteemed Michelle Billings.

 WINDROCK retires yet another GCA perpectual trophy by virtue of DC Sobers Ippolito's get winning the Stud Dog Trophy!  To retire the trophy three wins were required. Previous Stud Dog winners for WINDROCK include our much loved BIS/SBIS Ch Greystone's Barcelona and his sire, BIS/SBIS Ch Shazam's The Journey Begins JC. Pictured left to right is Ayden sitting with Kim, new Ch Windrock Wild Party with owner Lou Adams, Windrock Wild Card JC with co-owned Carol Halliday, Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC with Dad Colin, UKC Ch Windrock Wild Temptation JC with owner Sharon Couzin, and Windrock Wild Sensation SC ~ all members of the Wild Bunch!

                                                Cole is following in his Dad's footsteps

  Windrock Wild Sensation SC,  "Cole" was awarded WD,BOW for a 5 point major. He was also Best Bred by and won an Award of Merit!  Earlier this year, Cole won a Group One from the classes!

GCA National Supported shows~ Hatboro KC,

 Thursday, Hatboro KC, day after GCA National:  Littermate Silly (Windrock Wild Applause) won the Bred By class for bitches, and her blue sister Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC won the American bred class!

  Windrock Toni The Tiger expertly handled by Lou Adams was fourth in a huge open bitch class! This was the only day Toni was entered . . . oops! At the GCA supported entry Hatboro shows on Thurday, the results were almost a repeat of the National!  On Thursday, Oct 1, 2009

1st and 2nd in Open Dogs were taken by brothers Blu and Oreo, Blue went on to RWD to a 5 pt major. In bitches, Silly won the Bred By Class and Doobie won the Open Bitch class and was WB for a 5 pt major!


At the Friday Hatboro GCA Supported Entry, WINDROCK's stars sparkled even brighter~


Windrock Wild Party, "Blu" was 1st in Open dogs with brother Windrock Wild Card, "Oreo" 2nd.

Blu went on to WD,BOW for a 5 pt win which finished his AKC championship in grand style! He was expertly handled to all wins by owner Lou Adams!

In bitches, littermate Windrock Wild Applause, "Silly" won Bred By, in fact she was undefeated in that class all three days!

Sister Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC, "Doobie" repeated her previous day's Open Bitch 1st and was WB again!

 Doobie now has three supported entry major wins and is within a couple of points of both her AKC  bench and field championships!

 The Wild Bunch youngsters dominated all three days~winning an astounding 4 of the 6 majors offered!

WINDROCK SWEEPS THE GRAND NATIONAL!!                                   Sept 2009


 WINDROCK's "Dream Team" lure coursers had an outstanding showing all three days!  All three days Best Of Breeds were won by WINDROCK coursers.  Amber was BOB on Friday which was also ASFA's Region 3 Regional.  She repeated her BOB win on Sunday.   Wicked held off stiff competition to win BOB on Saturday and was narrowly edged out for overall BIF honors by a most deserving Deerhound.  We had a wonderful time and came home with tired, but very happy greyhounds.

5 Clear CERF reports For WINDROCK!

The Grand Valley Kennel Club sponsors an annual Health Fair which we support annually, We are pleased to report that we tested the following greyhounds for CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation) and all passed with flying colors!

DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC, "Whisper" (soon to be nine years young!), her sister DC Windrock Mamma Mia SC LCX Fch "Naughty", Windrock Wild Wood Weed SC "Doobie", Windrock Wild Applause "Silly" and DC Sobers Ippolito SC "Ayden".

Naughty was totally eye clear at  almost NINE years of age!  Most older dogs show some age related anomaly.  Below is a direct copy of her CERF certificate. CERF stands for Canine Eye Registration Foundation.

Her sister, "Whisper" has a small age related cataract, not uncommon in dogs older than 7 years of age. Dogs of any breed that have cataracts BEFORE age seven are often afflicted with "JC's" or Juvenile Cataracts which is an inherited eye disease that can progress to premature blindness.


 This is why CERF reports are so important to responsible breeders and why so many WINDROCK greyhounds are found in the CERF database!

Ryan and Sheila are BEST!                                     September  2009


 Can Ch Windrock Blue Sky Morning   DOB 8/24/2006   (CERF)

Windrock Viva Las Vegas JC (OFA/CERF)  x  DC Windrock Mamma Mia LCX FCH (OFA/CERF)

 Ryan is just three years of age and is entering his prime. Owner-handled by Sheila, the pair recently                      won Reserve Best In Show honors in Canada!

Another Group Placement for Lacey!                                Sept 2009

Multiple Group placing Can Ch Windrock Wild Thing

A New Team On The East Coast~ Lou and Blu!!          August 15, 2009



DC Sobers Ippolito SC  x DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC   DOB 12/13/07    CERF

This is a wonderful snapshot illustrating perfect sidegait in a greyhound! "Blu's" new boss, Lou Adams is doing a superb job of properly presenting a sighthound and Blu's timing and extension are exactly what we like to see!

Blu is one of Ayden x Whisper's Wild Bunch kids. He is a elegant male with tremendous sidegait and was one of the standouts in his litter. We predict a bright future for this up and coming blue brindle youngster in Lou's capable hands.   Shown a handful of times, Blu has multiple BOB wins from the classes and is just a few points from an AKC bench Championship. He very well could be the first AKC Champion for his dam Whisper.

Colin and I are honored that accomplished fanciers Lou and Linda Adams have selected our WINDROCK Inc greyhounds as the foundation to build their greyhound program on. We will do our level best to help them succeed! As breeders we maintain it is what you leave behind that matters . . .


Interview with Lou and Linda Adams~

 We have been showing dogs for over 14 years. We have had AKC Champions in Samoyed, Great Dane,  Otterhound,  and Rough Coated Collie. 

Samoyed BISS Ch. Snowsong’s  Major Investment  "Major" has been shown as a special for the past 6 years.  He has won 6 Best in Specialty Shows, multiple Group wins and 5 Awards of Merit at our National Specialty with 900 plus entries.  He has also been BOB at the Westminster Dog Show in New York and the AKC Invitational.   He  has sired 15 champions to date and 2 of which have been the    #1 Samoyed’s for the past four years.

My wife and I are extremely excited to be able to start showing Greyhounds, and having WINDROCK as the foundation. Windrock Wild Party (aka Blu) at our first show in Greenville, So. Carolina  took Winner’s Dog, Best of Winners and Best of Breed from the classes over the #4 Greyhound in the country.

Our Blu likes peppermint candy, croissants, books, newspapers, napkins, picture frames, shoes, candles, sleeping in the middle of the bed cross wise, his eggs scrambled, bills unopened, and of course shredding. And we love him anyway!

Espen Knows A Wild Thing Is A Good Thing!!               August 01, 2009

Grp placing Can Ch Windrock Wild Thing 

DC Sobers Ippolito SC  x  DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC    CERF

One of the things I find most rewarding in raising greyhounds is having the good fortune to produce a REALLY GOOD one--a dog that is everything a greyhound should be.  So rare are such gems that most breeders will not part with one, especially a bitch. Any experienced breeder knows that to consistently raise dogs that are exceptional involves a lifetime's work, study, and is coupled with certain disappointment. It also involves a generous blessing of luck, faith, and perseverance.

 Colin and I take great satisfaction in enjoying the success that others that have with WINDROCK bred greyhounds.  The photo above is of a bitch that is truly exceptional.  Her excellence is immediately apparent to the practiced eye. Note her long chiseled muzzle with slight stop, the long angled shoulder, the well- muscled structure and overall balance. The low hocks and long tail are great assets on the coursing field. This bitch embodies the qualities that are the hallmark of the breed.

We are proud to have bred this bitch! It is even more gratifying to have highly respected breeder/judge Espen Eng of JETS greyhounds find her worthy of this hound show 5 pt major win over specials competition. Congratulations  to owner Sheila Ehmann.  We entrusted her with a promising baby and she has done all the rest!   

WSCS 2009~  WINDROCK ROCKS all three days!!!    7/23-25/09

 Inland Wilderness Hunt Club AKC Trial

Best In Field over a 100+ entry was our "Amazing Amber", #1 in AKC LC in 2008!!

 Western Combined Sighthounds Specialties (WSCS)~ 2009 

We've just returned from our 2009 Lompoc adventure. WINDROCK had a termendous showing-some of the results are briefly listed below:

Ch Sobers Ippolito SC wins an AOM and the Stud Dog Class at the GCA Specialty and finishes his DUAL Championship title!  Windrock Wild Wood Weed JC is RWB at the specialty and wins a 5pt major in the GCA LC. At the Lompoc supported entry she is WB for a 4pt major!  Windrock Wild Sensation JC is RWD at the GCA Specialty and picks up 2 Senior Coursing legs!  Can Ch Windrock Blue Sky Morning wins back to back WD,BOW for 8 pts at both the Lompoc KC specialty supported shows. Puppy Windrock Calico Sue wins RWB to a 4pt major at the Sunday Lompoc show.  DC Windrock Hocus Pocus SC Fch wins the Coursing Bitch class and the Field Champion Stake at the GCA Lure Trial.  DC DM Summer Squall of Scatpak SC FCh wins Best Veteran, Best Dual Champion and an AOM!!


There Was Some "Wild Wood Weed" at the GCA Western!!


 DC Sobers Ippolito SC x DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC   dob 12/13/07

It's True! There was a very wild weed in the form of WINDROCK's beautiful solid blue bitch "Doobie!"  aka Windrock Wild Wood Weed JC! A full sister to our Windrock Wild Applause "Silly", Doobie had a wonderful showing out at the WSCS.

 At the GCA Western, she was RWB to a 5 pt major and also was the Best Bred by in show.This was her first out since the National here a year ago and Kim certainly had her hands full with Doobie who was of the opinion that stacking and slow trotting around the ring was BORING, it was time to RUN! Fortunately Judge Gail Burnham saw Doobie's quality through her puppy antics.

The next day Doobie wasn't entered in conformation, but instead had her wish to run fulfilled at the GCA Lure Course--she won an open stake for a 5pt major, narrowly edging out her father Ayden who came in second. 

At Lompoc KC on Sunday found Doobie back in the ring where she won WB for a 4 pt major!  Her 1/2 brother Ryan was WD,BOW and puppy Windrock Calico Sue was RWB!

 Competiton was fast and furious at the GCA Lure Trial on Saturday, the day after the Specialty judging.

In this course, Ayden in blue is strongly challenged by the pink dog and you can just see Ayden's son Cole behind the pink dog!

It was a great turn out with a good number of Greyhounds running.

We are grateful to Gail Burnham and Sheila Grant, for without them, greyhound lure coursing at the GCA Western  would not be a reality!

Another Dual Champion at WINDROCK!!

We are so thrilled with our Sobers import, Sobers Ippolito, affectionately known as "Ayden!" 

Exactly one year ago at the 2007 GCA Western, Ayden finished his AKC championship with his third straight GCA 5 pt major win!

In  addition to winning WD,BOW at the Specialty, he also won the open stake, also a 5 pt major,  at the GCA LC for his first lure coursing points!

This year Ayden won an AOM and the Stud Dog class at the GCA Western Specialty. He earned his Field Championship title with a hard fought second place finish to his daughter Doobie who won the open stake for her 2nd 5pt major!!  Ayden finished his AKC Field Championship with 3 major wins and obtained victories over some excellent competition, including the #1 ranked ASFA greyhound to do so! 


                           New Dual Champion Sobers Ippolito SC












Ayden is now in pursuit of his ASFA Championship!!  He has proven to be an excellent sire but most

 importantly, he is our "bestest buddy!"

Lilly finishes UKC Championship!  July 11 & 12th 2009

WINDROCK is  proud to announce another champion!  UKC Ch. Windrock Wild Temptation "Lilli"  finished her UKC championship in 3 straight shows with all group wins or placements and a Reserve Best In Show!  She also has multiple AKC points and BOB wins.


Lilli is pictured above with her UKC Reserve Best In Show honors. 

Not only is this blue fawn lady beautiful, she is talented too! Watch for her in future Rally, Obedience, Agility and straight racing evnts.

Lilli has been trained, conditioned and handled to all of her wins by owner Sharon Couzin. We are very proud of Sharon and Lilli and look to posting more news about this exciting team in the future!

  UKC stands for "United Kennel Club" and it is the second largest dog registry in the US, after the AKC.  The club registers breeds of dogs not recognized by the AKC and actively promotes owner participation and has a wonderful "Total Dog" concept. The UKC  is very proactive towards youth exhibitors and start them out young showing dogs with fun "PeeWee classes."

 Colin and I have taken our "Partner's Program" kids to UKC shows and they have had a ball showing WINDROCK greyhounds to many wins, including championship titles and Best In Shows!   UKC events are perfect for training dogs and starting youngsters out on dog sports.


ANOTHER Dual Champion for WINDROCK!!!!


RFKC July 11, 2009.  Today was a very special day for WINDROCK!  FC Windrock Hocus Pocus SC Fch, "Wicked" following in the footsteps of her illustrious mother, DC Windrock Mamma Mia LCX, Fch, joined the ranks of elite few by earning the title of DUAL Champion!! 

 Wicked is one of 5 Champions for Mamma Naughty, and we were elated that she completed her bench champion title with a strong 4pt major win over some lovely bitches. Wicked finished her AKC Championship entirely from the Bred By class with 3 majors! "Elvis", pictured below, is Wicked's brother!


Wicked is as keen as they come and  she is a favorite subject  with photographers. These photos show why!!

                      Elvis has been spotted!!  The KING is now a CHAMPION!

New Champion Windrock Platinum Edition  

Windrock Viva Las Vegas JC x MBIF DC Windrock Mamma Mia LCX Fch 

 There were several reported sightings of ELVIS on all four days of the Apple Blossum Cluster, May 22,23,24 & 25th at Kalamazoo, Michigan!

The rumors are true! Elvis WAS in Kalamazoo! We received an excited phone call from Jackie Vano. Her blue fawn "Naughty" son "Elvis" was rockin' and rollin' the entire four day run of the shows and won FOUR consecutive majors and three BOBs!

Excellent showing for this commanding youngster. When queried about his exciting wins and new AKC Championship status, Elvis had but few words~"Thank you, thank you very much!" and then he was GONE !!

May 18, 2009. Why is it puppies ALWAYS come in the middle of the night??

Early morn on May 18, 2009. Every other thing in the house is fast asleep and has been that way for HOURS.

 It is a fact of Nature that expectant Mom seems to put off delivering until the LAST possible instant. Javelin stares at me, while I stare at her, and Time inches by oh so slowly .

 Javelin looks at me expectantly. She KNOWS something big is about to happen, surely I am there to handle it for her?

 Yet, when the Time came, Javelin's motherly instincts kicked in just fine.  Look at this little blue fawn darling!

A 20 year Milestone~

 OK, so this isn't news about our WINDROCK crew, however, this May 2009 marks a milestone of which I am very proud.  I (Kimberly Fritzler) have been a employee of UPS for 20 years this May.  I am a seniority driver with my own route and I have great customers that know they can count on me.  It is a tough job, to be a UPS driver~the hours are long and the working conditions are strenuous and demanding.  A successful driver has to be in top physical and mental condition and has able to work effectively and SAFELY under pressure to get the job done.  I have had a great career at UPS and am honored to work with some of the best people in the delivery business!  

**UPDATE** Jan 2010. After MAJOR back surgery by noted surgeon Dr Larry Tice, I am glad to say that I am once again behind the wheel of "Big Brown." I may be one of very few UPS delivery drivers with hardware in my back to gain necessary medical clearances to make a comeback.  I am most grateful for the advances in modern medicine, the surgical skills of Dr. Tice and the opportunity to return afforded to me by UPS.


The WINDROCK kids made Mom proud on Mother's Day Weekend!

The Rocky Mtn Borzoi Club hosts annual AKC trials at the Zoiboy place owned by Tom and KC, and it is always well attended affair as the membership work hard to make it a great event.

WINDROCK had a great showing on Saturday with first timers Cole and Doobie earning JC legs. Competition was very keen in Greyhounds and we were delighted that Ayden won the open Stake and his second major. With this win, Ayden is very close to his Field Championship. Amber was BOB. The next day, which was Mother's Day, the WINDROCK kids tried very hard to make the day special for their Mom and they succeeded! Cole and Doobie earned JC titles and Doobie went on to win the Open Stake for a 5 pt major AND BOB!!  A brilliant showing for this youngster.

Naughty's 6 month puppies had a wonderful time, meeting for the first time Borzoi, Afghan Hounds, Salukis and so many other dogs and people! 

After this weekend, our WINDROCK crew will stay home while we look forward to welcoming new little puppies which will be arriving very soon.

For all those special Moms out there, this one's for YOU~

Happy Mother's Day to all of you who have children that are bit hairy than others and walk on four paws!

This is for the mothers who have sat up all night with sick dogs in their arms, wiping up barf laced with edible and inedible things and saying 'It's okay baby, Mommy's here.'

Who have sat on the floor for hours on end soothing dogs who can't be comforted.

This is for all the mothers who show up at work with dog hair on their suits and poo bags in their purse, coat pocket, pants pocket and all other pockets.

For all the mothers who make their own dog food and treats.

And all the mothers who DON'T.

This for the mothers who help the new mothers deal with the loss of their litter. And the mothers who help them cope when they are given new homes.

This is for the mothers whose priceless art collections consists of ribbons and photos.

And for all the mothers who froze their buns off, sweated gallons and swatted away bees to watch their precious prance into a ring and achieve 2nd place and then jump around as though they had won best in show.

This is for all the mothers who yell at their dogs in the park and firmly tug the leash to get their attention.

And for all the mothers who count to ten because they realize how animal abuse happens.

This is for all the mothers who go to the special pet stores to collect the proper treats, food and toys no matter that it take 3 stops and 50 stoplights.

This is for all the mothers who taught their dogs to sit, come and stay.

And for all the mothers who opted for sit.

This is for all the mothers who teach their dogs agility and obedience and actually understand that it needs to be FUN!

This is for every mother who automatically sucks in their breath when she can't see a leash on a dog in the non-fenced front yard.

Then relaxes when she realizes that the dog is sitting on it.

This is for all the mothers who took their dog to the vet assuring them that there would be no needles only to be told they need a blood sample.

For all the mothers whose dog has gone missing and was returned because she had the forethought to have chip put between its shoulders.

What makes a good Mother anyway?

Is it patience? Compassion? Ever available treats?

The ability to answer the door, hold back the dog and deal with a phone call all at the same time?

Or is it in her heart?

Is it the ache you feel when you walk out the door to your job every Monday through Friday knowing that 2 eyes are boring into your back?

The jolt that takes you from sleep to dread when you hear the sounds of heaving at 2:00am?

Years later, the guilt that won't go away when you have no other choice but to put your friend down?

The emotions of motherhood are universal and so this is for you all. For all of us...

Utah Valley KC~there was a WILD SENSATION!!

 In the form of Windrock Wild Sensation better known as "Cole". 

This was this gleaming black youngster's first out since winning  the 6-9 month puppy class at the GCA National last July!! 

At the Utah Valley show held on May 3rd, "Cole"  earned a 4 point major by winning Group 1st !!   In spite of this youngster's lack of experience, he put on a commendable performance in BIS.

What a thrilling conclusion to a wonderful weekend!

With this impressive win, Cole is now one of the Top 10 ranked greyhounds in the country. WINDROCK bred dogs were BOB both days over specials competition!!

We are grateful to the hosting clubs which sponsored CERF clinics. Two of our WINDROCK hounds were tested and both passed with flying colors. Well done Cole and Toni (Windrock Toni The Tiger)

GCNC Spring Specialty~Dee and Dretti are on a Roll!

Andretti is the fawn on the left and Dee is the particolor

WINDROCK bred greyhounds are doing very well this Spring!  New Dual Champion Windrock Luck Be A Lady Eldomar just was awarded 1st AOM at the Spring 2009 GCNC Specialty!! Owner handled by Lisa, we learned that it was a duel to the very end between Dee and the SBIS winner. Huge congrads to both!

Not to be overshadowed by his "stinky sister" (Andretti's own description of sister Dee),Windrock Sin City Playboy JC, RA, aka "Andretti " proved his claim of having the talent and brains in the family and earned his first leg for his CD!  The following day, during the recall, he had to rush outside the ring to tell the ring stewards about his marvelous showing the previous day--and was promptly DQed!!  Obedience with greyhounds teaches one to be very humble . . .

We look to continue sharing the future adventures of Dee, Andretti and Lisa as they reveal just how fun competing with greyhounds can be--especially if sibling rivalry is involved! 

Way Up North~Another Champion for WINDROCK

  Meet the FIRST Champion from the WILD BUNCH litter~ new Can Ch Windrock Wild Thing!  "Lacey" as a Puppy was #6 ranked in Canada in 2008!

Lacey, pictured here on the right, finished her Championship in a flash with a Specialty WB, BOW, BOS  under Carol Esterkin. She was also BOB from the classes mutliple times enroute to her championship.

Lacey is a keen courser. Awaiting maturity, she will be seen on the coursing field giving those "plastic bunnies" a fright!



Can Ch Windrock Blue Sky Morning pictured here on the left, has good cause to be jumping for joy! 

"Ryan" recently won another Hound Specialty BOB and has been promised to go lure coursing. This handsome blue brindle was #1 overall in 2007 and #2 in 2008. 

 Look to see him in the agility and obedience rings this year and on the coursing field.  No matter what their field of endeavor, Ryan and Sheila will light up whatever ring they are found in!



WINDROCK'S First Champion for 2009~make that a DUAL Champion!!!


WINDROCK is proud to introduce our first Champion for 2009~ meet DC Windrock Luck Be A Lady Eldomar SC!

This beautiful fawn and white girl has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that she is definitely NOT just "another pretty face."

Dee has been awarded the title of Dual Champion by the AKC, which to the unknowing means that she has earned Championship titles in both the show ring and also on the coursing field. 

Few greyhounds are awarded the title of Dual Champion annually, 10 or less can claim that honor.

Dee has the distinction of being the only Dual Champion sired by the top producing BIS/SBIS Ch Shazam's The Journey Begins JC. She is one of four Champions for her dam, Ch Sobers Dharia SC.

WINDROCK is proud of Dee and her owners Lisa and Art Stine for without them, none of this would have been possible.

WINDROCK is well known for breeding quality greyhounds, but it is  because of the dedication and commitment of the owners of these greyhounds that such lofty achievements become reality.


WINDROCK Wild Applause gets some at Terry All KC!   (Applause that is!)

 This elegant starlett is our "Silly" girl!  In her first out since the National last July, our girl was WB, BOW, and BOS over two specials for a 4 point major!

We had many glowing compliments on this exciting youngster and we are optomistic that her future looks bright!

Her sibling Windrock Wild Party had a nice weekend too!  A gangly youngster up against mature competition, he held his own and was RWB to a major!  He thinks dog shows  are FUN!

Andretti Takes The Wheel In 2009~


This handsome blue fawn lad is Windrock Sin City Playboy JC, RA, aka "Andretti". He was so named by owner Lisa Stine because "he is wicked fast and low on the corners!".

Andretti is a versatile greyhound!

He has won a specialty BOSweeps and is needs just a couple of legs for his Rally Excellent title.  He is currently in training for BOTH  Novice and Open obedience.


In addition to having a well-rounded portfolio, Andretti is a wonderful ambassador for the breed.  He is proof positive that a greyhound can succeed in just about any endeavor. We join Andretti's legions of fans in wishing him good luck in whatever ring he pops up in!

This happy girl  is FC Windrock Luck Be A Lady Eldomar SC. "Dee" is Andretti's full sister! and is also owned by Lisa . 

Dee made short work of her AKC Field Championship and is but a major away from obtaining her conformation championship. With any luck she will join elite Dual Championship status yet this year!

Both Dee and her brother Andretti have been owner -handled to all of their wins by Lisa in tough California competition.

WINDROCK is a firm advocate of the owner-handler and we are very proud of Lisa and her greyhounds.                                                                   



FLASH!!  A NINE year old daughter of our late, great BIS/SBIS Ch Shazam's The Journey Begins JC (#1 Greyhound in 1996 & 1997 ) won Best Veteran enroute to an Award Of Merit at the Greyhound Club Of America Southern Specialty!  

 "Miss TueZee" didn't stop there, she also won the Veteran's Stake at the Lure Course!! Huge congrads to Windroc's Martigra Fat Tuesday SC and her Mom Elissa Thompson who owner-handled her to these great wins!

 WINDROCK sends special congratulations to the SBIS winner,  Ch Quicksilver Sierra's Jaguar bred by Hillery Knopell and owned by Dr Shelley and Bill Hempel! 

International Kennel Club~ 2/21 & 2/22/09

 The International Kennel Club shows are some of the biggest shows in the Midwest.

WINDROCK bred greyhounds had a great showing, winning 3 out of the 4 sets of points.

"Oreo" pictured here at right was WD,BOW on Saturday handled by his good friend and co-ownerCarol Halliday. This was this stunning black and white boy's first out and he sure turned some heads.

Oreo is sired by our Sobers import "Ayden" out of WINDROCK's lovely Dual Champion, Whisper. He is one of several exceptional puppies just now making thier appearance in the ring. Check out his sister "Lilly" below right!                                 

  Windrock Wild Party

 ELVIS  was seen at the  International! 

There were numerous reported sightings of the King and a lucky photographer snapped this photo!

 Windrock Platinum Edition aka "Elvis " is a lovely blue fawn male that was WD,BOW on Sunday.


 Elvis is a son of our formerly #1 ranked MBIF DC Windrock Mamma Mia SC.

He is a littermate to  #1 ranked Can Ch Windrock Blue Sky Morning, Ch Windrock Scarlet O'Hara, BIF FC Windrock Hocus Pocus  SC FCh and Ch Windrock Ring Of Fire.

Elvis has LEFT THE BUILDING . . . not to worry, he'll BE BACK!!



 Windrock Platinum Edition


 Windrock Wild Temptation, fondly known as "Lilly" by her owner Sharon Couzin was RWB on Saturday but won the points by going WB on Sunday! 

Lilly is just about as pretty as little girl greyhounds come!  Note her gentle curves, low hocks and  overall balance.

Ozing type, Lilly more than any of her sisters, she resembles her highly regarded Mum, our beloved "Whisper", Dual Champion Windrock I've Got A Secret SC.

This budding little girl will someday become a beautiful rose.

                                                                        Windrock Wild Temptation

2009 Starts Off With A Bang!

 We attended the big CKC and Plum Creek KC shows held in Denver this last weekend. Whisper's yearling son Windrock Wild Party, handled the mad chaos of the 3,000 dog entry in the gigantic National Western Stock Show Building like it was an every day occurance.  He had a great time--so many other dogs and people-surely they all came to see HIM??

This was this handsome blue brindle lad's FIRST weekend of dog shows and he acted like a seasoned veteran and took it all in stride.

 "Blu" was awarded WD both days and won 4 points towards his AKC Championship!  What a great start!




                  WINDROCK WILD PARTY 


 Not to be outdone by her kennelmate, Windrock Toni The Tiger had a very nice weekend too!

She was WB,BOW the first day for 2 points and was RWB the next! "Toni" is a full sister to our #1 ranked AKC LC greyhound, MBIF Windrock Candle In The Wind SC Fch!

This lovely fire red brindle is standard-sized and moves very soundly.

She is  reminicent of her lovely mother "Corinne", SBIS Ch Sobers Corrine SC.



Well, THAT'S a bit misleading!  Actually our greyhound litter named after ABBA songs turned EIGHT years young on November 11th!! To celebrate the occasion, we allowed Cassandra, Whisper and Naughty to chase the little cottontails around the property--all enjoyed the sport, even the cottontails who escaped totally unscathed!  Those veterans had the speed and dexterity that would make young coursers Wicked and Amber blush for shame . . . 

 Colin who is a master chef (or should be) prepared for all special goodies to enjoy. Dog cookies shaped like postmen, liver biskets shaped like packages with UPS stamped on them, hamburger patties shaped like cows, etc.

The girls look fantastic and have lost none of their youthful enthusiasm.  Presented for their annual check-up, our vet remarked," They don't look a day over three and are as strong and fit as a two year old. If all dogs were as these, half of the vets in the country would be out of work."  

 We join our girls in wishing all the ABBA littermates world over and their people the very best on this special day!

The ASFA Greyhound National~Amber takes the Fullerton Cup, the Master M'Grath Cup is won by Wicked and Ayden wins Best In Show!!

 We just returned from the Atlanta area and from attending the ASFA Greyhound National which was held on a beautiful hunter/foxhound establishment.

 The South Eastern Greyhound club hosted the event, and let me be the first to say, these hard working folks pulled off what was easily one of the best run and most impressive greyhound coursing events that we have ever had the privlege of attending. 

All hounds ran in braces, or pairs. I liked this concept.

In addition to a picture perfect coursing field the course was run as a "drag lure" which is thought to more closely approximate live game and reduce the likelihood of injury.

Colin and I hoped that our greyhounds wouldn't let us down and they didn't. I embarrassed the hell out of myself by PRESLIPPING Amber!! $%^&#!!  Needless to say, my goof resulted in a penalty which effectively eliminated Amber.

The BOB winner was Rita Skeeter, owned by Robin Barry. This speedy and talented girl clearly "ran away" with the win!

A dog I have long admired, "Sweeney" a former ASFA II BIF winner, bred by Karen Lorenzo and owned by Ruthanna and Todd Birchfield, was the winner of the Field Champion stake. OurTipsey had the bad luck to draw Sweeney! Tipsey tried her best, but she was easily out run by this great champion.

It didn't matter to Tipsey, she wasn't aware of defeat. All she knew was it was a GREAT Day  as she got to go coursing!

We enjoy coursing events. Win or lose, the dogs have a great time and so do we!

The ASFA Greyhound National featured an "old time" greyhound competition which was judged by Ms. Pepi Greco who clearly knew conformational trademarks of functional dogs.  Ms. Greco's picks were consistent with the coursing winners!

Colin and I had attended the GCA National Specialty earlier in the year and we both are of the opinion that the overall quality of greyhounds entered  in this show was better than at the GCA National.

The entry had beautiful feet  and limbs; were of the correct size and type, and moved in a manner reflective of a functional galloping hound. 

As breeders, we found this  quite illuminating.

        2008 Fullerton Cup Winner-"Awesome Amber"













  Amber was not to be denied this day and she not only was awarded  BOB but earned Fullerton Cup honors by winning BEST IN FIELD!!

        2008 Master M'Grath Cup Winner-- WICKED       












 The Master M'Grath Cup is held between the highest scoring Greyhounds of the two days. This event harkens back to English coursing competitions. Each hound wore the tradional neck bands, one red and one white, and ran as a brace.  This may have been the first time that any breeder has ever won both the Fullerton and Master M'Grath Cups in the same year!                                           

        2008  ASFA National Greyhound Specialty~Best in Show

 A highlight of the weekend was Judge Peppi Anne Greco's awarding Ch Sobers Ippolito SC, Best In Show at the ASFA National Specialty Greyhound Show which featured a large entry!   Pictured from left to right is Colin Fritzler, John Parker and Judge Ms. Peppi Grecco. Kim is kneeing with Ayden. 

It was gratifing to have Ayden so recognized.  He is proving to be a dog that appeals to both show and performance people--Rare indeed!

 Ch Windrock Go Go Gadget JC CC makes Greyhound History!!

 Ch Windrock Go Go Gadget JC CC, better known as "Gizmo" has a portfolio that few, if any greyhounds can rival!! Not only is Giz currently Top 10 ranked in AKC conformation lisings for Group and BIS wins, this multiple Group placing greyhound has just won the 2008 Whitetail Cup which was held Oct 19th. By virtue of this wonderful accomplishment, Gizmo also finished his Open Field Coursing Championship title! 

 To the best of our knowledge, we don't believe that there has been a Top 10 ranked AKC greyhound that is Coursing Champion --certaintly not one pursuing both venues at the SAME TIME!   Gizmo is still hitting the AKC show rings and at the same time participating in  NOFCA and chasin' those jacks!  Gizmo is a good sire! He's the daddy of our incredible MBIF FC Windrock Candle In The Wind SC Fch.  who was #1 AKC LC Greyhound in 2008.

WINDROCK is deeply grateful to Phil Allen who has given Gizmo the opportunity to be one the best of the best in BOTH the ring and on the coursing field!!  Gizmo was co-bred by Anne Sheridan of Cashel Farms.

MBIF DC Windrock Mamma Mia SC LCX has a new family!


 "Naughty" and new family are doing just fine. We have one blue girl, one blue brindle girl, one white and black girl and one black boy!  Puppies are strong and vigorous with good weight and volume. Beautiful heads, long necks, great length and perfect tails.  The little outlaws all have names!! 

The black boy is Windrock Pistol Pete, the particolor is Windrock Calico Sue, the blue brindle is Windrock Calamity Jane and the blue is Windrock Annie Oakley!  We think they will be sure shot winners!   

 This small gang is Mum Naughty's second and last litter. At age 7 she easily whelped the lot and is a great mother to her small brood.

            "Pistol Pete" at 3 months. What a face!


 The four "Outlaws" came to town on Oct 15, 2008!


  "Calico Sue"  has gone to live in B.C.!  We wish the best of luck to new owner Heather Elrick. We foresee a        bright  future for this team!











Pistol Pete has gone to his new home in the Midwest.          Best of luck to new "Dad" Jaroslav Zboril!

This is a magnificent male puppy!   We wish all of our young greyhounds looked as promising as this one.  Lovely puppy dog.

Windrock Wild Thing & Sheila --winning way up North in Canada!

 Mamma Whisper's kids aren't even 10 months old and already one has done some impressive winning up in Canada!

Sheila Ehmann is pictured on the left with Windrock Wild Thing! She fell in love with this engaging baby at the National.

She did a great job of showing her too! Soon after, little Wild Thing left us to journey to Canada!

On 10/10/08, "Lacey" went to her very first show and defeated a Top Ranked special for BOB! This  impressive up-and- coming'puppy didn't stop there, she won a Group 2 and was also Group 1st in the Puppy Hound Group!! 

A well conformed red brindle, Lacey is a lovely example of a sporty little greyhound bitch. Sheila is going to have a lot of fun with her as only is Lacey good looking, she is very keen and an avid courser!

Windrock Captain Chaos & Alex---Winning way Down South in Mexico!

This handsome particolor guy (and gentlemen too!) is Windrock Captain Chaos, a full brother to new Ch Windrock Ring Of Fire (pictured below)

"Chaos "was shown one time in the US as a puppy and he won a major by winning BOB over a top ranked special.

Alex acquired him as a companion for his children and we thought that Chaos would never again be shown, which is fine by us as we sell Windrock greyhounds to be companions first, and if people want to show them, well that is fanastic!

Alex is pictured here with Chaos with the blue ribbon and the lovely Windrock After Midnight, "Raven" is the black with the red ribbon.

Completely new to showing dogs, Alex took his young Windrock greyhounds to a show in Mexico and did exceptionally well--both received "Excellent" ratings and Chaos was BOB and Raven BOS.!!

2008 Grand National

Some of Life's most golden moments are those enjoyed in the company of good friends and great running dogs!  We had a wonderful three day adventure in Falcon, CO-- the site of this year's Grand National! The CLCA folks work very hard to make the Grand National a premier event and it is tradionally well attended annually by devote coursing enthusiasts. Contestents earn the right to compete for the Best In Field marathon by running 2 of the 3 days and must earn BOB honors one of those days.

Windrock greyhounds managed to stay off fierce competition to win two coveted Best Of Breed ribbons running against some of the very best running greyhounds this side of the Mississippi! 

Windrock also swept most of the kennel and breeder stake awards for greyhounds! 

Our Amber, last year's overall BIF winner, truly runs where no greyhound has gone before! This phenomenal little hound was a hare splitting second in the overall Best In Field run-off by only ONE point.

 Amber's  BIF score was an impressive 156 and veteran courser Tipsey was third overall in standings and right behind Amber with a score of 155!

 Some of the most competitive breeds, like whippets, did not have their BOB winners in the Best In Field run. These courageous hounds had given so much of themselves in winning the Best Of Breed qualifying honors that their owners did not want to further exhaust and possibly risk their charges by allowing them to compete in the mile long course.  The Field Ch Whippet Stake had 16 worthy champions in it!  WOW.  

Whippets weren't the only breed with awesome competition and most of the breeds in attendence had impressive runs. The Greyhounds had two AA winners from Wonderland race track competing and one of these incredible speedsters was BOB on Saturday!  Fantastic duels were also seen seen in Borzoi and Afghans courses. There were others--I didn't get to watch them all!

It was exciting to see these game dogs battle each other for supremacy on demanding native terrain courses. Many of the winners had to give everything they had to emerge victorious.

 A couple of the BOB winners participating had a much easier go of it, running solo and unchallenged by competition --one of them put in a nice performance to win Best In Field honors. 

Congratulations to all the wonderful dogs and great people who made this Grand National an event to remember !

Smokin' Amber goes for a take! 



 The  Greyhound National Specialty was held Lompoc, California on July 25th. Photos and additional details will follow soon, but briefly, here are some of the highlights ~

                                          New Champion Sobers Ippolito JC


WD, BOW for his unprecedented THIRD straight GCA specialty win was the incredible SOBERS IPPOLITO JC!!  "Ayden" finished his AKC championship with 3 consecutive 5 point Specialty major wins! Two of these victories were back to back GCA National wins! By virtue of this amazing accomplishment which is quite possibly a feat never before accomplished in GCA history, Ayden's wins entitled WINDROCK to retire two more of the highly coveted GCA perpetual trophies!!!

Judge Knut Fr. Blutecher had this to say about Ayden:

"WD & BOW was Sobers Ippolito. What a handsome well made black!  Oozing type and quality all through, super outline, shown in excellent muscle condition, lovely to go over, top quality head, well filled without being coarse, a bit light in eyes, super strong and well arched neck, well set into excellent shoulders, excellent topline standing, well made body with great depth and ribbing, loved his angulated front and well made hindquarters. Dead sound movement. One of the best coats on the day! Pleased to hear that he was made up today. Congratulations!

GCA National Specialty  Lure CoursingTrial

 Ayden went on to prove that not only is he a very sound and correct representative of the breed, but he can run ! Form and Function! 

 At the GCA NATIONAL SPECIALTY LURE COURSE  Ayden jumped right from the breed ring on to the coursing field!

He won a five point major by winning the open stake at his first lure coursing  trial!  Ayden was also the highest scoring AKC Champion in Trial!


 This was a nice victory over some very good coursing dogs.  Huge congratulations to Ayden's breeders, the reknown SOBERS kennels of Italy!  Ayden's #1 ranked cousin, BIS/SBIS CH Sobers Galathea at Grandcru was BOB at the National and won both Hound Groups at the supporting Lompoc KC shows.

 MBIF FC Windrock Candle In the Wind SC

 Amber Got the Bunny!!!










Amber wins BEST OF BREED at the Greyhound Club Of America National Specialty Lure Trial!


MBIF Windrock Lookin' Better Every Beer SC FCh 


  Whisper won the Coursing Class in 2007 at the WSCS  and Tipsey repeated the win in 2008.

At the 2007 GCA National, DC Windrock's Josie Wales won the Coursing Bitch class. 

At WINDROCK we strive to breed for good looking and functional greyhounds, a difficult task at best.



Tipsey was the Coursing Bitch Class Winner at the 2008 GCA National!!  

Judge Knut Fr. Blutecher had this to say about her:

1st: " FCH Windrock Lookin' Better Every Beer SC, strong and feminine brindle bitch made on lovely sweeping lines. Strong head, excellent eye, well made neck, nice topline, well developed body, nicely angulated both ends, stands and moves a bit too broad and could need some longer legs. Nice mover from side."

  At the Inland Wilderness WSCS AKC trial, MBIF FC Windrock Lookin' Better Every Beer SC was BOB, repeating her 2007 win! Tipsey hasn't gotten older, she's just gotten better! She can still show those young upstarts a thing or two!     

DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC~ Whisper Does It Again!!

DC Windrock I've Got A Secret SC, "Whisper" repeated her Best Dual Champion win from 2007 and by doing so, retired yet another of the GCA's Perpetual Trophies.

We are thrilled to have this beautiful trophy. Whisper's sister, Karmen won Best Dual Champion honors in 2004.

 WINDROCK will be sponsoring a new Best Dual Champion trophy in honor of our beloved Karmen.

Colin and I like to think that Karmie would have liked that .


                                   WINDROCK greyhounds have retired SIX  GCA perpetual trophies!



Git Yer Guns!!  The Wild Bunch was seen at Lompoc!!

   Icing  on the cake was the fantastic showing of Mum Whisper's Wild Bunch kids at the GCA National.  The three sisters, left to right, Thing, Silly and Doobie  garnered the top three placements in a very impressive 6-9 month puppy class.  Far right-black puppy Cole won his class too! Class placements were left to right, starting with Doobie (blue puppy)  as the 1st place winner. It was the first time that any of these pups had stepped foot in a show ring and we were so pleased to see them behave! 

Special thanks to handlers Sheila Ehmann (pictured with Thing), Elaine Summerhill, Joan Garth and Don Ide (pictured wth Silly) for being brave enough to tackle the Wild Bunch outlaws ! 

Judge Knut Fr. Blutecher had this to say about the Wild Bunch from his written comments

Puppy 6-9 months Dogs

1st. Windrock Wild Sensation.  Beautiful black young man, in great balance, liked his size, type, excellent outline, head, lovely dark eyes, long neck, nice clean shoulders, strong topline, well made underline, nicely boned and excellent strong hindquarters, and lovely free side gait for his age. Needs to develop more depth and forechest in the time to come.

Puppy 6-9 months Bitches  Again a battle between litter mates!

  1st. Windrock Wild Wood Weed, balanced blue girl of excellent type, size make and shape, lovely frame to build    into. Very balanced. She has a very nice head, sweet expression, long neck, excellent topline, well made body for her age, nicely angulated, excellent bone and feet and she was the best mover in the class.

2nd.Windrock Wild Thing, a lovely brindle sister of the winner, who pressed her hard! Lovely quality, type and outline, excellent size to length. I loved her at once she entered the ring. Excellent head, eye, neck, topline, well angulated hindquarters, well made body, needs more time in front, nice bone and feet.

3rd.Windrock Wild Applause, another high quality young girl from this litter, lovely well made white and black, quality all through, super head, strong well made neck, topline, nicely angulated both ends, a very playful one on the move. She really enjoyed herself!

 A future star in the making, Windrock Wild Sensation--far right, a look-alike son of Ayden was undefeated in his two 6-9 month puppy class shows. Look at this boy's beautiful head and dark eyes (pictured below)

 As Breeders, we were hoping that our greyhounds would be well received at the National, but this recognition far exceeded our wildest dreams.

 Watch for our little darlings to follow the footsteps of their illustrious parents in the future. We had many offers from people wanting to take them home with them . . .(they would soon bring them back--these puppies are evil and rotten to the core!)

And now? The Wild Bunch puppies are out playing in the irrigation ditch, tormenting innocent frogs and rolling in the mud. They have forgotten all about their National Specialty adventure. I think they are happy to be home. We are glad the judges only see them in their Sunday Best!!                                                  

A little Greyhound with some king-sized braggin' rights!!


MBIF FC Windrock Candle In The Wind SC

 Amber finished her AKC Field Championship in a flash with 3-5 pt major wins and 2 Best In Field wins!   I don't know of many greyhounds that can rival that feat!

      In May of 2008, Amber won her 4th BIF.  A week later she was BOB at an AKC show.  This is our goal in breeding--beautiful, functional and  healthy greyhounds that win  honors in  the ring and the field in addition to the most important job of all--being a full time best friend!

At the Greyhound Club of America National Lure Course, Amber ran against some very good running dogs, including powerhouse Ayden who had won the open stake for a 5 pt major.  In this lofty competition she won Best Of Breed!! 



2007 Grand National Best In Field Winner!   

 Amber astounded us all by winning the 2007 Grand National! This is the first time in over 20 years that a greyhound had won this grueling event which is truly a test of a  hound's conditioning  and endurance. 

The Grand National is considered one of the most demanding of coursing events in the country.   A description of this event follows; "The objective of the GRAND NATIONAL is to bring together the finest lure coursing Sighthounds from the continent and to provide for them a challenging test of their relative abilities on a demanding and extended series of courses. The emphasis wil be on the individual breeds with each Best of Breed winner running approximately 2 miles during the two-day period to earn this title. In order to match various breeds aainst each other in competition, there will also be a Best-in-Event run-off approximately 1 mile in length, depending upon field conditions. "                          

    Best In Field at The 2007 Grand  National !!                     

  Amber makes Greyhound History!

Amber is ONE of only TWO greyhounds to ever take Best In Field in more than THIRTY years at the Grand National !  Most greyhounds just do not have the conditioning and stamina to go the distance as the Best In Field run is  approximately ONE MILE in length.

Amber was just 13 months old at the time. We think she will REALLY be something with a little bit more experience and maturity. 


SBIS Can CH Windrock Blue Sky Morning 

We are very proud of Sheila and Ryan. 

Top show dogs are not born, they are MADE. It is a commitment requiring lots of training, conditioning, teamwork--and love.  Great job Sheila and Ryan!!!


Totally owner-handled by Sheila Ehmann, Ryan was the #1 Greyhound in Canada in 2007! He won SBIS, multiple groups and BIS Puppy wins. What makes his accomplishments all the more remarkable is that he did all of this winning as a puppy!

In his first shows of 2008, this  amazing team won four consequentive group placements, including a Group 1.  With limited shows, Ryan continues his reign as one of Canada's top Greyhounds! **Flash!** 2 more shows--2 Groups Firsts!!  Lightly shown, Ryan finishes out 2008 #2 Greyhound in Canada!

Ryan is not just a superior conformation dog, he is a keen courser and demonstrates considerable ability in agility.

Watch for Ryan to add coursing and obedience titles to his name in 2009! Greyhounds can do it all-- if only given half a chance! 

"Little Brown" alais BIF FC Windrock Hocus Pocus SC !

 We've all heard of "Big Brown," The Kentucky Derby and Preakness winner. Meet Windrock's  "Little Brown" aka Wicked who is  pictured here in yellow .

Wicked avenged her defeats to Amber and finished her AKC Field Championship in fine fashion by winning back to back majors at the May USRCC trials! She won Best In Field the last day over a field of some very nice running dogs to earn a 5 point major!

Wicked  has both major wins for her AKC Championship and has mutiple BOB wins. We are hoping that she will become the first of her dam's dual champion get!

click pictures for pedigree
                    Ch Windrock Scarlett O'Hara~

 Meet the lovely "Minx" who has her namesakes beauty and sometimes her Southern Belle personality!

As a puppy Minx accumulated an enviable career.  She is shown here winning one of many Puppy Group First and Puppy Best In Shows!

Even as a youngster she regularly defeated much older class and specials competition for BOB honors.  **FLASH!!** First shows in 2008 Minx wins back to back majors to finish her AKC Championship!!

We are very grateful for the loving home that Barbara Cohen has given this beautiful white and fawn "Naughty" daughter.

                                          Windrock Viva Las Vegas JC  x  MBIF DC Windrock Mamma Mia LCX FCH
                      2005 was a very good year!  (work in progress)

 We have made no secret of our goal to breed a beautiful dual purpose greyhound. If the achievements of these WINDROCK greyhounds are any indication, we are surely on the right track! We would like to thank all the following greyhounds and their wonderful people who made this truly a year to remember!


 Ch Windrock Angel In Disguise--finished with her third 5 pt major earned at a specialty weekend.

Ch Windrock I’ve Got A Secret SC--multiple specialty WB, finished from Bred by class.

DC Windrock Outlaw Josie Wales SC--completed both field and bench titles in 2005.

 Ch Windrock Blast Off--Specialty WD, multiple BOB wins from classes



  Ch Eldomar Windrock Kiss For Luck--Specialty BOW, multiple BOB wins from classes




 Ch Eldomar Windrock Fly To Vegas--BISweeps, multiple 5 pt major wins,BOB from the classes

We did not special any dogs this year, but are pleased that Group placements were earned by

Windrock Go Go Gadget JC and Ch Windrock Cassandra SC


GCA Southern Specialty 2005    

Best Puppy--Windrock Bet It All On Red  AOM--DC Windrock Mamma Mia SC FCH

Supported entry WB,BOW,BOS to finish, Ch Windrock Angel In Disguise

GCNC Spring 2005

BOSweeps --Windrock Sin City Playboy, WD,BOW,BOS Windrock Blast Off

GCA Western Specialty 2005

Best Dual Champion--DC Windrock Dancing Queen SC FCH  BISweeps--Eldomar Windrock Fly To Vegas

Best Breeder-Windrock, Reg.

Supported entry WB for 5 pts, Eldomar Windrock Flying To Vegas WB, BOW--Eldomar Windrock Kiss For Luck

GCNC Fall 2005

WD and AOM--Windrock Guilty And Proud Of It

BOS--Ch Windrock Blue Bayou


We are proud that SEVEN of the dogs in the AKC top 20 lure coursing (Bowen System) are WINDROCK bred, including AKC's #1 greyhound, DC Windrock Mamma Mia SC FCH !!

#2 is WINDROCK co-owned FC DM Summer Squall of Scatpak FCH, bred and co-owned by Elaine Summerhill, and #5 is FC Windrock Stray Cat Strut SC!

The following WINDROCK greyhounds earned Field Championships!

FC Windrock Lookin’ Better Every Beer SC--finished her FC and SC on the same day! FC Windrock Stray Cat Strut SC

DC Windrock Outlaw Josie Wales--won the 2005 GCA Eastern Lure coursing open stake! Ch Heirloom Windrock Wavelength SC

Dogs who earned coursing titles and will be working to complete field championships in 2006 . . .

Windrock Built For Speed SC,  Ch Heirloom Windrock Wavelength SC,  Windrock Viva Las Vegas JC

Windrock Moonlit Journey JC,  Windrock Sin City Playboy JC,  Windrock Luck Be A Lady Eldomar JC

CF Windrock Cherry Bomb JC Ch Windrock Go Go Gadget JC














ASF CF Windrock Cherry BomB JC FCH earned NAFCA Rookie Of The Year 2004-2005! She is very close to her Coursing Championship!  Icing on the cake is herTop 15 ASFA ranking!

Brother Gizmo, Ch Windrock GoGo Gadget JC, is has gotten everybody’s attention open field coursing and has caught 2 jacks! He should earn his Open Field Coursing Championship soon, and may be one of the few group-placing AKC champions ever to do so. He is qualified for  the Grand Course!

The 2005 Grand National was swept all three days by WINDROCK coursers who carried off all the BOB and Open Stake wins, including the breeder and kennel stakes!

Windrock Built For Speed SC won the USSRC Windwalker Memorial Perpetual!

SIX Best In Fields were won by Windrock dogs in 2005 including FOUR by DC Windrock Mamma Mia SC FCH!

CF Windrock Cherry Bomb JC FCH and FC DM Summer Squall Of Scatpak SC each won one BIF. 



We are in the process of updating this portion of the website. There is WINDROCK history spanning decades--with lots of photos, history and trivia,  so please bear with us as work is in progress!

Owing to the time frame, records are sketchy and errors might be made. Please advise us if you find a mistake and we will have our boys here get right on it!

Ch Greystone's Barcelona


This was a most memorable run of shows. Barc won all four Hound Groups and two Best In Shows!  He really turned it on and showed his little heart out.  This BIS win was especially meaningful as it came under Judge Ed Bivin. It is my understanding that although both Bivins judge dogs, they rarely agree on the same dogs. Evidently Barc was one of the few exceptions to the rule! 

Laramie Wyoming holds many fond memories for me.  Many years ago I attended the University of Wyoming, received my BA and met the love of my life, my husband Colin in the rowdy Cowboy Bar! 

Ch Greystone's Barcelona

Greyhound Club Of America Eastern Specialty--High In Trial!

Barc's only venture in the obedience ring resulted in a High In Trial!!  I don't remember what his score was, but I THINK it was in the high 190's.  It is amazing that he even qualified at all as a wasp bit him on the side during the long down. Barc's eyes got HUGE and he kept looking at his side, but he never budged!

A dream realized--Best In Show under Mrs. Anne Rogers Clark


Ch Shazam's The Journey Begins JC


Of the hundreds taken, this is one of my favorite photos of Bubba.  Colin and I are thankful for the golden memories of times shared we shared with him. There will never be another like Bubba and nary a day goes by that I don't think of him or laugh in recollection of some silly thing that he did. The rest of the world may remember him as a winning showdog and a top sire.  We remember him as a special friend.